Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Liam 27 Weeks

A bump shot...why? Because I only have one from my last pregnancy and I don't want that to be the case this time around. I do remember from last time that you go thru a phase where you miss being pregnant, so I gotta live it up while I can!

(that pregnancy glow? don't let me fool you...it's sweat)

Updates: We have furniture for Liam sitting in our living room, along with our double stroller, we haven't completely moved Lily out of her room and so we need to do that before we can start painting and we are waiting on bedding to come in to pick out paint colors...I'm still calling it progress...

Hello third trimester - I am happy to see you, especially because I am still feeling so good. Only 13 weeks left, this pregnancy has flown by, I hate to say it but, it is almost going too fast, I am certainly not ready right now for it to be over.

And, well, Sunday's the day...I will be 28 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital at exactly 28 weeks with Lily. Kind of scary, kind of exciting. I don't think I will go into the hospital anytime soon and am wondering if I will even have to go on bedrest, two things I thought were impossible when I first got pregnant. When I first got pregnant I told myself my bag would be packed by 28 weeks, just in case, because I hated that I didn't have everything I wanted and needed at the hospital last time (even though my very fabulous husband did a great job of packing what he could). But, no bags are packed....if that doesn't say I'm confident (or too lazy), I don't know what does. So, I am still here...standing, walking and chasing a 2-year-old around. It's kind of crazy to think of what all happened last time and then think of how great I have been feeling this time (I mean, besides the fact that I can hardly bend to pick up Lily because of the watermelon in the way).

I am looking forward to an amazing Fourth of July with family, friends and my favorite little sparkler!! (she was supposed to be born in July ya' know). Unfortunately Chris works most of the weekend, probably confiscating fireworks, but that's okay, me and Boo-Boo are used to flying solo ;)

Pregnancy: 27 weeks

Weight Gain: 14 pounds...I measured my tummy, not sure why, maybe because I never got a chance to last time...I am up 11 inches around...Good Lord!

Sleep: Not so great

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: Still having horrible indigestion

Cravings: I could totally go for some fries with Blue Cheese dressing from Champp's - oh yeah!

Health: I still haven't had any swelling and besides some random high pressures, everything is still good

Movement: Still crazy

Belly: Well, it's not going to get smaller at this point people

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: July 5th I will see my OB's, have a growth ultrasound and do my glucose test {wish me luck} Best Blogger Tips

Monday, June 28, 2010

She Rocked the Dentist

Like, totally surprised us. I was expecting a full-out temper tantrum, crying and my armpits sweating while I smiled and tried to ignore the screaming and listen to what the dentist had to say.

But nope.

This little lady impressed us.

Before we went she was crying and told us she didn't want to go - good golly, this was going to be as painful as I remember the dentist being as a child. She fell asleep in the car on the way there, which only meant worse screaming and crying, if we were going to wake her from her beauty rest.

We arrive and she sees the toys - glorious toys, she was smitten.

She went to the back, got up on the chair, watched the cartoons (thank goodness for the tv), opened her mouth and said "AH!" as loud as she could and let the dental hygeniest clean her teeth, and even gave a hi-five. Next the dentist counted them, told us we are waiting on her four back molars, her teeth look great and keep up the good work.

Thanks for making us look so good Lily :)

She never seizes to amaze us. I wonder why I ever even worry?

Chris' comment as we left "I can't believe that went so good"

Me "Me neither!" Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, June 27, 2010

As My Tummy Grows Bigger, So Does My Heart

Chris and I had planned on having more than one child as soon as we got married - he said 3 - I said 2, we thought we'd figure it out eventually.

When I was pregnant with Lily, I don't want to say I didn't get it....
I didn't get it...
and I couldn't have.

I could never have imagined how much I would love her. Even when she was growing inside of me, I would try to picture her and picture what are life would be like and I couldn't - there was no possible way I could have imagined how much she would fill our hearts with love and smiles and laughs and happy days.

I couldn't have imagined how she would make me fall more in love with Chris.
I couldn't have imagined how she would make me feel like I was a good mom.
I couldn't have imagined how she would make every holiday seem like it was the first time I ever celebrated it.
I couldn't have imagined how every new experience she had would seem like the first time I was having it.
I couldn't have imagined how she would make me feel like I was meant to love her.
I couldn't have imagined how every day could seem like a gift.

But, that's what happened and I never could have imagined it.

And, when I found out I was pregnant again, I was sooo excited. I think even more this time. Because I knew. I knew we were given another gift. I knew how sweet things would be, because Lily showed us. And I knew it would be even sweeter sharing this baby with Lily. And I knew she was going to show us things again that we couldn't have imagined - seeing a baby through her eyes. And I knew she would be a great big sister. I knew this was the beginning of another fabulous chapter of our lives.

I knew I would be able to love another baby, but, I shed some tears wondering how it was possible, because at that moment, I couldn't imagine it.

I wondered how Lily would feel having to share the spotlight with a new baby, I joked that she might need therapy. Mostly because she spent time with us without a baby for over 2 years. The new baby would always know what it would be like to have a sibling, but Lily would have to learn.

For the first week I knew I was pregnant, every night I took Lily out of her crib while she was sleeping and rocked her like a baby and cried. I told her over and over how much I loved her. I just didn't want her to feel like she was being replaced. But I also have always wanted her to have a sibling and a loving family and knew this was the best thing that could have happened.

And as this pregnancy has progressed there has been times already that I have felt torn between Lily and Liam.

When I was on bedrest I felt so conflicted. Not really being able to carry Lily and only really getting to cuddle with her while I was lying on the couch. And that began the thinking of what if I would be like if I was on bedrest during the summer. Which tore me to pieces, I didn't want Lily to miss out on all the summer things she loves because mama was on bedrest.

And when we went to have Liam monitored in the hospital on Memorial Day it was glimpse into hospital bedrest with 2-year-old. We were only there for 25 minutes and it was awful. Lily wanted to be held, but I couldn't hold her.

But, I have also had to think of Liam in everything I do everyday. I have been trying to take it much easier this time around (and with a 2-year-old that is easier said than done). I have wanted to take long walks with Lily like we used to, to the pond and Starbucks and Target, but I need to rest.

And I would be lying if I said it hasn't crossed my mind - the possibility that I will be hospitalized on bedrest and even worse that Liam will spend time in the NICU and if I thought that was hard the first time around, I think it would horrible to divide my time between healthy Lily needing her mama's love and sick Liam needing his mama's love. But, I can't let myself go there, because it hasn't happened yet and hopefully won't.

No doubt there will be more times as a mother of two that I will feel torn.

And everyone keeps telling me that you can never imagine it, but your heart will grow bigger when you have your second baby....at first I couldn't have imagined how....but I know my heart is growing bigger every day and I can not wait to meet Liam and to see what things he will show us that we never could have imagined. Best Blogger Tips


Can't you just eat her up?

Best Blogger Tips

Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Things I Heart

At first I was overwhelmed with the idea of getting all new "blue" things, but since have embraced it and have realized that a lot of the things that I loved and Lily loved, we will be able to use again.

I knew if we were having a boy my first purchase would be "blue" Aden + Anais swaddling blankets - I love these! (and only had them in pink before)

They are the only blankets that are large enough to actually really swaddle with, besides being great for summer because they are so lightweight and they work in a pinch as a burp cloth.

And with a new little one coming I am getting another "den" ready and thinking about all the things that we need to bring back out, which reminds me of all of the baby things I love!

Miracle Blanket - it was the miracle that got Lily to sleep

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium - I thought Lily was going to sleep with this forever!

If Liam is anything like his sister, he will have to have a "blankie"
that he carries around like Linus
Lily's is pink and she definitely will not share it with anyone!

We had this paci clip (far right) for Lily and used it all.the.time.
(unfortunately this seller closed her shop on etsy)

I am thinking of getting this one for Liam


This swipe wipe case is probably one of the most used things I have and I just got it in fall
It is hanging on Lily's stroller and is great because I don't have to go digging for wipes


This cd was a gift from my Aunt and we still play it to Lily every night to get her to sleep
The music is amazing


I have to mention the travel system that got Lily to and from everywhere we had to go, safely, easily and securely

Something I am looking forward to buying for Liam are these tie shirts that preemie mom friend (Sara) always has her son Marino in - I mean seriously, are these not the cutest things you've ever seen
(check out her blog!!)
Hey, this kid has to keep up with Lily!

I don't know what I would do without these
Snacktraps - we own 6


And, Martha (another close friend I have never met) is telling me (via her blog, which is amazing, especially her Crafty Mommy Monday updates) that I must have this Baby K'tan carrier

Stuff for mama that mama loves:

My Medela Pump in Style Advanced, gotta love something that helped grow my little baby into a little lady - worth every penny!

My sister found these nursing pads and got me hooked - Lily Padz

I heart these Bravado Nursing Bras - they are amazingly comfortable (I am wearing one right now!)


I love this Eat Your Peas book for new moms

I would love to hear what some of your favorite, must-have items are! And, if you have an awesome diaper bag, I am in the market for a new one...suggestions please :) Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liam 26 Weeks

We finally got Lily's big girl room painted and moved her crib up there last Friday (she of course, was a rockstar with the transistion, me, on the other hand, shed some tears alone in the bathroom afterwards...she's growing up and there is no way I can keep her little), so that means we can finally start painting Liam's room as soon as his bedding comes in and we pick out paint colors....progress

I was talking to Chris about how different my cravings have been this time around compared to last time. I was all about Salmon with Lily and steak and salty stuff. I am all about sweets this time around - specifically doughnuts and coffee...

Chris' response "You know what that means?"

Me "No, what?"

Chris "Liam is going to be a cop"

Like father, like son, I guess (it made me laugh because it hadn't even occured to me

Pregnancy: 26 weeks

Weight Gain: 15 pounds (I gained those 2 pounds back)

Sleep: Good

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: Still having horrible indigestion

Cravings: Drumsticks (the ice cream kind)

Health: I still haven't had any swelling and besides some random high pressures, everything is still good

Movement: Still crazy

Belly: I am getting huge!

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: July 5th I will see my OB's, have a growth ultrasound and do my glucose test {wish me luck} Best Blogger Tips

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I thought you would be a good dad
You still managed to surprise me
You are the best dad
Lily & Liam are lucky to have you

She's a little busy these days, so I have to take what I can get :)
Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Liam 25 Weeks

This week Liam has been remodeling his womb...I was hoping he wasn't going to move anything out - he didn't.....here is a video of what is happening inside my body, what it doesn't show is that my little Liam moved my bladder to put in a recliner and may have also put in a skylight - or at least that what it's felt like this week.

I met with my Hematologist today and everything is still looking good, except that my Hemoglobin is starting to get low and I am becoming anemic (today it was at 11.7). The day before Lily was delivered they had talked about giving me a blood transfusion because my Hemoglobin was getting low (I was at 10.7)...I subsequently needed 2 transfusions the next day during my c-section.

"During pregnancy, a woman’s hemoglobin must transport enough oxygen to meet both her and her fetus’ needs. If a woman has insufficient hemoglobin, she is said to be anemic. Many pregnant women will experience some degree of anemia. Anemia can be caused by decreased RBC production, increased RBC destruction, or increased RBC (blood) loss."

 As long as my platelets stay good (currently at 281) and I don't start feeling tired we will continue to just do one Lovenox shot a day. We will continue to monitor it and I will see her again in 5 weeks.

Pregnancy: 25 weeks

Weight Gain: 13 pounds (yes, I am losing weight - I don't know how, maybe it's the heat)

Sleep: It's hit or miss

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: my indigestion has been getting really bad, which kind of scares me becuase it was one of my first signs of pre-e with Lily, but I just keep taking my Zantac (and praying)

Cravings: Nothing really

Health: I have had some high blood pressures randomly, but as long as I lay down on my left side they go down, no swelling, weight gain is good

Movement: All.the.time. I wonder how much more I would be feeling if I didn't have an anterior placenta, I even make noises now sometimes when I receive jabs, we will be watching tv and I will say Ouch! Lily hardly moved at all, so this is all new to me. The funny thing is they both hit me in the same spot constantly, my left side.

Belly: Still big and beautiful, no matter what it looks like there is a baby in there!!

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: July 5th I will see my OB's, have a growth ultrasound and do my glucose test {wish me luck} Best Blogger Tips

Monday, June 14, 2010

Time for a New Name

Well...Little Miss Lily, as cute as it was, didn't really encompass our soon to be newest addition.

I put out the word that I had absolutely no idea what to name the blog and my BFF Katie came thru in a big way with:

Yes, yes, I know it's the name of a show (it's set to tape in my DVR)...but I love it!

Obviously the web address is not changing, but please note the change and continue to read!

And with a new name had to come a new look - and isn't it fitting that I am announcing this all in my 200th blog post - holy cats that's a lot of blogging! Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, June 12, 2010

25 Months

Weight: 24.8 pounds
Height: 34.75 inches
Shoes: Size 6
Clothes: 18-24 months

What's New:

She always says now "I smell something" when she smells something and "I hear something" (mostly when a plane flies over our house)

Lately she puts maybe in front of every sentence..."Maybe I should have some juice"...."Maybe mama should read a book"..."Maybe I should go upstairs"..."Maybe I should have MacCheese"..."Maybe I should have a vitamin"..."Maybe I pooped"....hmmm, maybe you did...I think I smell something :)

She also says a lot "I have an idea!" usually her idea is that she needs a snack

She knows all her colors - including yellow - tonight in the bath she said "I want to color sun" and picked up the yellow crayon

She talks a lot about the baby and gives my tummy kisses and hugs everyday and can't wait to meet her little brother, she says she came out of mommy's tummy so that Liam could go in - it is so cute! She says "I love you so much!" "Good Night Liam" when she goes to bed

She is very much into imaginary play and likes to make her stuffed animals talk to each other....especially when we put her down for bedtime, we turn on her monitor and listen to her Minnie Mouse talk to Alvin, they go back and forth for a good 45 minutes - it's really funny

She also now gets out of bed and brings lots of stuff into her bed at night, when we go to check on her before we go to bed, we find books and toys, in the morning I usually find a pair of shoes - whatever? At least she is still sleeping 11 hours.

Some of the random things we find her in bed with

She is loving all her new toys from her birthday - loves the sandbox

playing dress-up at Nana's

sharing a doughnut with Mama (blame Liam)

Another trip to the zoo

Hanging out with Mason

We had a great Memorial Day weekend which included the kite show, Michael's First Birthday party, a parade, a trip to Labor & Delivery and having some friends over for a BBQ

 Kite Show downtown

Michael's 1st Birthday Party

 Michael sitting on his very first pinata

Mason took a swing

collecting candy

Memorial Day Parade

A police officer on a motorcycle pulled over and gave her a bear - she was thrilled

Then we headed to L&D to monitor Liam,
he hadn't really moved in over 24 hours (very unlike him),
my OB thought we should just double check

Waiting to get out of L&D -
we were having a party this day at our house!

After 25 minutes they decide Liam is good
(and very active for a 23 weeker)
we get released to go get ready for our party
(sorry I look so gross in this pic - hot, not showered, pregnant = gross)

Party Time

There were two streaking incidents with these two
They thought it was hilarious (we did too)

Hot sun, popsicles, watermelon, babies running naked,
kidde pools, hanging out with friends, laughing,
burgers, brats, beer (not for me)
summer is officially here
It doesn't get much better than this
Best Blogger Tips
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