Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caramel Cashew 14 weeks

Well, we have officially made it to the 2nd trimester, when I am supposed to start feeling amazing ::waiting patiently::

Pregnancy: 14w 2d

Baby: Haven’t seen CC since our last ultrasound, but I am starting to feel “flutters”!!!!

My Health: I have gone 3 days without vomiting in the morning!!! WOO-HOO!!! On the flip-side my heartburn is horrible – same as last time ::ugh:: So I have been using Zantac morning and night (I believe it is sent from Heaven). I have also been having debilitating headaches, horrible to concentrate and makes it almost impossible to parent Lily, which I feel horrible about (lots of Worst.Mom.Ever posts coming soon) I remember these from the end of my pregnancy last time when I was in the hospital, but not this early, so hopefully it is not a bad sign, I will talk to my OB about them at my next appt. My blood pressures have been good and have even been low like 90/60, until last night when I had a pressure of 150/86 during a debilitating headache...but after laying on my side for a couple of hours it was down to 93/65, so I am hoping it is just a fluke, but I will mention it at my next appointment.

Cravings: Still loving strawberries, pineapple and peaches, and also chocolate custard – oh boy!

Belly: B.I.G. and bruised from Lovenox shots

Gender: We find out May 12th - if baby cooperates

Name: We finally have a boy name! We have had our girl name forever, and could absolutely not decide on a boy name we loved (this happened last time too), but we have come to a decision. I will do a post on names and how we picked them soon.

What’s New: We got the results back from our NT scan and bloodwork that was checking for risks of Down Syndrome and chromosomal abnormalities. They said “everything looks good”, so that is a relief.

Next Appt: I have an appt with my Hematologist on April 8th and my 16w appt April 15th

Let me know if you think CC is a boy or girl :) Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, March 21, 2010

12 Weeks

We had our 12 week appointment on St. Patrick's Day and also had our NT Scan (checks for the risk of Down Syndrome and other chromosonal abnormailities).

Caramel Cashew is a mover and a shaker! Much more active than I remember Lily being in there (hopefully it has nothing to do with the coffee I drank before the ultrasound...oops). CC looked good, measuring ahead 2 days (we'll take it) and heartbeat was 159 bpm. I was getting a little nervous while the tech was doing the ultrasound and finally she said that she could not get a profile because the baby would not turn the right way...I replied "Oh, good, because I was beginning to think this baby didn't have a nose". So, in the ultrasound you can't see the nose because the baby wasn't in the right position. It took the whole hour to measure the back of the neck for the NT Scan, I had to jump up and down, walk down the hall, empty my bladder and roll around, finally the tech thought she had something she could work with - this kid was not going to easily cooperate for this.

As far as I go, blood pressure is still good, so we are cruising along. I have still been sick in the mornings, but what are you going to do? I pretty much already look as pregnant as I was with Lily at 28 weeks - no, seriously, at about 8 weeks I "popped". I know that the second time around you "pop" much earlier, but this is insane. I look 7 months pregnant and I know I do, so when you see me, you don't have to say "wow, your soooo big already"...for some reason those words just fly out of people's mouths. ::fake smiles:: But, I have only gained 6 pounds, which is better than last time. My latest cravings include peaches, strawberries, pineapple, grapes and chips and queso :)

We have cleaned out our spare room upstairs already, which will be either the nursery (if it's a boy) or Lily's big girl room (if' it's a girl) that they would both eventually share (it has two built-in twin beds in it). Chris spent this weekend priming the room, so it will be ready to paint. We are a little more ahead of schedule than we were last time. We have a girl name already and think we have finally agreed on a boy name (but we keep going back and forth on boy names, so we'll probably change our minds again).

Yesterday Lily said "Daddy, I'm gonna be big sister"...Chris called me into the kitchen and said tell your mom what you just told me, she said "Mama, I'm gonna be big sister". So, she finally is accepting of this...for the last couple of months when we would tell her she was going to be a big sister, she would say "no", when we would ask are you going to have a little brother or sister, she would say "no".

Next appointment is 16 weeks in April, and we don't have another ultrasound until May 12th, which could be when we find out the sex of Caramel Cashew, but I have a feeling this baby is not going to show the goods. So, you have until May 12th to make predictions if you think it's a boy or a girl. I wrote all the predictions about Lily in her baby book and it is so interesting looking back how the majority of you were right!

Thanks to everyone who sent cards of congratulations - that was so nice! I guess I was thinking that people were going to be more scared than excited, I am glad that you are all so happy - because we are too!

Grow Baby, Grow
12 weeks

9 weeks

6 weeks
This is how the baby became known as Caramel Cashew
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Lily's First Trip to the Movies!

We took Lily to her first Frosty Flick yesterday morning at the Ridge Cinema...Mason's an old pro, so he was there to help her along. We saw Alvin & The Chimpmunks The Squeakel. It was fun and Lily did great, lasting almost until the very end.

The movie really wiped her out

This is a cute pic I took at the zoo last weekend
Mason & Lily
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lily is Going to Be a Big Sister!!

By now our family and friends have received the announcement and we feel that it is time to share with everyone our wonderful news - Lily is going to be a Big Sister!

We are thrilled, excited and patient...we do not want to rush this pregnancy AT.ALL.

Every moment of quesiness, tiredness, headaches, pains, constipation, stretch marks and needle pokes are welcomed by me and I will do whatever it takes to get this baby as far along as I possibly can (but know that it is not all up to me). All the things that I complained about last time, seem so stupid now. I remember sitting by Lily's isolette as she struggled to breath and thought I can't believe that I complained about being so uncomfortable and fat. Because she was much more uncomfortable in that isolette than I ever was with her inside me and who really would have cared how fat I got - only me. But I only think those complaints are stupid now that I know how easily it can all be taken away in an instant.

Since we got the "green light" from the Perinatologist in November to conceive again, we decided to start trying right away and although it didn't happen quite as fast as the "2 week shocker" we had last time, it did happen very fast, our December cycle, and we are blessed and happy to have the opportunity to bring another baby into this world.

It seemed much harder this time to keep this a secret...last time I relished in the fact that only Chris and I knew that we were having a baby...this time I wanted to shout from the rooftops as soon as I took the test....ah, the test...this will be a story to tell someday...(and people that know me will just smile about this story)

On Friday, January 15th I took a test in the morning and it was negative. All day at work I *felt* pregnant and just knew that I was. On my way home before I picked up Lily I stopped at Target and got a test. I went and got Lily and we headed to Mayfair to go use our Gymbucks. The first stop was the Macy's bathroom, because, why the heck not? I preceded to take a pregnancy test in the handicap bathroom with Lily sitting in her stroller staring at me. Yes, I peed on a stick in the Macy's bathroom and then I tucked it in the top of the stroller and got myself together and pulled it back out...


My hands started to shake as I read it and I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked at Lily still smiling and gave her a kiss and told her she was going to be the best big sister. Her smile seemed to confirm it. I tried to shop, but was obviously completely distracted by the late breaking news I had just gotten in the Macy's bathroom. I decided to go to Barnes & Noble and pick up the Belly Book, my favorite pregnancy journal that I had with Lily. As I checked-out, the sales woman said "Oh, you need this again?" I was caught off guard and almost needed to remind myself that yes, I did! I said "Yes, I just took a pregnancy test in the Macy's bathroom and haven't told anyone yet". She squealed "Congratulations!" and came out from the desk to give me a hug. That was it - I was pregnant and had just confirmed it by saying it out loud to the sales lady at Barnes & Noble (a complete stranger).

I aimlessly strolled around Mayfair deciding how I would tell Chris.

You see, last time was nothing like I thought it would be, I didn't give Chris a bib or a picture frame or anything like what other couples do, no this is how it went down:

Chris was standing outside the bathroom door when I took the test, he didn't know I was taking it, we were both getting ready for work and it was a Friday morning, he thought I was using the bathroom and was talking to me outside the door. We had just started "trying" 2 weeks before and I was pretty sure that there was no possible way the test would be positive, but we were going to a friend's birthday that evening and there would be drinking involved, so I tested, just to be safe. At some point through the door Chris said "Aren't you excited about tonight?" and I looked at the test and said "Yeah, but I don't think I will be drinking"...Chris slowly opened the door and looked at me - he knew what I meant...I told him I was pregnant and we were both in a state of total shock (and denial) - who does this ever happen too?

So, because last time was nothing "cute" like I had always imagined, and was more shocking than anything, I knew I wanted this time to be different. I bought another test on the way home from the mall and decided what I would do. But my plan meant I would have to keep it a secret from Chris until the next morning - it almost killed me. I avoided him like the plague and told him that I had some blogging to do and went upstairs on the computer until he went to work that night. The next morning when he came home from work this is what happened:

Baby K, also known as Caramel Cashew is due September 26th

We are so excited and happy!

But, I would be lying if I said I wasn't the tiniest bit scared, which is to be expected. Let me assure all of you that Chris and I would have never even tried to have another baby unless we were confident that things were going to turn out better, and we are. We have been told to expect to deliver between 28-32 weeks, but that is the worst case scenario, and with what we all know now there are so many things that can be done to prevent that situation from happening again. We are so hopeful that we will have a full-term baby. I know that by reading my chart, it looks bad and they have to tell me the worst. But they do not know what kind of person I am, the fight and the will I have in me and what kind of strong kids we make. I have always said that Lily is the strongest little girl I know, and I know this baby will be just as strong - things will be better!

Now, I am sure you all want to know what will be different this time....
  • Well, first of all I have a great team of OB's that I am working with and we all learned a lot from the last time.
  • Since we know now that I have Factor II and MTHFR (blood clotting disorders), I was put on Lovenox shots immediately. I give one to myself each night in the stomach and during the 2nd or 3rd trimester we will bump it up to 2 shots/day.
  • I have also been in to see the OB's ALOT, pretty much once a week, partly because this pregnancy started off with spotting and bleeding, no one wants to see blood when they are pregnant. At 6 weeks I had an ultrasound to check on the bleeding and they found a subchorionic hematoma. At 9 weeks I had another ultrasound and it had resolved itself - all gone - whew! I don't need anything else to worry about.
  • Each month I see my hematologist to check my platelets because of the Lovenox shots and what happened last time I was on Heparin (I became "allergic" or had a Heparin Dependent Antibody).
  • Every month I also do a 24 hour urine catch and take it into the OB so they can check for protein in my urine.
  • I take my blood pressure at home with a cuff every morning and night and my pressures are holding steady at 120/70.
  • I am taking extra folic acid and calcium, both of which are supposed to help with pre-eclampsia.
  • I am resting a lot more than I did last time.
  • I will be seeing the Perinatologist (high-risk pregnancy Doctor) for a consult and she will be working closely with my OB's, as well as my Hematologist.
  • I have already taken pictures of my hands and feet, so that we will be able to tell if they are swelling (last time I had no clue because I see myself every day and just thought I was gaining a lot of weight).
So, I think we have all our bases covered.

I am definitely not in the ignorant bliss I found myself in the first time I was pregnant, and it's a shame, because that is such a great way to go through a pregnancy. I am definitely more concerned about things this time and have thought about things that never even occured to me last time.

If I let myself, I can get carried away with worries about what might happen, but all I can do is hope and pray for the best and prepare for the worst, and that is what we intend on doing.

I will be keeping this blog updated on this pregnancy, as well as how Lily is doing. I am trying to think of a new name that will encompass Caramel Cashew too, suggestions are welcome (you will get full bragging rights on naming our blog)!

She's not exactly sure what to make about all this
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

22 Months

Weight: 24 pounds
Height: 32 inches
Shoes: Size 6
Clothes: 12-18 months...and most pants 18-24 months!!

 What's New: 
  • Bossing around her parents a lot ::blushes:: ...she tells us "Mommy spin", "Daddy dance", "Mommmy hide"...and we do it
  • Her newest words are mine (ugh!), yes, please and thank you, and her latest phrase has been "don't like it"...I tried to take her to pick out stuff for her birthday party and she just kept saying "don't like it"...oh well, guess mommy gets to pick the theme again
  • She got another tooth this month - upper left vampire tooth 
  • Her latest obsessions include hiding and playing hide-and-go-seek and Bolt (a Disney movie about a dog named Bolt) 
  • We lowered her mattress and took off the front of her crib, she is officially sleeping in a toddler bed :(

more hiding, if she can't see you - you can't see her

finally a nice enough day for a walk

fooling around at Barnes & Noble

sleeping in her new toddler bed

Mason and Lily getting crazy at the March of Dimes
ice cream social
Mason was so proud to hold Bean-Beans
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