Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Merry Little Christmas Part 1

Christmas Eve was spent at my sister's house, before we left for her house, we let Lily open one gift...


Off to Auntie Billie's...
finally a good picture of these three

He wears plaid pants, cause he likes to dance!

apparently we should have gotten her a bumbo -
she loved sitting in this thing

4 o'clock gifts
Something my grandma started with her kids...to hold them off....
I'll have to ask, but we've always done it and I thought everyone did

Should have taken a nap, but we weren't so lucky

Parker and his mama in from Denver (Craig too)
...poor baby had RSV

He was a trooper though
Tell me this isn't the cutest face you've seen...look at those cheeks!

Craig, Jen & Parker

Parker and his Papa and Nana

Lily doesn't know what to make of little Parker

Parker's First Christmas

Time for dinner...
there was a TT shortly after this that lasted a little too long

Opening presents...this dollhouse was from Nana,
Lily loves it, mommy loves it too, it has a little phone that rings,
the oven dings, the nursery plays music for the twins (boy and girl),
and it has even more furniture you can get and a minivan complete
with carseats for the twins...
I might be as obsessed with this as I was with Barbies....
watch out!

New pj's from Debbie
I just happened to have a red bow in my purse :)

all the babes in their new pj's

Had to get a pic of Chris' awesome outfit
he wanted to bring sexy back - yeah!
What can I say, I can't control this guy!

Time for bye-bye and night-night
she never had a nap, was sick and had a tough day.
not exactly how I imagined, but it was Christmas!
Christmas morning Lily had her fourth molar arrive!
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Barium Swallow Study

On Wednesday, December 23rd Lily had her Barrium Swallow Study done at the Children's Medical Center on Moorland Road (it was nice to not have to go to Children's Hospital, it can sometimes be a zoo there). We were doing this just to make sure nothing is physically going on to cause her reflux.

Here is a pic of Lily in her gown - so cute...

She wasn't smiling too much when we had to hold her down for the test. Luckily, by coincidence, Jenny, who walked on our March for Babies team last April, who is a friend of Chris' cousin, Angela, was one of the techs that was helping with the test and she helped hold Lily down for the test and was very helpful to me.

One thing the Doctor noticed was that Lily wasn't digesting as "fast" as she maybe should be for her age, so she had her walk around the room a little bit and then took some additional pictures of her digestion. Now, we will just have to wait and see.

They said she did good drinking the "milkshake" and even though I hated to hold her down and hear her scream, they said she did good with that too. And they gave her some stickers, a sippy and a baby...we all know Lily loves babies.

she loved the baby

She also had her blood drawn - I hate this! It is so hard to watch your baby scream and cry and hold her down. Unfortunately the lab tech thought she found a vein in her right arm, but missed it and then was digging around with the needle to try and find it. I finally pointed out a really good vein that Lily has on her left hand and she was able to get her 2 vials from that one.

Lily was pooped after all that.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Video I Found

I was going through my email inbox (would you believe I have 698 unread messages, not to mention, the ones I have read and haven't deleted). Most of my unread messages are from stores, like Sephora, Victoria's Secret, and lots are from Facebook.

I wanted to keep all the correspondence we had while I was in the hospital about Lily from family and friends, and some of the emails I wrote to people give me chills, it's amazing that I am starting to forget about some of the things that happened already.

But, anyways, I found a video of the first time I was able to hold Lily. It was 2 days after she was born, when I was finally able to go and hold her. The quality is kind of poor, Billie was taking it with her camera. If you want to hear what she's saying, pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog. Oh, and it's not sideways, like it looks.

There was an ongoing joke with Chris, while I was in the hospital about a hat with a LOOOOONG feather.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Message to Lily from Santa

I totally stole this from a friend, Trish.

With technology these days, Santa can now send messages to children using his Portable North Pole Consoe - who knew?

Watch Lily's video here

Did anyone else chuckle when he talked about her hair...or maybe just me :)

I made one for Mason too and they both just want to watch them over and over again.

If you want to make one, go here Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

When I was little we went to "Breakfast with Santa" every year at Boston Store's restaurant. Now that I am older and have a child of my own, it seemed like just the thing to do...but Boston Store doesn't have a restaurant anymore and before I even did any researching, my cousin Tiff sent and me an email that there really isn't anywhere around here to have Breakfast with Santa - what!?

So, Tiff did what every new mom would do, she organized a Breakfast with Santa...

All set to see Santa

 Tiff, Ashlyn, Lily, Nana & Mason ready to eat breakfast!

The wonderfuly spread my Auntie Chris
(with the help of Corrie & Tiff)
put out for us - thank you!

Lily's special spot

Wait - what's that? Is that Jingle Bells I hear and a knock at the door...

It's Santa!! With presents!!
The kids were all excited and talked a big game, until Santa actually got there...

Ashlyn wasn't quite sure what to make of him???

There may have been a tear shed

Lily wanted to keep a bit of a distance as well

But, she got close enough to get her gift
Mason stayed put on his mom's lap, but did get close enough to get his gift as well

 Lily found refuge in Aunt Angie's arms

 Ashlyn felt safe in Auntie Coco's arms

Finally Lily got up enough nerve to give Santa a kiss
And Mason gave him a Hi-Five

We were able to sing some songs, and then Santa had to catch his sleigh

Ashlyn & Mason followed him to the door
Everyone was sad when Santa had to go
(even though there wasn't much respect given to him while he was there?)
Mason pointed out a smoke stream in the sky from his sleigh (or an airplane - wink, wink)

 Ashlyn & her Daddy

Lily & Me

Lily & Great Grandma Rainbow

Coco and Lily say Cheese

Lily and her Great Auntie Chris

And finally...
what happens when you try to get 3 kiddos to sit for a pic....
a littl bit of this
and a whole lotta this

Thanks Tiff, Corrie and Auntie Chris (and Santa) for an amazing day!!
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