Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Brought Lily Home 1 Year Ago

On June 23, 2008 we finally brought Lily home.
Finally leaving the NICU
I was so happy this day, I never wanted to see the NICU again, I did not know that in a couple months I would miss the NICU and the nurses that had become such a big part of our lives.
Lily finally is home!
I remember feeling like Lily would never be able to come home,
a feeling no mother should ever have to feel.

Lily finally sees her room!

Yesterday we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of having Lily home with us. I guess it will always be a special day to Chris and I. He even got me an anniversary card and completed modified it to fit our special anniversary with our daughter.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

13 Month Update

I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to do these photo shoots

she's on the go

see ya

All Smiles!!

Lily's Preemie Diaper and Her Shoes Now


My Big Girl
::wiping tears from my face::

Daddy tells Lily a secret

sleeping beauty
(ask me about how many sleeping pics I have of Lily - I'm a little obsessed)

Our living room is slowly being taken over by toys - it's okay though

Lily in her play room

Weight: Still at 18 pounds 2 ounces (but it's our scale at home, so that has to be wrong)

Height: 28.5 inches

Foods: She is really liking baked beans (started from her birthday party leftovers), mini pizzas with artichokes & spinach made on an english muffin, quesadillas with chicken, peas and cheese, she loves watermelon, lemons and pickles and Go Lean waffles with jelly.
In honor of Mustache May, Lily is growing a chocolate pudding beard for June
Her Daddy is so proud

Development: She is still taking about 6 steps and is standing by herself a lot more now, she uses her stroller to get herself around. we finally found a sippy she can really use. She sleeps on her tummy with her butt up in the air (the cutest). She has been discharged from both occupational and physical therapy, we are just enjoying playing with her and watching her grow.
I was wondering why she would only climb up the slide.... and then I remembered we had to do this for her therapy (to strengthen her arms and legs)

Favorite Toys: Baby doll, Stroller, Little People House, Her Slide, Remotes, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones and the Front Door (who knew just by putting the screen in the front door it became a new toy)
The front door has become a favorite toy

Lily and her Little People House

Lily and her remote

Babbles: Dada, Mama, Hi, Cat, Bubble, Bye-Bye, Baby, Woof (for a dog or a cat?)

Teeth: Still just the 2 on the bottom, top gums are swollen and red

Hair: We've planted some seeds and are waiting for it to grow :) Seriously she is finally getting a little

Adventures: Lily helped us with our first rummage of the season and we actually got everything set-up in time (by ourselves), we were showered, Lily was fed and were ready to go when it was supposed to start – woo hoo! We made $270 and have another sale scheduled for Saturday, June 27th. We’ve been to the zoo twice this month, but other than that, we haven’t been doing a whole lot this month just relaxing and playing with Lily!
Mom & Dad: We are doing really good, enjoying just playing with Lily, it seems so easy! We also went on a date this month and Chris says we are starting a "Love Revival" (don't get any ideas, we are just going to try to focus on us a little more). I was discharged from my therapy as well, with the door open anytime I need to talk or when we decide to have another baby (as I am sure I will need therapy throughout that pregnancy, just being scared)

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

T.Y. M.P.D. Day

On Saturday we went down to Thank You Milwaukee Police Department Event, it was set-up to help raise funds for officers who are injured in the line of duty and to honor 2 young officers who were shot there on June 9th (both survived, but will probably never be able to work in law enforcement active duty again).

Although Chris is not a Milwaukee Police Officer and he works in a suburban department, it is still something that could happen to him anyday at work and it is important to show our support and honor those two young men. We had a great time (and got really sunburnt, of course we put sunblock on Lily, but never think about ourselves).

Katie and Lily
Lily and Mason climbed these stairs A LOT!

Mason tries to give Lily a kiss - she cries, gee I hope she likes him someday

Mason takes care of Lily

Chris thinks Lily is doing some disco moves in this pic

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Happy Father's Day

Off to Solly's Grille for lunch
(if you live in the Milwaukee area and have not had a butter-burger there, you should be ashamed of yourself!)

Sipping malts with Daddy out of a straw

Once I started I couldn't stop!

Then I had a sugar-high and wanted to run around the restaurant,
Daddy and Mommy chased me around and I lost one of my shoes - it was fun...for me :)

Hi! This is Lily and it's my first time blogging...I just wanted to tell my daddy how much I love him and how happy I am that he is my daddy, I am so lucky. I had tons of fun with you today drinking chocolate malts (with a straw - I am a big girl now!) and getting chased around Solly's by you! I love you! Lily Lu

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cool Story

I posted back in March, about how Aurora had done a video of our experience through all of this. You can read about it here. They are still editing the video, so stay tuned for that. But about a month ago Chris got a call while I wasn't home about them using some images from the video for a Mother's Day card. I really didn't understand, and of course, Chris really didn't get many details.

Well, last week in the mail I got about 25 cards and envelopes that were made for donors to Aurora Healthcare. They had used images of us from the video and talked about our story and how Aurora had helped us through everything. I thought it was neat and was going to be really nice for Lily to see when she gets older.

front of card (sorry about the bad images, I had to scan them in) yes. they misspelled Lily's name with 3 L's

inside of card

But, here is the really cool part - the other day at work, a woman that I work with comes up to me holding the card. I had to do a double-take (hmmm, I didn't give her one, so how does she have one?)

She said "Oh my God, Shana I got this in the mail, Lily is so cute!"

I asked her why she had gotten that in the mail and she told me that she donates to Aurora Family Services. Who would have thought this whole time she has been helping me and my family and neither of us even knew it. I thought that was pretty cool.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Search for the Perfect Sippy Is Finally Over

Who knew finding a sippy cup for Lily would be so hard? We have been through 1,2,3,4,5 and I think we have finally found a match made in heaven!

Thanks to RubyRed on thebump - it is the Nuby No-Spill Mega Flip-it

I was starting to think she would never drink out of a sippy :) Best Blogger Tips

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lily and Her Lemon

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It's in the Smallest Moments

...that my heart feels so big it will most certainly burst...

Tonight as I rocked Lily to sleep and fed her a bottle, she took one of my curls of hair and twirled it in her finger, and looked like she wanted to say "I love you mama".

Normally, she takes my hair and pulls it - I tell her "no" - and she laughs. Best Blogger Tips

Physical Therapy Graduate!!

Today Lily was re-assessed on her gross motor skills, crawling, walking, getting from sitting to standing, etc. We did one last cram session last night for her big test, and....(drum roll please) she is right on target for her actual age of 13 months! So she was discharged from Physical Therapy - Woo Hoo!

I said to the therapist, "you mean, I can just play with her? Without watching her legs and holding her right one so she can cross on right and setting up multiple obstacle courses in our house?"

She said "yes, you can just play with your daughter"

Another weight lifted...I am feeling lighter everyday! Could all of the scariness having a preemie brought us, possibly be coming to an end? I think so.... Best Blogger Tips

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lily Walking

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1 Year Later

Lily and her Preemie Doll 1 year later

We ordered this doll for Lily from WeeBundles. These cloth keepsake dolls are hand made by a preemie mom, especially for preemie families. We ordered it so that we would always remember just how small Lily was and so that one day she will see how small she was and how far she has come. It was made to her exact proportions at birth, her doll is 2 pounds 14 ounces and is 15 inches long and has the same head circumference Lily did at birth.

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Congratulations Jenny & Mike

Michael Gabriel 1 day old

We want to say congratulations to Jenny and Mike who welcomed Michael Gabriel into the world on May 28th! Lily is excited about another new playmate - she is starting to be surrounded by boys...hmmm.

Congratulations to you and welcome to the most exciting, exhausting, funny, emotional, surprising, challenging, rewarding, scary, greatest, fullfilling, overwhelming and best part of your life yet - being parents! Don't be afraid to ask for help, call us if you need us!
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Cutest.Videos.Ever (so far)

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Year Ago Today

Lily finally had her first bottle
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