Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lily 32 Months - NICU Graduate

Before I get into this post, let me explain this song...Lily loves it! She walks around the house singing "...saying A-O! like it's dynamite"...yeah, that's right this mom who thought she would only let her kids listen to nursery rhymes in the car from a kids cd...well, let's just say...the nursery rhyme cd's may have some dust on them...besides, it is hilairous to see Lily "Raise the Roof" in the backseat! {she can also "get low" and calls our cat "Boots with da fur" (his name is Boots)}So, in honor of her graduation I thought I should have her current favorite song playing Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Lily 2 days old

She's come a long way! Her final weight check at the NICU
Instead of my usual monthly post...I will let her NICU follow-up results tell the story...her final NICU follow-up clinic was on January 19th...she is 3 feet tall and 29 pounds and after playing {testing her to see what she can do} for about 2 hours...her results were:

> 42 months Cognitive
> 42 months Receptive Language
> 42 months Expressive Language
> 42 Months Fine Motor Skills
37-39 Months Gross Motor Skills

...did I mention she is only 32 months, oh, yeah I did...she is AMAZING!! Chris and I couldn't believe some of the stuff she could do, she surprises us everyday. And now that we have Liam, it is so apparent, just how completely behind she was a 10-month battle to even get her to rollover consistently (involving weekly therapy and lots of work from us)...and Liam...well...he just rolls, by himself, like no big deal. Never having a baby before Lily, I wasn't quite sure what she was even supposed to be doing and how behind she really was. So this NICU graduation and her results felt REALLY GOOD. She is a graduate and Jody even made her a diploma certificate {how cute}... being 9 weeks early was tough, but she has proven that she is a little fighter! And I'm pretty sure we all felt like raising the roof to this song on the car ride home :) She also got her last molar in this month (that wasn't on the test)

Jody (her OT in the NICU) and Judy (her primary nurse)

At Red Robin to celebrate!
Pink balloon for this NICU graduate!
and a stop at Barnes & Noble

Carrying her purchase - Big Girl!

Graduating from the NICU is exhausting

Lily is taking a Kooky Cooks class this winter - so far she loves it!

Celebrating and living her life!
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daddy's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Chris, the best husband and father...we hope it's a great day! To celebrate, Lily helped me bake a cake last night and made him a special card - she was sooooo proud :)

Chris hates having his picture taken, so I hardly have any...

helping make Daddy's cake

Every good baker must take a taste

Liam looks on in disbelief (as usual)

 She had to lick the beaters and when I took one out of the bowl with chocolate cake batter dripping off of it...she proclaimed "ohhh, that's a good one!"

Lily and her chocolate facial hair

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Billie!!

Happy Birthday to the best sister eva!

Billie & Miles
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

By the way, Liam thought that he should end 2010 by rolling from tummy-to-back today 4 times!! Best Blogger Tips
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