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Christmas Catch-All, Catch-Up

I just looked and I started this post on January 1st - ha! I don't even have time to read the blogs I love anymore let alone update my own I here is your warning - longest post eva!

Well, after my mini-meltdown on cookie day, I realized I couldn't do it all...but in true Shana form I was going to die trying...the result was that I was just too busy to blog about it, so this post will include our Christmas happenings at the Karczewski's...

After Christmas my house looked like this...

...there was a Christmas Bomb that went off and Hurricane Lily followed shortly after...

that, coupled with the fact that I went back to work on January 3rd is the reason this post is sooooo late.

Maybe we should start with Liam's first Thanksgiving celebrated at Billie & Steve's...this year we were very thankful for him!

We are thankful for Liam!

Turkey knocked them out

Liam too
And when we got home Christmas pajamas were on their beds!
And Lily's tree was up...she had to take a pic - but she may have taken one of herself?
She loves her tree

Country Christmas at Country Springs Waterpark, if you haven't been - you should go, the lights are amazing and magical and there is a small warming house with hot chocolate and a big train setup...the kids love it, maybe as much as I do :)

shortly after this picture was taken - Lily and Mason left and Liam tipped over



 Off to get our tree! This year Lily helped decorate and loved it!

she asked daddy "Please, I can sit on the back?" ~ how cute

What's better than decorating the tree? Having our girl help us :)

We had breakfast with Santa again this year at Auntie Chris'...there were three new additions since last year...Aubrey, Gabriella and Liam (Miles in utero ~ I'm sure he enjoyed the breakfast)

Aubrey, Liam & Gabriella

Lily & Gabriella

Mama & Gabriella

Lily loves Santa

the biggest sucker ever - I'm talking about the lollipop

For St. Nick's Chris brought Lily home a Christmas doughnut and a Hot Cocoa from Starbucks, because she is the "Official Hot Cocoa Taster" (and me a iced vanilla latte, it didn't fit right in my stocking, so I just drank it). St. Nick stocking opening was delayed a bit because Chris was involved in a high-speed chase after he witnessed a hit-and-run accident that morning on his way home from work, and in true cop form, he took off after the assailant - he was bummed that he didn't catch him. Lily patiently waited...and waited.

Lily patiently waiting with her hands on her hips

St. Nick's breakfast, Lily just ate the jimmy's

her haul

Happy First St. Nick's Liam!

Lily shows Liam his gifts
she got some Gel Gems ~ she loves them

About an hour later they were in a pile of mush on the bench under this window

A December breakfast - gingerbread pancakes and egg nog!

she loved it

Jingle Bus tour downtown...

Before Christmas, we had some things to take care of....

like welcoming Our Floridians...and by Our Floridians, I mean my Uncle Mike and cousin Sasha

waiting atiently at the airport

Ashlyn & Lily holding the welcome sign

everyone with the sign

there's Sasha!

The night before Christmas eve I was knee-deep in appetizers (I make the appetizers, Billie and Steve make the meal ~ we make out on that deal)...shrimp, deviled eggs, cheese spread, veggies & dip, artichoke dip...but decided "Hey, let's make Christmas cupcakes!" (because we clearly had nothing else to get done)...and then Lily proclaimed "Oh...yeah...they are Rudolph's favorite!" we did and it was fun!

she's a natural baker

Liam watched


...and after everyone was tucked in their beds with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads and I had semi-cleaned the kitchen, I started to get everything ready for the next bag packed, pump ready, presents wrapped with bows straightened and tags made, it was past 1:30 a.m....and then I set out their clothes for Christmas Eve...

...and had to pinch myself...I have a little girl and a little was going to be a wonderful Christmas, a wonderful first Christmas for Liam!

The next morning before heading off to Billie and Steve's for Christmas Eve, we took care of some final touches before Santa came...

We sprinkled Grinch he couldn't get her presents

and set out our cookies - and Rudolph's cupcake, which Lily reminded me of
trying to get a pic of the kids with the tree
hold it..hold it

...and he's down...cue daddy swooping in
 Christmas Eve at Billie & Steve's

Nana and her grandchildren

the cousins

our family - Liam's first Christmas

what a cutie!

Mama and Liam

Auntie Billie and Liam

 It was great the kids opened 4 o'clock gifts...
Opening 4 o'clock gifts!

Parker getting his 4 o'clock gifts
 We smiled and laughed...

 Some of us took naps...
 Nana D read stories...

Lily gave out kisses...

Parker was loving this!
 The band played....

Mason on drums, Lily on maracas and Parker on guitar

Billie let me take a belly pic...

 And we opened presents!!!

Lily received lots of baby stuff (hmmm...I wonder why) sister called it Lily's baby shower

some of us slept thru our gift opening

modeling a cute hat from Jen, Craig & Parker

Liam playing Mason's piano

Waking up Christmas morning...we had Monkey Bread (which by the way is delicious and has become a new tradition!) and opened presents from Santa, among the favorites, Santa brought Lily a Bitty Baby (that she affectionately named Bitty Baby Lily) and the much anticipated Pillow Pet (she wanted this as bad as Ralphie wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun ~ seriously)...she sleeps with them both every night since Christmas...Liam received the his first pair of Chuck Taylor's (which he will need in every size)

Christmas morning stretch

Lily opening her presents

Bitty Baby Lily
Liam's first police car

Liam in his first pair of Chuck T's
Bitty Baby and her Pillow Pet

After we opened presents we headed over to Chris' Aunt Donna's for lunch, where Lily and Liam were spoiled rotten again...
Lily opening more presents!

Al & Diane

We ended the night with a nice bath...even Boots joined in...

The perfect end to Liam's first Christmas!

The following week we had our final Christmas with my cousins and all the new babies!

Tiff holding Liam

Jonny holding Liam

Nana's and babies

Lily, Ashlyn and Mason 2010
Lily, Ashly & Liam 2009

Happy new family - Corrie, Jonathan and Gabriella
Mama's and their babies

Ashlyn & Lily falling

Smiley Ashlyn

opening presents

Gabriella models her new hat

Lily's cute vest

all the kids

from left: Gabriella, Aubrey, Ashlyn, Lily, Mason & Liam
So there you have it....our Christmas, in a nutshell, I have some great videos, but they will have to to wait. During the holidays it seemed like we were rushing around a lot (but, I guess everyone does around the holidays), but looking back on the pictures, it was great, I tried to do a lot of things with the kids because I was off and wanted to take advantage of that. We rushed around to spend time with family and make memories with our new little family that we've created...and I will always love Christmas!

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