Monday, March 21, 2011

Lily 33-34 Months

Acting silly at the Dermatologist
Weight: 28 pounds
Height: 3 feet
She size: 8
Clothes: 2T

Can you believe in less than 2 months Lily will be 3! The 2's went too fast!

Lily is loving being a Big Sister and now that Liam is doing more, she enjoys helping us take care of him...

playing with her brother

getting some boogies out

cuddling on Liam
playing at Kid's Zone for daddy's birthday
silly heads!
She takes very good care of Bitty Baby Lily, she even gets to use Liam's stuff...


And apparently this Tuesday Lily will be having another baby that she has in her tummy, it's another girl :)

We toured some Preschools and Lily is all signed up and ready to go for's bittersweet, preschool seemed so far off when she was born, and just like that it's here. Lily and Mason will be going to the same school in the same class.

painting a picture at preschool open house
My latest tactic to wash her hair...goggles, visor and cotton in her ears, she hates having water in her ears or on her face...probably due to the fact that she had a zillion ear infections.

silly kids

getting ready for the superbowl with Grandpa

The 2011 got into the house

Lily's just over 3 feet, so you can see we had a lot of snow in our front yard
Since we potty-trained Lily (and that's still in progress, we still have some accidents once in a while), she has really become independent and she "can do it myself mama"...unzipping her coat, taking off her boats, washing her hands, putting her own lipstick on and making up her own really funny stories.
putting on her whipstick

she loves her whipstick, that comes from Great Grandma Rainbow

Lily & Auntie Robin

at Finnegan's First Birthday

Watching Disney on Ice

she makes the funniest faces

she's their best patient

another checkup and another good report

sometimes Lily has to play with the baby toys

making veggie pizza at Kooky Cooks

Thank you Auntie Lisa for our present!

She loves helping me in the kitchen whenever I am making something...
making cupcakes for baby Miles

Bitty Baby Lily

Our little Domestic Goddess

This is one of my favorite pictures - it speaks volumes :)

Kisses for daddy (please disregard the mustache)

I find little setups like this around the house now - snake eating potato chip

Nana and Lily at the zoo

We need to talk about these frog boots...she wanted them so bad...she stomped around in them (with the tags still attached) at Target, they were connected with elastic and she could hardly walk, but stomped and said ribbit, ribbit, I bought she wants to wear them with everything :) I tried to tell her the other day they didn't go with her outfit when she wanted to wear them to a party, she wasn't going to give up, so I gave in...who am I to tell her they don't match...your only 2 once! That's our girl!

She's so cute!
She sure loves her whipstick!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Liam 5 Months!

Weight: 15 pounds {that is what he weighed on February 21st the next day it was 13.7?}
Height: 25.5 inches
Head: normal size :)
Size Clothes: 3-6 mos

Liam you are such a smiley little guy and you are laughing more and more everyday...your big sister is able to make you laugh and smile the most. Your daddy calls you Dude all the time and I like to call you Mister, Mister, Lily still calls you Weeum. Besides rolling from tummy-to-back and back-to-tummy and talking non-stop you are also sitting with support really good (and I know that I will be able to say on your 6 month birthday that you are already sitting by yourself). You are also able to stand if you are holding onto something. You put everything in your mouth lately, which leads us to believe that you might be teething, we'll have to wait and see! You absolutely love looking at faces and watching people talk and like it when we sing to you, Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle, you love to be sung to.

I had wanted to hold out on trying solids with you until you were 6 months, but you had other plans, it was starting to become impossible for us to eat around you, you were grabbing for our forks and giving our food the "Care Bear Stare", so on February 4th we started you on Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal - and oh do you love it! I don't know if it's the rice cereal that is making your tummy so happy, the probiotics mommy is taking, or that your reflux meds are finally figured out, but you don't seem to be in much pain anymore, which makes us very happy. Mommy is still nursing you and pumping at work. You have made the adjustment to staying with Nana and Miss Cindy and both say you are sooo easy to take care of. Your big sister loves to feed you salads (how she pronounces "solids"), and it makes you so happy when I hand over the spoon to her, to give you a couple of bites.
happy to get rice cereal

Lily feeding you "salads"
You have come to really love touching soft things and you have a soft little brown elephant binkie that you touch and rub against your face, you also like to chew and suck on it (maybe teething?). You love to play with your toys and love when your sister talks to you and makes faces at you.You've become harder and harder to keep in your swaddle at night, I can't believe you are able to weasel your way out of that Miracle Blanket! You still love your sleep and are sleeping thru the night (11-12 hours, except for when you had a cold this month), and I am now able to put you down awake and you fall asleep yourself.

You are the sweetest little guy and we are so happy your ours!

Your first Valentine's Day!

Liam's first Blizzard February 2nd - over 2 feet of snow - our driveway
With Great Grandma Loehe

Lily and I decided to smother you in lipstick kisses for Valentine's Day
not sure you liked it?
you love your exersaucer!
believe it or not your dad did this to you
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