Saturday, May 22, 2010

Caramel Cashew 21 weeks

Updates: I met with my Perinatologist (Maternal Fetal Medicine or High Risk Dr.) on Thursday for an in-depth ultrasound just so she could see how things are progressing (she is the same Peri I saw in the hospital with Lily and the one we did a pre-pregnancy consult with - you can read about that here).

I was there for about 2 hours, 1.5 hours we looked at CC and checked everything (and got some good pics!) he is measuring right on target at 1 pound 2 ounces and looks perfect, and then the last half hour we talked.

Dr. A is very confident that I will go full-term with this baby!!!! She said the reason is that I am on the Lovenox. Last time right from the beginning there just wasn't enough blood flow for the baby or the placenta, she believes the key to this pregnancy is the blood thinner. She was so optimistic and confident and even said she was sorry I had to go thru everything with Lily, if they would have known I had a blood clotting disorder she thinks things could have been prevented. Her apology caught me off-guard and even made me tear up. No one has every taken the blame for what happened, and it wasn't even her fault, but she somehow felt responsible. And no one has ever said sorry that Lily and I had to go thru what we went thru. Obviously everyone has said it was horrible and everyone has felt bad, but I never heard sorry. It was almost surreal. She also said that this birth experience will be completely opposite of the birth experience I had with Lily and that I deserve it. Another tear-jerking statement. I was over the moon with happiness!! I feel so much like a little bit of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It might actually be okay for me to let my mind wonder to thoughts of a September baby...and I did!

As I got in the car I felt guilty about Lily's birth. Not because I think there is anything different that I could have done, but because regardless of what we know now and how different this birth might be....Lily still had to suffer. I just feel bad that she had to go thru all the things she did. No doubt I will have these feelings again during this pregnancy, but how can I not? I know she paved the way so her sibling(s) wouldn't have to suffer.

I have already filled-out and sent-in my pre-admission paperwork to the hospital - go me! I didn't have that done last time. And we are ordering CC's furniture this week (also something that wasn't done last time).

I think he looks like Chris, especially his nose

In case anyone was questioning it

Pregnancy: 21 weeks

Weight Gain: 13 pounds

Sleep: That song "Up all night, sleep all day", I think it's by Salughter, it was written about Caramel Cashew. I am taking a lot of hits beginning about 1:00 a.m. every morning, enough to wake me up, obviously taking after dad in the heavy-metal area (yes, Chris was a headbanger in high school, long hair and all)

Gender: BOY

Names: We have been calling him Alex since the ultrasound and Lily calls him Alex...but you never know, we might change our mind again

Feeling: Hurtburn has been bad from the get-go and I have been taking Zantac in the morning and at night and it has been working, but now it seems it's not enough....knock on wood, I may have thrown-up for the last time on Monday!!!!

Cravings: Sonic's Strawberry Limeades {sent from above}

Health: My blood pressure is still really good, no swelling, weight gain is good

Movement: See Sleep

Belly: Still big and beautiful, no matter what it looks like there is a baby in there!!

Next Appointment: June 7th with regular OB

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lily's Fairy Fun Birthday

 We celebrated Lily's 2nd birthday on Saturday, May 15th (we pushed it back a weekend hoping it would be warmer, no such luck). Thanks to everyone who stuck it out - I know it was chilly.


 This little fairy cuts the grass

 and rides a bike

 and puts babies to bed

  Fairy Fabulous

  Michael & Jenny

  Ashlyn & Michael


 Aunt Angie & GGRBow


 BFF's Mason & Nolan

 This little fairy had a long day

 all tired out

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Monday, May 17, 2010

2 Years Old!!

Are you ready for some serious bragging??? We had Lily's 2 year appointment last Thursday and she is soooo on the 2 year charts!!!

Weight: 24.8 pounds (25th precentile)
Height: 34.75 inches (85th precentile)
Head: 75th percentile
Shoes: Size 6
Clothes: 18-24 months

Basically, she is totally caught was such a great appointment. She didn't even cry and let Dr. Q look at her tummy (it really was an exam on the baby in her tummy, which she was fine with), and look at her ears, mouth and nose. Normally as soon as Dr. Q enters the room she starts crying.

She can do everything that she's supposed to be doing and is totally caught up. So, I guess what they say is true, even though when you are holding a little 2 pound baby it seems unbelievable - they are resilient and can catch up. So Lily is amazing (as we all knew) and I left the office so proud of her and how far she has come and of course a little teary-eyed (good tears).

What's New:

She is putting sentences together with 6-7 she said "daddy bring my bus in the house"

Her newest thing is "I do it by myself" and she gets frustrated if you help her

Latest obsession is the movie Tinkerbell, there is a new one coming out in fall so that might be a nice little experience to have with her when the baby comes and she is feeling that she isn't getting as much attention.

Also obsessed with pretending to read the "newspaper" which is usually the PBK catalog...she tries to be just like daddy reading the paper

Still counting to 15 and pretty much knows all her colors except yellow

When she gets really upset now she puts herself in a timeout and works it out by herself

Waiting with Mason for Nana at the airport

trying on her fairy outfit

giving herself a timeout - she's so independent!
what a mean-mug

sleeping beauty
I will post her Fairy Fun birthday party this week (hopefully tomorrow) - it was Fairy Fabulous (like Jenny said!)

Here's some videos for entertainment!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a....


That's right people, there is currently little boy parts growing inside my body! Today CC was not cooperating with the ultrasound tech and was surprisingly not moving much, but she got the "money shot" and confirmed that there is indeed a little something growing between CC's legs. And so, the trend continues, Lily will be surrounded by little boys and we finally got our ticket into "the boy's club" (all my friends and my sister have boys). Chris was convinced that he would have all girls, but is thrilled, and although my gut-reaction when I took my pregnancy test was that this baby would be a girl, the way CC acted at my March ultrasound had me convinced that the baby was a boy - I even put a post-it note on the ultrasound picture that said "He looks just like you!" and left it out for Chris. Lily will have a little brother!!!!

At our 17 week ultrasound that was done to check for bleeding, the ultrasound tech took a guess that it was a boy, but did not confirm it and said it was hard to tell, so we kept things a secret until we could get a confirmation at this 20 week ultrasound.

Everything with CC looks good, but they could not get a good shot of his heart (same thing happened with Lily - these two are gonna be trouble together!) we have to have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks (fine by me!).

How we told my mom...we had this cake made and had her cut it

My mom cutting the cake
(sorry about the screaming Lily)

In other news, I am now being referred to a Perinatologist (High-risk Dr.), just to take a closer look at things and they will be following me too...I feel really good about this. With the bleeding and everything else that happened last time, we all want to be prepared and watch for signs of things to come.

Pregnancy: 20 weeks

Weight Gain: 10 pounds (I would like to note that at 20 weeks with Lily I was up 23 pounds)

Sleep: Still sleeping good

Gender: BOY

Names: This poor little guy might be named Caramel Cashew...We need help!!! We arre currently deciding between Alex and Liam, but suggestions are welcome

Feeling: Overall I feel good

Cravings: Edy's Strawberry Fruit Bars

Health: My blood pressure is still really good, no swelling, weight gain is good

Movement: Surprisingly today during our ultrasound CC was very calm and uncooperative, not moving very much, it reminded us of Lily, but normally he's a mover-and-a-shaker

Belly: I am still looking HOTT (with 2 T's) with my bruises and stretchmarks! (did I mention I am paler than I've ever been - like I said HOTT!)

Next Appointment: June 7th with regular OB, but I will have an appointment with the Peri before then
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!!

We'll see if Caramel Cashew, the acrobat, wants to show the goods :) Best Blogger Tips

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lilttle Miss Lily Turns 2!

our big girl

Happy Birthday Lily!

This day is bittersweet...

Of course I am thrilled that my sweet little baby girl is 2 and is doing so well and I am so very proud of her and all her accomplishments. And it is a day to celebrate...they say preemies are "caught-up" by the time they turn 2, and by all accounts she is. It's just that whenever anyone would tell us that "she'll be caught up by the time she turns 2", it seemed like 2 was so far off in the distance. But today it is here, and I wonder where all the time went? Where did our baby go? It sure went fast and a lot of me wishes that I hadn't spent that time worrying so much about how she was doing and devoloping, but I had to - I'm a preemie mom.

I am so proud of her and amazed by her. This age is amazing. And although I miss the days when she was a baby and would fall asleep in my arms, today's days are filled with silliness and smiles and fake laughing and making funny faces in the mirror and asking to have her toe nails painted and mommy find my purse and trying on high heels and learning new words, her newest "Boya!" (no idea where she picked that up, but it's hilarious) and new expressions - she is delicious and I could just eat her up! So, I guess what I am saying is, don't take any moments with your little one for granted, because tomorrow your baby will be putting herself to bed and saying "love you mama" and you will wonder where that time went and all those nights you stayed up rocking her while she was awake at night, wishing she would just sleep for 15 minutes so you could'll miss them.

She has her 2 year appointment this week and her Fairy Fun birthday party is scheduled for Saturday, so we have a big week coming up...

These might be the cutest pictures ever (but I say that everytime)

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Caramel Cashew 19 weeks

Wish I had nothing knew to report, and realize that I am actually 20 weeks today, but this is what was going on last week....

On Tuesday morning I woke up with more bleeding....UGH! I just wish it would stop. I wasn't freaking out because it was much less than my 15 week bleed, but I still needed to call my OB, because remember "bleeding this far along in pregnancy is not normal" (and so I continue to have an abnormal pregnancy...really, what's new?). I basically just wanted to call to report it, but the nurse that I talked to was concerned because I was also having back pain (which I told her was not related to the bleeding), nonethelss, she threw out the term "pre-term labor" eyes got BIG and I was nervous. They got me in around 1 still had a heartbeat and OB didn't think it was pre-term labor (neither did I, but what do I know?). After about 3 hours I stopped bleeding, and the cause is still a mystery. Please pray that this is nothing. I am hoping it is that is the case, but just wish it would stop, so I could stop worrying about it. It seems like as soon as I stop worrying about the last bleeding incident and start thinking everything is fine, my body reacts with a bleed, just to remind me to continue to worry.

Other than that, I am doing well and feeling good.

We have been talking a lot about the baby to Lily and now she tells us that she also has a baby in her tummy and her tummy hurts, most days it's a girl and her name will be girl. She also says that she came out of mommy's tummy so this baby could go cute :)
Pregnancy: 19 weeks

Weight Gain: 10 pounds (I would like to note that at 20 weeks with Lily I was up 23 pounds)

Sleep: Still sleeping good

Gender: May 12th is our BIG ultrasound, if baby cooperates

Names: Girl - Lydia Jane
              Boy - this week we are thinking Alex or Liam

Feeling: Overall I feel good

Cravings: Haven't really been craving much of anything lately

Health: My blood pressure is still really good, no swelling, weight gain is good

Movement: I felt an outside kick this week, but Chris missed it

Belly: Huge, bruised and I must confess stretchmarks are starting to pop-up...I didn't have any with Lily until after my c-section, something about them rushing to get her out gave me 3 stretchmarks on my left side {the horror!}...they have slowly been popping up on my left side now and I have two on my right side, they are white and I could care less, with the bruises, I am looking HOTT!

Next Appointment: This Wednesday...keep your eyes peeled for a post on baby being a boy or a girl! Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, May 2, 2010

March for Babies Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who donated this year!! I feel bad that I was a total slacker and did nothing for the event (can I use the excuse that I'm pregnant?), but we still managed to raise over $500, without even trying!!! It was another rainy day for the March for Babies, but we at least went down and gave it a shot!

ready to show off this *almost* two-year-old healthy preemie


another lovely Wisconsin day

raining on our parade
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