Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Year in Pictures (and videos)














2010 was a big year for us! We found out we were expecting. Lily turned 2. We found out that it was going to be a boy, and we finally picked a name. I was put on bedrest. We had Liam full-term and Lily became a Big Sister! We potty-trained Lily. Liam celebrated his first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year! See you in 2011...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liam 3 Months

Weight: 11 pounds 13 ounces {9th percentile}
Height: 24.25 inches {42nd percentile}
Wearing: moving into 3-6 months
(check out Lily's 6 month stats to the right - almost the same)

This post is a week late...I had it started and then Christmas came and keeps on going it seems...

In the last month Liam celebrated his first Thanksgiving and his first St. Nick's

Happy First Thanksgiving!

Liam's first St. Nick's

Liam is becoming more and more familiar with his surroundings and is now responding with smiles and a laugh that goes something like - huh...huh (while smiling), he's bringing his hands together and his little feet up and grabs them and is grabbing at everything in his activity gym, which currently seems to be his favorite place to hangout (besides the bathtub - he loves being nakey). He also loves to watch his airplanes in his nursery and his fishy aquarium. He's found his hands and sucks on them sometimes (hasn't figured out he has a thumb to suck on yet, which I think is a good thing?). He has also found his voice and loves to talk, especially to Lily. He razzes and coos constantly (when he's not sleeping).
Starting to grab things!

Starting to get his head up

He is eating about every 3-4 hours (still breastfeeding) and is napping in the morning and afternoon. We have somewhat established a nighttime routine that goes something like this: has his last feed about 8:30 p.m. and then I burp him, cuddle him, change his diaper and put him into a onesie (he is a super sweaty sleeper), and swaddle him in the Miracle Blanket and give him a nuk, sometimes he fusses a little, but most nights he starts to fall asleep and then I put him down in the bassinet usually about 9:30-10:00 p.m. and he sleeps until 8:30-9:00 a.m., pretty much everyday. He is still sleeping on an angle (because of his reflux), with two blankets rolled up on each side of him for comfort (because it feels like he's being held).

Loving his Miracle Blanket
As of this post we moved him to his crib last night and he slept 12 hours!
And I was worried about the transition...
He has some nicknames already:
Lily calls him Weeum (and when we ask her if he is a Tough Guy, she says "no")
I call him Mister-Mister, Buddy and Little Man
Chris calls him Dude or Little Dude

His UTI and thrush have cleared up, but unfortunately he is still puking a lot. So, we met with the pediatric GI specialist that also sees Lily, she upped his Prilosec to 3 ml's twice a day (same as Lily was on) and Axid 1.3 ml's twice a day (same as Lily). She also added adult Maalox in between to help hold him over during the day.

At the GI Specialist - took about 100 pics of him in his super cute gown!

And then I started to try and take pics of his long eyelashes

Maybe you can see them in this one?

On December 10th he had a barium swallow study and we just heard back today (day before Christmas Eve) that everything looks correct anatomically (good), but he does have Delayed Gastric Emptying or DGE, you can read about it here. A lot of times it goes hand-in-hand with reflux. At the time they did the study he hadn't eaten anything in 4.5 hours and his stomach was completely full. The Doctor doing the study, said he should have been completely empty and starving. Really at this point they said that they would not put him on medication (Reglan) because he is so young and his system could just be immature, so we will just try to keep him comfortable while he is puking. Needless to say we are doing a lot of laundry these days :)

Just about to have swallow study done - laying on x-ray table

Well, I love all things for grown-ups that can be found in miniature form for a baby, with Lily it was aprons, rolling pins and her kitchen and with Liam it is ties, boots...and hats!

 Business during the day

 Party at night

complete with rocker boots!
(thank you Jen & Craig)

Lily makes him smile a lot

Nana and Liam

The Thinker

Deer in headlights - his signature look :)

Mom, why is there an alligator by my head!

Told ya he was a ninja in the womb

Liam and Mommy on Thanksgiving - the only way I can get pics of me and the kids, is to set-up the timer, shameless, I know :)

Here's the part where I give a huge shout-out and thank you to some friends I made on the internet after Lily was born - bizarre right? They are all preemie moms to little amazing miracle babies and we *bonded* on preemie message board. They were so supportive and helpful during that time. And of course everyone was praying and routing that we would have a full-term baby this time around. Now, we mostly keep in touch via Facebook and blogs. After Liam was born Kate, who actually lives in Wisconsin brought over a gift from all of them...

So, a huge thank you to Sara, Martha, Kate, Corey, Jennifer and Karen
I was just waiting for Liam to grow into his shirt :)

Matching L t-shirts - how cute!

And they got us a huge gift card from BRU - so we got Liam this activity gym (which he totally loves) and lots of little manipulative toys (oh, and some bibs and nuks, two things I can never have enough of)

Shirt from Auntie Billie

All smiles!

And a video
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