Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Beginning

I was going to name this post something about coming to an end, and it is about that....time when it will just be the three of us is coming to an end....

Each day I feel more and more like I need to spend every last minute with Lily while it is still just the three of us, but I am tired, not feeling well and uncomfortable...which makes things hard. And I have tears that roll down my face often when I think about this time coming to and end.

So the other day we made puddles...and it was sooo fun!

When we were done, Lily proclaimed "Mama, I'm a raisin"...and she was!

Next year Liam will be able to splash in the puddles with her, which will surely make her squeal with delight, so although this time is coming to an end, we are starting something new, which makes the tears that roll down my face, tears of happiness :) Best Blogger Tips

Liam 30-32 Weeks

31 Weeks

First I need to say....


Which is amazing because I wanted to believe this could happen, but was cautiously optimistic and secretly preparing for the worst.

Next, I am sorry I've been MIA...really I haven't been feeling very good and after an 8-hour work day and then trying to spend some last minute time with Lily, it's been hard to fit in a post (let alone even email or call back my friends - sorry Katie's, I am pooped). I am exhausted by the end of work and have been dealing with a lot of headaches, vomiting, epigastric pain and indigestion.

So here's the scoop, of course I am going to try to "sugarcoat" it for the blog:

Two weeks ago I was put on slow iron because my Hemoglobin got so low - no big whoop.

Last weekend I started experiencing the dreaded "epigastric pain" (one of my first signs last time that things were going wrong). It woke me out of my sleep Saturday night, but when I would lay on my left side it went away, I should have woke up and taken a pressure, but I was too tired. Sunday morning I started vomiting (another thing that happened last time), but I tried to pass it off as something else (denial working wonders here). And then Sunday morning I got a really severe headache that woke me out of my sleep and would not go away with 1,000 mg of Tylenol (still I am trying to write this off as nothing). Monday, after a persistent headache, I decide to call the OB, just to let them know that I am experiencing all the same symptoms that started with Lily, but, just like last time my blood pressure is great. The problem for me is that my blood pressure seems to be the last thing that happens. Everything else happens first.

They sent me right to L&D to be monitored, where I had stellar pressures of 100/50. Liam was great and very active and my labs came back great. All good signs, so I was sent home with another 24-hour urine to do.

My headache persisted all week and Tuesday morning I had blurred vision, Thursday morning I was vomiting again, but then felt better all day. I thought maybe I was just getting sick or maybe this is what pregnancy is like once you make it past 31 weeks. But Friday I had high pressures all day, a headache and at about 3:00 p.m. felt very light-headed like I was going to pass out. (This isn't surprising to me, because by Friday I am pretty much done).

I called my OB again, fearing that I am there most annoying patient, but being reassured by Chris, my mom and Billie that I need to get checked-out. They sent me right to L&D again (I hope those nurses don't hate me), to get more labs, monitor Liam and check some pressures. Dr. J told me he doesn't care if I call 30 or 50 times, they want to check me out because last time I came so close to losing the battle against pre-e and things happened so fast. All my labs came back good, so did my urine dip and Liam "is very active", so I was released (oh and my pressures dropped from the 150's/100's to the 100's/50's).

So that's the story lately, not really feeling so great, exhibiting a lot of the same symptoms I did last time, been to L&D twice this week and hoping that I will know when I need to call again and it won't be too late. I see my OB on Tuesday and that is my next goal, to make it until then. The plan then is that I will be seen twice a week and we will catch anything that is brewing.

Pregnancy: 31+6

Weight Gain: 17 pounds

Sleep: Good

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: Having been feeling very good at all, lots of headaches, epigastric pain, vomiting, indigestion and an overall feeling of not good

Cravings: Nothing really

Health: Hmmmm

Movement: Still crazy

Belly: Still big

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, slow iron for anemia, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: Tuesday with OB Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lily 26 Months

Weight: 26.6 pounds
Height: 35 inches
Shoes: Size 7
Clothes: 18-24 months

Yesterday when Lily and I were making our way upstairs for night-night she wanted to walk up the stairs and hold the railing at the same time like mommy and daddy do. So I got on the other side of her to hold her other hand for balance and said "okay, let's do it"...but she's not tall enough to reach the railing, which resulted in the saddest temper tantrum I have witnessed yet....

she started crying and yelling

"I want to be big! I want to be big!"

Tears welled up in my eyes...if I could package up her littleness each month and store it somewhere I surely would. I don't want her to get big! She was sooo unbelievably sad and I felt so bad for her. I didn't know what to say, but "someday you will be big enough to reach the rail" and gave her a big hug and kiss and then swept her up in to my arms and cradled my big girl like a baby again to take her up to bed. Whoever said the 2's were terrible, must have surely meant watching your baby become a big girl :(

This is what our big girl is loving these days...

still loves cuddling with daddy

watching daddy cut the grass outside

playing with her bugs

getting a ride in her baby's stroller of my favorites...her tiny toes

watercolors are her new love


These are some pics from Sunset Zoofari 2 weeks ago

Her signature look - upside down sunglasses

Riding the carosuel

My two favorites!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liam 29 Weeks

I think I have been avoiding posting this week's updates, but tomorrow I will be 30 weeks and I don't want to miss a week....

At my appointment on July 5th they found protein in my urine, so they ordered another 24-hour urine catch (as of my last post, I was still waiting for those results). It came back high at 248 (it’s supposed to be between 0-148), it has been steadily rising each 24-hour urine that I do, and has been high the last two. Not good. They are going to wait until it hits 300 to consider it pre-e, and since it is a “soft-marker” of pre-e, other symptoms need to also be occurring.

I think I posted that I was starting to become anemic and my Hemoglobin has dived from 13 to 10.8 (it’s supposed to be between 12-16) in the last 2 months, so they have put me on slow iron. Yesterday I had a 3 pound weight gain overnight, also not a good sign that I might be starting to swell (and the 90 degree weather isn't helping).

And my positive attitude that has gotten me this far is slowly being beaten down, because there is just no denying that I feel absolutely awful the last couple of days (but that could be because I am tired from my Hemoglobin being low?).

On to the positive updates....I painted Liam's room last Satruday, all by myself 7 months pregnant (I was pretty proud of myself). His furniture is already in his room, and we have his bedding, we are just waiting to move Lily out of her crib and into a twin bed, so we can use her mattress. I have started to pack my hopsital bags and bought some new Lilypadz and new nursing pj's for the hospital. That is a lot of progress...oh, and I finally finished Lily's birthday thank you's today (doesn't really have anything to do with getting ready for Liam, but it's another thing off my list).

Pregnancy: 29 + 6

Weight Gain: 18 pounds

Sleep: Okay
Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: Not feeling so great lately, tired and scared about pre-eclampsia

Cravings: Could totally go for some Jamba Juice, but the closest one is in Gurnee, IL

Health: The protein in my urine is not so great, my pressures have been okay, but have been creeping up to the 130's/80's, I don't think I'm swollen, but I did gain 3 pounds overnight

Movement: Still crazy

Belly: Well, it's not going to get smaller at this point people
Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: This Thursday (7/22), I see my Hematologist and OB Best Blogger Tips

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July

shopping trip to Old Navy July 3rd
(yes we had to buy the hat and purse)
Chillin' at Marcie & Joe's party
Enjoying the festival in New Berlin

I love this pic, they had so much fun on that ride

time for bed

my attempt at being creative -
red cups, pipe cleaners, marker = candy buckets

hydrating, it was like 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity
Umm, and do you love that Chris' idea of red, white & blue is and RC Cola shirt

Billie and Mason

all business when it comes to candy

Lily gets her first piece

Nana with the kiddos

America's Sweetheart

I took this one for Chris

Miss America!

Too tired for fireworks - maybe next year
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liam 28 Weeks....Still posting from home!!!

I am still here, at home........

Sunday marked 28 weeks for this pregnancy and I woke up feeling chest pains, no racing heart, no vomiting, totally concious!! WooHoo! (at 28 weeks with Lily, I was admitted to the hospital through the ER and didn't leave until she was born). Sunday morning I slept until 7:00 a.m. and then made a dessert for a party we were going to at my cousin's house that day....

doesn't this look so much better

than this

I think so too

So we have made it to a very big milestone. All day I felt blessed to still be at home, sleeping in my own bed and getting to still be with Lily. And everyday from here on out is going to be a blessing.

On to the updates:

I had my 28 week appointment on Monday, July 5th....the good news (besides making it to 28 weeks without being admitted), I passed my 1 hour glucose test and don't have getational diabetes.

Liam is looking good, measuring in the 45th percentile for height and weight (same as Lily was at 28 weeks) and is weighing approximately 2 pounds 11 ounces (they estimated Lily weighed 2 pounds 12 ounces at 28 weeks)...I wouldn't mind if he was bigger, just in case he does come early, and I have been eating lots of doughnuts hoping to bulk him up but, apparently, that's just bulking me up ::smile:: But, guess what's measuring big? Yep, his head - two weeks ahead big! {total shocker, I know} I told the ultrasound tech that Lily had a big head and she asked if I was able to deliver her vaginally - ha! Looks like it could be another c-section for me. And he is also breech, but they tell me he still has time to turn, which I believe because he is a gymnast.

Not so good news...they found protein in my urine -boo! First signs of pre-eclampsia, so they had me do another 24 hour urine catch and Chris dropped that off Wednesday morning (what a guy) and I haven't heard one way or another, but have been stalking my chart online hourly. So they want to see me again in 2 weeks (pray that I get to leave that appointment and come home). I am seeing Dr. J that day, my fav! He is the wonderful man who delivered Lily! I am also getting more anemic, not sure what were going to do about that.

Dr. J

Somehow all weekend I ran into women who had pre-eclmapsia....more than once. My stylist on Saturday had it with all three of her children and they all came early and so did my ulrtrasound tech. I am not sure why I ran into these stories, but it made me more grateful for the time I still have outside of the four hospital walls with Chris and Lily. Even more twilight zone: the ultrasound tech did my first ultrasound in labor & delivery at 28 weeks after I was admitted, she remembered us and said she felt bad that I had pre-e so early and was on mag for so long, naturally I don't remember her because of the mag.

I don't know if it was the protein they found in my urine, the fact that I had hit 28 weeks or that women I didn't know kept sharing their pre-eclampsia stories with me....but boy, did someone light a match under our butts! Chris and I came home and had more motivation to get things done than ever. I took apart the carseat and washed everything I could (so it's ready), organized Liam's closet, washed the clothes that my sister gave me for him  (Mason's stuff), while Chris was moving Lily's dressers up to her new room and moved Liam's furniture into his new room (it's been sitting in our living room for quite sometime). And yesterday his bedding came so we can pick out a color and paint.

Pregnancy: 28 + 4

Weight Gain: 15 pounds (at 28 weeks with Lily I was up 32 pounds)

Sleep: Not so great

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: Still having horrible indigestion

Cravings: Mashed Potatoes

Health: The protein in my urine is not so great, my pressures have been okay, but have been creeping up to the 130's/70's, no swelling yet (I don't think, please tell me if I look like a blowfish)

Movement: Still crazy

Belly: Well, it's not going to get smaller at this point people

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: July 22nd I will see my hematologist and OB that day

And lastly I will leave you with our newest picture of our Little Man
Liam 28 weeks and still growing strong!

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Friday, July 2, 2010


The last couple of days I have felt overwhelmed....I am sure just because of the approaching 28 week mark that I have known has been coming, but have been trying not to think about.

When I first found out we were expecting, way back in plans were to have everything done at 28 weeks - just in case....well, it's 28 weeks and my hopsital bag is not packed, Liam's room is not done and I am not spending the weekend doing those things (maybe I am a little confident...or, at least trying to pretend to be).

Instead my plans for this weekend include a spa day tommorow with a hair cut and pedicure (when I was in the hospital with Lily, we had just gotten back from our "Baby Moon" trip to Florida and I had a pedicure right before, as miserable as I felt in the hosptial, all the nurses commented on my toe nails and my beautiful brown belly (I didn't have the stretchmarks last time), which made me smile). So, I plan to keep my toes looking good, just in case. It is amazing the things you hang on to that make you still feel human when you are in the hospital, for me, looking at my pretty toe nails everyday made me smile a little.

The rest of the weekend I plan on loving on my girl inbetween parties on Saturday and Sunday and the Fourth of July parade and celebration!

Then it's my appointment on Monday where we get to see Liam again! Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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