Monday, September 27, 2010

Falling Hard

I know your all dying to see pictures of our little man...and I do not want to disappoint you! I will do a post about his birth soon, I the meantime I hope this satisfies you, as I know it will! We are all falling hard for this little guy, maybe you can see why?

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Liam Daniel Has Arrived

Mommy and Daddy and proud Big Sister Lily announce the arrival of...

Liam Daniel
September 21, 2010
12:33 p.m.
7 pounds 3 ounces
21 inches

I will post more details and pictures about Liam's entrance into this world, which was absolutely amazing, when we get home and get settled...until then all you need to know is that he is healthy and handsome and we are all doing fabulous!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

39 Weeks - The Last One!

39 Weeks 1 Day

My last weekly check-in of this pregnancy. I am excited and a little sad all at the same time. We can't wait to meet Liam and are thrilled that I have avoided another blood clot, pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, hospital bedrest and the NICU (fingers crossed), but it is bittersweet when your pregnancy comes to an end.

These will be the last days I will have Liam all to myself, these will be the last days that he is always with me and I am never alone, and these will be the last days that I will feel my belly move when he pushes with his feet and his hands, and he is crazy in there...and the last days I will feel him have hiccups inside of me. These are the last days that I will know him alone. But I am very grateful that I have had more days being pregnant this time around.

Being pregnant is fabulous, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it is the reason that, when you become pregnant, every woman that has ever been pregnant tells you everything about her pregnancy/ies, because she loved it and it was all hers. Even though at the time she may have hated it.

So, what do you do the day before you know you will have your baby?...get an amazing pedicure, the massage alone was worth the $50.00. I did pick a really dark fall color that I am scared Liam may think is a little "goth" for his mom. Then you go out to dinner one last time to a restaurant you've been craving. Get home, pack a little more and clean the house. Realize you missed a call from the anesthesiologist who wants to go over things about tomorrow - oops! And lastly you go into your "baby's" room and pick her up one last time before you can't anymore because of your c-section - you cry :(

Lily went to bed at 7:30 p.m. and Daddy followed pretty soon after (he worked 3rd shift last night and hasn't slept yet). So, I am alone with Boots and Beans and nothing on the DVR - trying not to worry/think about tomorrow, but I know as soon as my head hits the pillow a million thoughts are going to be racing through my mind about tomorrow. I just hope everything goes "as planned" this time.

Final dinner as a family of 3!

Last time Lily rides in the single stroller :(
Pregnancy: 39 Weeks

Weight Gain: The grand total for this pregnancy is 15 pounds, I've been losing weight this week. I gained 32 with Lily and by the time I left the hospital with Lily I had lost 17 pounds already (I hope that's the case again).

Sleep: Getting better, I think my body is realizing it's not going to sleep anymore for months

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: Excited and a little nervous about another c-section

Cravings: I can't wait to drink coffee again (it started making me vomit about 2 months ago) and eat anything spicy (my indigestion has been horrible)

Health: Well, I made it to 39 weeks, so it must not be that bad

Movement: Still moving around...Chris has seen my belly just randomly move out of nowhere

Belly: The grand total is 15 additional inches around my waist!

Current Medications: I took my last Lovenox shot Saturday night until the big day and then will start those up again after Liam is born, to prevent a blood clot after delivery. In total I have given myself 240 shots during this pregnancy so far.

Next Appointments: Tomorrow we meet Liam! Best Blogger Tips

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Last Appointment Before Liam's Birthday

Today I had my last appointment.

I was so totally mentally prepared to be admitted (as I am every appointment).

They let me go.


As much as I'd like to be mad at my body for not being good at being pregnant, I have to respect it for giving me Lily a little early, and for soon giving me Liam right on carried me through this...and will have given me two beautiful babies.

In honor of this momentous appointment, we cleaned off and packed up the tv table that we set up next to my dented spot on the couch (we so need a new couch after this). I put away my medical records and have moved to the pub chair in the corner with an ottoman and a great view of our street (don't worry I brought my blood pressure cuff with me). It makes me feel alive again!

So we are celebrating...4 more days until we meet our son and become a family of 4!

I am excited and am planning on spending this weekend relaxing and soaking up Lily, here's a little video of her singing "I Know a Chicken" by Laurie Berkner, she's so cute..

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How I Rocked a Full-Term Pregnancy

Well, some have asked what was different this time and so this is the post where I will talk about that...I wasn't sure what to call this post...thoughts that went through my head were:

How I Avoided Pre-eclampsia - but not sure I really did, so that wasn't appropriate

How I Got a Fullterm Pregnancy - I don't feel like I did anything to get this fullterm pregnancy

What I Did Different This Time - umm...boring

So, I went with a quote from one of my nurses, who, at 36 weeks, told me I was rocking this pregnancy. I really didn't believe her at the time and thought it was a weird comment, but, if you think about what happened last time and how different this time is. I am rocking this a high-risk-I've-been-on-bedrest-for-7-weeks kind of way. Not exactly "rocking" a pregnancy, but in respect to my last one...I'm totally rocking this one.

So...what was different...

First of all, deciding to have another baby was kind of easy, but really hard. We knew we wanted more kids, but after what happened with Lily, we couldn't really just be a couple that "decides" we want more kids. Instead we met with a perinatologist to even see if it was an option, on the advice of Dr. J. the appointment was set for last November and while we were in Disney on vacation in October, I knew the appointment was coming and completely thought she was going to advise against us having any more children, but the whole vacation I was trying not to think about it and enjoy our time with Lily. We met with Dr. Assel and this is what she said.

That was December 20th cycle, we conceived Liam. I'm really good at getting pregnant, it's the staying pregnant thing I kind of suck at ::sigh::

We (my OB's, perinatologist, hematologist, Chris and I) had big plans right from the beginning on how things would be different this time. Part of the reason we all were so confident is that we had determined I had Factor II and MTHFR and I would be on Lovenox shots this time, something we didn't know last time, which would mean no blood clots and hopefully also give a better blood flow to the placenta and baby. Also, the plan was to try and buy time with bedrest if it came to that, and we all know it did and it has worked.

Things that were different this time:
  • First and foremost, I listened to my body and my gut and trusted myself when I thought something was wrong - I also did this last time, but let people talk me out of thinking something was wrong with me
  • I prayed God and to my angels - my dad, Chris' mom, my grandpa and my Aunt Mary...I trusted that they would watch over us
  • I am a stronger person today than I was in 2008 because of what happened last time
  • I had a great team of Doctors watching over me
  • I took my blood pressure every 3 hours during the day and recorded it, along with any other pre-e symptoms I was having that day
  • I put myself and my baby in front of all other things
  • I called my Doctors a lot more about everything, last time I was scared they would think I was complaining, this time I realized they are paid to figure out what is going on
  • I went into Labor & Delivery 4 times when I thought something was wrong (something I never would have done last time)
  • I took extra folic acid and calcium
  • I saw my Doctors A LOT
  • I gave myself a shot everyday and never complained :)
  • I took it easy, something I didn't do last time, I was working out right up to the day before I was in ER, which actually hurt me more than it helped
  • I didn't care about my weight gain this time, last time it became kind of an obsession of my Doctor (at the time), about how much I was putting on (and I packed on 32 pounds last time in 28 weeks and have yet to come close to that this time)
  • I didn't watch what I ate, last time I tried to eat really good, this time I ate what I wanted
  • I tried not to complain about all things pregnancy-related...vomiting, peeing your pants while your vomiting, swelling, being constipated, then having diarrhea, headaches (I did complain about this a lot though), the shots, the stretchmarks, being huge, nothing fitting, and lots of other crazy things!...I tried to take it all in stride and really enjoy my pregnancy this time because of how short it was last time...and we all know that as much as it is uncomfortable and crazy, the things that happen to your end up missing being pregnant and forgetting about all the crazy stuff!
Now, don't get me wrong, this pregnancy has not been easy...I started bleeding at about 6 weeks and had several episodes of bleeding, all of which ended in tears thinking I was losing this baby. Anyone that is pregnant can tell you that blood is the last thing you want to see. I was put on bedrest at about 14 weeks because of a lot of bleeding. I never expected to have to worry about anything other than pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, but we got thrown another curve ball, which I think we tried to take in stride.

The other biggest thing I had to deal with this pregnancy was being afraid. Before we even decided to get pregnant, I thought and thought about having another baby and being scared, and knew I didn't want to go through another pregnancy in fear. And, in the beginning I wasn't really afraid of getting sick again. I really didn't think I would. We all had this great plan and I thought for sure it was going to work. Then, when I actually started feeling some of my same symptoms (about 31 weeks), I was terrified. Mostly scared of not being able to catch something in time and leaving Lily without a mother or losing Liam. This is probably a hard thing to understand for anyone who didn't go through what we did with Lily. But I was very close to dying last time and we were very close to losing Lily. So, naturally when I started to feel sick I was scared that I wouldn't get the second chance I had last time. But, that is why everyone was watching me so closely this time and no one was going to let that happen.

I do believe that I was headed towards pre-eclampsia again. At 31 weeks I started to have all the symptoms that I had with Lily, it's just that I never seemed to have the "perfect storm" all at the same time. I had daily spikes in my blood pressure, but luckily it was able to be brought down by resting, I have had the headaches, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting and protein in my urine (never enough). For me, bedrest was able to bring my pressures back down and they started to run labs on me more frequently so we could catch anything that was brewing.

I truly believe that had I not been put on bedrest and would have kept pushing with my daily life, I would have been in a similar situation as I was last time with Lily. Bedrest has been hard, but we have been through much harder times with Lily. Nothing will beat bringing Liam home with us when we leave the hospital and that is something I think of each day. Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liam 37-38 Weeks

37 weeks 6 days
Mason's Birthday Party

Lily kissing mommy's tummy

Holy Moly! I am having a baby in 6 days!

Sorry that I missed last week's update. Lily was sick with a fever of 104 so she wasn't sleeping thru the night, which means I wasn't either and was getting really bad headaches again and higher blood pressures. We took her to the pedi and they checked her ears, but she didn't have an ear infection and she was swabbed for strep throat and that came back okay too. Not really sure what was going on, maybe her 2 year molars? But now she has had a cold and I am hoping she gets better before Liam arrives in 6 days!!!!

I was released by Dr. J to attend Mason's 3rd birthday party last Saturday (pics coming soon), it was really nice to get out and see family and friends and enjoy Mason's birthday party. However by the end of the party my blood pressure was really high and Sunday I was very sick. Basically if I do anything my blood pressure spikes, so I just have to ride out these last 6 days - but I am itching to get out!

Tuesday's NST went great. But my blood pressure was still elevated and I gained 5 pounds in 4 days (swelling), so they drew more labs just to make sure nothing is going on. I just got the call this morning that they looked good. So, now I just have Friday's appointment with Dr. H (Dr. J is on vacation until the 20th - which means nothing can go wrong until then), and ultrasound and NST, as long as everything looks good, I don't go back until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and check-in to Labor & Delivery for my c-section, which by the way, I can't wear makeup for ::sigh:: it would be nice to look good for one of my child's births :) (I know I'm shallow). my section is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. (unless we get bumped), before then I will be meeting with Dr. J and the anesthesiologist to figure out what they are going to do (I am praying I don't have to go under general again), they will decide what is safest because of the seizure I had last time from the epidural. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous, I guess it is to be expected because of how things went last time, and I am trying to not get my hopes up because I don't want to be disappointed by the decision they make.

Dr. J also gave me permission to go out to dinner with Chris and Lily on Monday night (Sept 20th) and get a pedicure (he said it was okay because he would be back in town in case I blow!). I am really excited to spend one last night as a family of three, not on my couch watching cartoons.

We will keep everyone updated via the blog, facebook and emails of Liam's arrival, I am really hoping to have visitors this time around, as that really wasn't an option with Lily, but we will make sure everything goes smooth first.

Special thank you to my BFF Katie for making me the best cupcakes ever and chicken noodle soup - so nice!

Pregnancy: 38+3 Weeks - I almost don't believe it

Weight Gain: 22 pounds, I lost 8 pounds last week and then put on another 5 in the last 4 days - huh?

Sleep: Don't ask this week, Lily is teething and now has a cold, so basically, none

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: I had a rough week because of the lack of sleep, which in turn made me very sick, vomiting and headaches, but I got it together for Mason's 3rd birthday party! And then appropriately crashed again on Sunday. Chris had to pull over this morning on our way taking Lily to Miss Cindy's so I could vomit on the side of the road - not fun! I can't wait to stop throwing up and having indigestion.

Cravings: Basically if it's made at a restaurant that I can't go to - I want it

Health: okay

Movement: He's slowed down a bit the last couple of weeks

Belly: Still big

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, slow iron for anemia, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR and I am taking Tylenol for headaches

Next Appointments:
Only 1 appointment left until the big day!
Friday - Ultrasound, NST & see OB Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lily's Big Girl Room

It's been done and I keep promising pictures...I was just waiting until the curtains were up and since they are, it is pretty much done...ready for the before and after shots?

All of this wood is why it took like 100 coats of primer and paint!

This was our "catch-all" room - treadmill, all my ceramics, etc.

 Window seat, cushion and bins from

 Built-in Beds (came with the house)
New Bedding from PBK
New light fixtures from Lowe's

 Lily sleeps on the right side

 All her furniture from her nursery

 Her kitchen from PBK - my husband is so proud that he found the washer & dryer on eBay-
I felt that we didn't have room for it

 I should have taken a better picture of this organizer on the bottom
it's from IKEA and is awesome
The bins are like drawers and you can get them in a wide range of colors, as well as the wood. In the drawers I have shoes, sunglasses, swim stuff, hats, etc.

 All her bows and her potty chart (with one star)

The latest picture - January 2012
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm fullterm!!!

Way back in January when I took a pregnancy test in the bathroom at Macy's, I remember feeling so hopeful that this pregnancy would be different and I would have a fullterm baby...well, somewhere along the way...maybe when I started having high blood pressures or when I approached 31 weeks or when I was put on bedrest...that hopefulness sort of disappeared and I prepared myself for having another preemie, another traumatic birth experience and another NICU stay. But with today's huge milestone for a high-risk pregnancy I hope I have given another high-risk mama the hope that she can have a fullterm baby too!!!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Liam 36 Weeks - Life is good!

36 Weeks

During Tuesday's appointment my blood pressure was elevated at 130/82 and I had +1 protein in my urine, so they drew more labs...naturally I was stalking my chart for the next 24 hours waiting for the results (I can view them online - that can be good and bad)...for some reason, I feel like if I see it first and it is bad, I will have more time to mentally prepare for the phone call where they say "it's time to head to labor & delivery"...luckily my labs were all great.

We have a date! We've scheduled a c-section for Tuesday, September 21st! As long as I can make it, we will have a "normal" birth experience. It won't be an emergency, Chris will be in the room and hopefully I will not be put completely under (that will be the anesthesiologists call). I can hardly believe it and I am so excited! Oh, and did I mention...Liam will not be in the NICU! I keep asking Billie about what happens during a "normal" c-section, I don't go to ICU, I go to Labor & Delivery and can start breastfeeding right away, I will get to see him right away and hopefully I won't be in as much pain as I was last time...did I mention I am super excited!!

Friday's appointment was also excellent. I always go in thinking I will be admitted and won't be going home (I can't help it). But that wasn't the case at all. Liam scored a 10/10 on his NST and BPP. He is measuring just about average at 6 pounds 1 ounce. He is head down and engaged. I am not dilated, but am 40% effaced. Dr. J. said I am probably feeling a lot of pressure, which I am. My blood pressure was good and we were let go and I even asked Dr. J. if I could get a "pass" (for good behavior) for Mason's birthday party on Saturday....he said "as long as Billie is there, I know she will watch over you, just make sure you are not in the heat too long if it's hot out and you sit"....YAY!!!

I think I am going to ask for a pass the day before my c-section to go out to dinner maybe or get a pedicure, I might be pushing my luck, we'll see how I'm feeling I guess, but really the day before they already have my scheduled, what could go wrong?

To say I am getting stir-crazy, might be an understatement...I think since the headaches have been tolerable the last week or so, it's getting harder to lay around. It's been just about 5 weeks of bedrest and while I know that is not much time in the "big-picture", I fantasize about restaurants I want to eat at, shopping (oh, how I would love to shop!) and our first outing together as a family, which may just be the day after I am discharged from the hospital...sleepless night or not - I need to get out!!! And it is so nice that the weather has gone from like 100 degrees to a bit chilly at 65-70, it makes me think of fall and pumpkins and apple cider and trick-or-treat and caramel apples and all kinds of fun, and I will be able to have it!

I need to say a special "thank you" to my co-workers at Greendale School District and Greendale Park & Recreation for "sprinkling" us with lots of must-haves for Liam (I think they may have cleaned out my registry), and a gift certificate to Azana Spa (may fave place for a pedi), and to Lisa and Billie, Steve and Mason for also "sprinkling" us with clothes for this little guy, he will not be naked or wearing Lily's hand-me-down's as I once feared :)
Pregnancy: 36+6

Weight Gain: 25 pounds, yes, I put on 10 pounds in a week - not good!

Sleep: Hit or miss

Gender: BOY

Name: Liam

Feeling: I am feeling better

Cravings: Basically if it's made at a restaurant that I can't go to - I want it
Health: Dare I say "good"

Movement: He's slowed down a bit the last couple of weeks

Belly: Still big

Current Medications: Still on 30 mg Lovenox shots once/day for Factor II, slow iron for anemia, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR and I am taking Tylenol for headaches

Next Appointments:
Tuesday - NST
Friday - Ultrasound, NST & see OB Best Blogger Tips

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lily 27-28 Months

Weight: 27 pounds
Height: 35 inches
Shoes: Size 7
Clothes: 18-24 months

Her newest love is lip gloss! And because I won't let her eat it...she just sits and applies it to her lips over and over again for hours - so cute!

She also was enjoying helping mommy lots (before I was "couch-ridden")

Helping mommy cut Lily's from the yard



Well...bedrest has been hard on our little lady (on all of us really). She is definitely bored with me not being able to play with her or move off the couch. There have been more temper tantrums in the last week. When I first went on bedrest she seemed to like me being home (until she realized I am useless!). We play "hide" with a blanket and we pretend the couch is a boat and throw things overboard, but that's about the extent of what I can do...pretty soon it will be over. Also, we have developed a lot of bad habits...eating on the couch, watching tv for hours (I know every Wonderpets and Backyardigans episode)...I just keep telling myself that I will look back on this and it will be such a short period of time in the grand scheme of things...I hope :)

this is us hiding


she entertains herself in all kinds of ways while I watch

so, the only time I can dress her up (and me too), is when we
all go to my Doctor I do

 She is still talking lots, can count to 20, loves to play hide-in-seek
(and counts to 20 and then says "ready or not, here I come"),
knows her colors, loves to color, paint, play with stickers, dolls,
have picnics (she says "join my picnic?")
misses playing with Mason

On September 1st she went back to "school"
(Miss Cindy's where she goes 1-2 times/week, during the school year)
I felt bad because I was just going to be sitting at home missing her,
but she was so excited to see her "friends" and Miss Cindy.
And I want to keep her on as much of a routine as I can before her
world is rocked by the arrival of Liam!

Here she is ready to go!!

When we went to pick her up,
she started crying and told me she didn't want to come with me
she wanted to sleep there!
I didn't think I was that boring...but I guess I am :(

 Yesterday she finally felt Liam was shocking to her...
she immediately lifted up my shirt and put her eye on my belly
button and said "Weeum I see you in there"
She also says "Mama, your tummy is BIG!"

Let me explain her love affair with all-things-stuffed...
we have a hoarder in the making, a hoarder of stuffed things.
Currently she sleeps with about 20 stuffed animals...
and, they all have names...
Here you can see Elmo, Big Bird, Mousey, Nemo, Floppy, Little Floppy
"French" Minnie, Bunny and Ballerina...but there are many more.
I can't break her heart and tell her that this is out of control (because it is),
becasue she loves them all so much and loves to cuddle them and they talk to
eachother each night for a good hour before she goes to sleep.
She had a frog that she named Mitzi...he was her BFF for about a month...
he's lost...if you see him there is a reward for his safe return.
In the meantime, I have really talked up Mousey, who, has a pocket on the front
of his overalls were she can put her far, it's working ;)
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