Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Liam 2 Months Old

My sister pointed out that he is holding up 2 fingers - so advanced!
Another outfit option

Weight: 10 pounds 3.5 ounces (25th percentile)
Height: 21.75 inches (25th percentile)
Head: 25th percentile
...he's pretty consistent

I started this post well before November 21st, but a terrible cold ripped through our house requiring a lot of holding, cuddling, back rubs, vapor rub, humidifiers, Kleenex, running noses and a momma who had to dig deep to take care of two little sick ones while also being sick...so the blog had to wait...

Things for Liam have been interesting this last month...

Liam started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches right around 5 weeks - yay! and then right around 6 weeks he started vomiting...a lot.

I had suspected he had reflux, but was trying to hold out on meds (no idea why). There was screaming and back-arching involved, so I was certain it was reflux and got a prescription. It worked for about 2 days and then he started vomiting even more.

But in the meantime I had developed thrush, and so he was also being treated for thrush with a topical that I applied on the inside of his mouth (even though, at that time, he wasn't showing any symptoms). When he started vomiting more, I looked at the side effects of the thrush medication and nausea, vomiting and diarrhea were listed. So, I decided to stop giving it to him, until we had his reflux under control.

I called the pedi again and asked if he could be put on Prilosec (what Lily is on) for reflux, so we got him that. In the meantime he developed what I thought was a diaper rash and I was using Triple Paste to treat it (Lily never had a diaper rash, so I didn't even know what one looked like). Again, the Prilosec worked for about 2 days and then he was vomiting even more.

The week before Thanksgiving was horrible and he was screaming a lot and started waking up in the night again. Then he started refusing to eat and projectile vomiting while he was nursing. People kept saying he was "just colicky", but I wasn't buying it.

Cuddle Bug

The Friday before Thanksgiving, I changed his diaper and there was blood in his urine. I called the pediatrician and they looked at his rash and confirmed that it was a yeast infection (poor guy must have been in a ton of pain), and prescribed a cream to use on it. Almost instantly that night Liam was smiling and talking tons and I felt so bad that he had been in so much pain and discomfort for so long. They also attached a bag to his private and we stayed at the office until he had a potty, because they thought he might have a UTI. When he peed he started screaming...poor thing. We got the results back the Monday before Thanksgiving and Liam does in fact have a UTI, and they can cause vomiting (and complete and total pain and discomfort). So, we have started him on antibiotics, which he will be done with this Thursday. This poor little guy has been through the ringer this month. Unfortunately the vomiting hasn't stopped, so we have an appointment next week with Dr. Rivera, who also sees Lily, and is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist.

Needless to say our house took a beating as well, let's just say it was....ummm....MESSY.

We've dug ourselves out of used tissues and finally put away all that laundry and I am happy to report that Liam is smiling tons and talking tons and has way more control of his head, though, admittedly I haven't been doing much tummy-time between all the screaming, puke and also trying to take care of Lily. He is now sleeping 9-10 hours a night (thank you Miracle Blanket), and his eyelashes are coming in dark, long and curl at the ends - so cute! And he has grown back almost all the hair he lost last month and it is dark and so are his little eyebrows. He is breastfeeding like a champ and we got through all our issues, I'm glad we stuck with it and made it over the hurdle. He is taking everything like a little trooper, and is still smiling and talking, even though I know he was very sick. Hopefully he is on the mend now! He has lots of personality for only being 2 months old...

I will leave you with a little smiley video of Liam!

Liam in the yellow monkey sleeper

Lily in the yellow monkey sleeper

This was Mason's sleeper, so there is also a picture of him in it too - cute!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Holidays are Here!

So, if you know me you know that I love the holidays...especially Christmas.

When I was younger I would use all my paper route money to buy presents and ornaments at Christmas time. When I was little most of my extended family went to see the Christmas Carol downtown at the Pabst theatre every year. We had a tradition of baking cookies at my Auntie Chris' house, which would be an all day event, now we do it at my sister's house. Through high school and college I worked retail and my favorite time of the year was when the Christmas rush started coming through, I even loved working Black Friday at 3:00 a.m. When Chris and I started dating we would go to see "It's a Wonderful Life" (one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time) every year at the Times Cinema on the big screen (I really just dragged Chris there). When I moved in with Chris I convinced him that we needed to throw an annual Christmas party for all of our friends (first I convinced him that yes, we absolutely had to have a tree!), that would later be called the Annual White Elephant Christmas party. After we had Lily we started another tradition of driving through Candy Cane Lane with hot chocolate from Speedway or Starbucks to sip on in the car, this year we are doing it in pj's. When my family couldn't find a Breakfast with Santa to take the kids to last year, they did their own. I crank up Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey and sing-a-long and even though I have heard the hee-haw, hee-haw a million times by December 25th, I still love it as much as the first time I heard it. And I go shopping every Black Friday and gear up like the woman in the new Target commercials, and have somehow convinced Chris to do it with me and we take the kids. I put up a pink Christmas tree in Lily's room. I'm pretty sure that I annoyed my sister with my Christmas obsession, but now that she has Mason, she embraces her psychotic sister. You could sort of say I am obsessed with Christmas, some people have called me "Suzy Snowflake".

Plain and simple, Christmas to me is MAGIC!

And now that I have children it's more magical than ever, I love to see everything through Lily's eyes and I can't wait to see it through Liam's eyes. I am excited about the new traditions we will make and hope that they will love Christmas and have fond memories of the holidays when they grow up, like I do.

My Christmas countdown begins November 1st. I am ready to crank Christmas carols loud in the car, sing to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, plan my Black Friday shopping trip, pick out wrapping paper, order our personalized ornament (this year's will include Liam!), put up the tree (but I wait until after Thanksgiving), start planning what appetizers I will make for my sister's Christmas Eve dinner, make hot cocoa, pick out Christmas pajamas for the kids and sit back and watch the holidays unfold...

So, to start off this year's events we went to Bayshore Town Center's Tree Lighting, which I happen to think is the best in the area, this is our 3rd year, you might remember last year's video of Lily and Mason in the train, so cute. This year Chris had to work, so it was just me and the kids and Nana.

 Christmas Cuties!!

The next day we went to Miller Park to pick-up the free Christmas Cookbook and see the reindeer, it was rainy and wet, but we still got our hot cocoa and a cookie and got a peek at a reindeer.

Trying to get a picture of Lily and the reindeer was a little hard...

And on Thursday we went to see Milwaukee "flip the switch" on downtown and turn all the lights on. And Lily was reunited with Santa, she has a little crush on him you know.

 She was dazed after seeing him

 Liam head his Christmas hat on too!

It was great, Lily loved the fireworks and so did we!

So, it's official I have gone Christmas Crazy!
Hope you have too!
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Lily Two-and-a-Half Years! Our Big Gill!

If you try and call her a baby she will tell you, "No, I a big gill!" and there ain't no denying that she certainly is a Big Gill these days...our Big Gill...

I can't believe she's two-and-a-half already! And each month when I write these posts I feel a little sad that she is getting bigger each day and isn't a our little baby anymore, but it's hard to be sad when each day she makes us laugh harder and harder, she is turning into quite a character!

She's hit huge milestones over the last month, the biggest one being...she goes on the big gill (girl) potty now! And with it has come some new independence, she wants to do everything "my own self", which is great.

Big Gill's try to get dressed on their own - she's getting there

Big Gill's still like to play with some of the baby stuff

She's 3 feet tall (without the hat) and is weighing 27.6 pounds and is completely in 2T now, with a size 8 shoe.

Check out these two crazies!

We have been weaning Lily off of reflux meds since October 1st and that is going well and all of a sudden she has been eating us out of house and home! The girl was seriously not interested in food, from about 20 months until now, and she is interested!! Not sure if it's a coincidence or what? Bananas, apples, corn, turkey, french toast, cherrios, goldfish, peanutbutter and jelly, macaroni and cheese - some of her favorites!

Sometimes when I am busy doing something, I catch her in Liam's room talking to him in his bassinet - so cute!

 Wuving on her Weeum

Foot wars...Liam lets Lily beat him, for now

meant to be a mommy, multitasking with Liam
nuk in one hand and lipgloss in the other
Imaginary play seems to be her newest love. She knows her colors and her numbers and her alphabet, and how to potty - so it's time to tackle drama! Her little people talk to eachother, her stuffed animals talk to eachother, she talks to her babies and her two hands talk to eachother...it's pretty cute, especially if she doesn't think you are listening...funny things she's said:

Chris was listening to her play with her little ponies and this was the conversation...

"Hi, what's your name?"

"Oh, my name is Shaney Delaney" (hilarious because that is what Chris calls me)

"Do you want a kiss?"

"No, I have blisters" (right after I had Liam I got 5 coldsores (hormones I guess) and couldn't kiss Lily, so I kept telling her to give me kisses on my cheek because I had blisters on my lips)

The other day I let her sit at our kitchen table for lunch, but since we don't have a booster seat for her yet, I used a phone book. While we were eating I said something about the booster seat and she said "Mama, this is not a booster seat, it is a booster book!" - I stand corrected :)

She makes us laugh more and more each day!!! Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, November 14, 2010


...that's the song we were singing the first week of this month...

On Monday, November 1st we decided to give potty training a shot. Chris had off for the week and I thought we could give it a try while he would be around so that I wouldn't have to rip a nursing baby from a boob to run Lily to the potty. And Lily had been showing some signs...staying dry during naps, ripping her diaper off during naps, etc, and since Billie just trained Mason, we thought - what the heck! We were either going to miserably fail or have success, call us crazy for doing this with a 6-week old - we were!

As usual we had no clue what we were doing (let's face it, we usually have no clue what were doing...we never had a kid before), but we did some homework (kind of), got a lot of tips from my sister and decided to use our instincts on the rest.

Billie and Steve had potty-trained Mason the week after his 3rd birthday party and had given us some suggestions...put her in her undies so she could feel an accident, keep asking her if she has to go potty, keep sitting her on the potty. And from things that I had read, I somewhat had a plan of action...but realized quickly I did not :) I knew that candy wasn't going to motivate her because she really doesn't like it very much and wasn't sure prizes were either, because she has so much already (in terms of stickers, crayons, markers, etc.)

Her princess potty has been in the bathroom since last December and I also bought a seat to go on our seat, because I wasn't sure what she would prefer. Two days before we started I bought the Once Upon a Potty DVD and we watched it (she already had the book and loves Prudence!).

Day 1 we told her that all the diapers were gone (sort of a lie, since we were still going to use pullups for naps and diapers for night time) and she was going to have to start going on the "Big Girl Potty" and we put her in undies that morning and left her pants off and turned up the heat so she wouldn't be cold, we pushed lots of milk and juice, so we would have lots of potty to practice with...

And then we waited and waited.

We put a towel under her on the couch and waited.

And waited.

And while she was coloring...accident. (no big deal, it was on the wood floor)

We quick ran her to her potty to try and finish the rest...silly me, I thought once she had an accident she might "get it", but a little while later another accident. And another accident. And soon we just sat and watched her on pins and needles waiting for a sign. We asked repeatedly, "Do you have to go potty?"...her answer was always "no".

My job seemed to be running midstream Lily to the potty, while Chris followed us with Clorox wipes, wiping up pee and getting us new undies.

We quickly (after 5 accidents), that we needed to keep her in the living room and close off Liam's room (already had an accident in there) and the upstairs (also had an accident there). We were learning on the fly :)

Day 1 - Facebook status update 1:15 p.m.:
We've had some success - 5 potty's on the potty (we got her on midstream), she's getting it, the last one she said "Oh, again". She likes the stickers and she got one present so far!

The hardest part was to get her to even sit on the potty and try, she did not want to sit on it. Sometime after her nap, I had the brilliant idea to put the potty in front of the tv with Nick Jr. on and just let her just sit on it until she had a potty, I thought once she did it on her own and received a present, she would be more motivated to do it again. And then success! Big celebration!!!!!!!

Anytime we got any potty in the potty, there was a celebration with a song - "Pee-Pee-in-the-Pa-Tee-Pee-Pee-in-the-Pa-Tee!", she put her potty down the toilet and got to flush and say "Bye-Bye Potty" (one of her favorite parts), and she got to wash her hands with purple foam soap to get the invisible germs off. We let her put stickers on her potty chart the first day anytime she would sit on the potty, if we got potty in the potty, she got a wrapped present that she picked from a group of them I had. The presents were the best motivation for her, especially these do-it-yourself ornaments I got from Target, she loved making these with me and hanging them on her pink Christmas tree. She started saying "I want another present" or "I want to make something", and then we would tell her "Okay, then you need to make a potty in the potty". By the end of Day 1, I think we were both feeling good about the progress.
 One of her presents - she loved these ornaments!

Putting them on her tree
(no, it's not up in her room yet, even though I do love Christmas!
It's in our cedar walk-in closet upstairs, so she was able to put her ornaments on it)

Day 1 Facebook status update 7:25 p.m.:
Going to call day 1 a success! Went better than I thought...7 star stickers on her chart, the last two potty's we caught everything in the potty, she was motivated to just sit on it and wait until she tinkled for a surprise wrapped gift...oh, and she loves her big gill undies :) No poops today though...

Day 2 we woke up feeling optimistic...and then an accident...the first one we were feeling okay about, then another...and we were pretty discouraged. It seemed like the momentum from the first day was over and we had started over. That's when we implemented "Operation Cheetos". She got a gift bag from Debbie for Halloween and it had candy and Cheetos in it. We started to bribe her to even sit on the potty with one Cheeto each time....success! We had turned a corner with"Operation Cheetos" and were back on the potty-train!

 more of her presents - STICKERS!!!

 Liam thought this potty training nonsense was crazy (it was)

 Another present

In between potty's Lily read the Baby Whisperer to try to get Liam sleeping
(FYI - he has been sleeping 6-7 hours/night for the last week!)

More ornaments

Day 2 Facebook status update 4:56 p.m.:
Potty report day 2: two accidents this morning, followed by two times running to the potty and making it! Still no poop and running out of wrapped prizes, will be running to Target tonight :)

Day 2 Facebook status update 8:07 p.m.:
Undies were dry today from noon until bedtime, everything went in the potty

Day 3 we decided to put the potty back in the bathroom (after all that was where it was going to have to go eventually), and then an accident in the morning...and another one, we felt defeated. I think this was the most frustrating day for us. And, it also was my mom's birthday, so we had plans to go out to Stonefire Pizza with my mom, Billie, Steve and Mason for dinner. I was a little worried about how she would do when we were out. For piece of mind, we put her undies on with a pullup over them, so if she did have an accident, she would feel that she had one. I brought 2 pairs of extra undies and pants, just in case....we were still waiting on a poop. After being at Stonefire for an hour, Lily was playing at the water table and said "Oh, I'm peeing!", we swept her into the bathroom and she sat on a big potty without a seat or anything, Nana sat behind her and held her up. A little while later, she started doing her poop walk and I thought I smelled something, so I asked her if she had to poop..."Oh, yeah!"...we ran to the bathroom and she had a little poop in her undies, but did the rest in the potty!!! Yay poop!! (these things become huge successes when you are in the midst of this). The crowd went wild (Chris, Billie, Steve and my mom - I'm sure everyone thought we were nuts). For her poop we gave her Toy Story 3 (we saw it in the theatre this summer and she really liked it).

Day 4 Facebook status update 9:09 a.m.:
Potty update: Lily had a #2 in the potty last night at Stonefire pizza and this morning told us she had to go and went = hope this means were on to something :)

Day 4 she was starting to tell us when she had to go!! Success!! We were accident free all day!

Day 4 Facebook status update 7:44 p.m.:
Potty Training Day 4: Accident free! Potty training may be the hardest part of parenting so far (totally exhausting)...we were ready to quit on Day 2, not sure if it's because we have a 6-week old or what, but glad we stuck with it.

 Lily's sticker chart

 I had too - we are so proud!

 She's all about her baby going potty now too

And baby flushes herself too

Day 5 we decided to venture out again, we went to the mall and told Lily she could pick out whatever she wanted from the Disney store, for having such a great day. She didn't end up choosing anything, but we did have another poop at the mall, which consisted of both her and I running to the bathroom to find the closest public restroom, and then waiting in line (poor Lily), but she held it and didn't have an accident!

Day 6 she had one accident and hasn't had one since (even at Miss Cindy's). It's been over a week now and she is doing great, always telling us when she has to go. She is mostly using her princess potty, but sometimes likes to go on the big one, and when we are out and about, I just hold her on the big toilets, and lately she has been holding herself up with her arms and says "Mama, I do it myself". We still have to help her pull up and down her undies and pants and we don't know when we will start the night potty training, I want to be getting sleep for a while, before I start not getting sleep with accidents. We discontinued the presents when we ran out and discontinued the Cheetos too. Overall a huge success. The hardest part was being housebound and just waiting. And I totally know why Carter's sells all of there clothing sets with two pairs of pants now :) Best Blogger Tips
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