Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

...well, sort off...

flowers mixed with hail
And spring means another birthday for me, which we celebrated by going to one of my favorite Sunday breakfast brunch places and I indulged in a Mimosa - it was delicious.

Lily grew a chocolate mustache


my favorite birthday present
 Spring also means more trips to the Gingerbread House to see the chickens and sip Gingerbread Lattes

 In the midst of this terrible weather...rain, sleet, snow and hail for days...we had one gorgeous day. I looked everywhere for some shorts for Liam and thank goodness someone bought him a 3-6 month outfit that was shorts (not sure how that would have been used if he wasn't running so small on his sizes?), so I threw it on him and got Lily's shorts out and we spent some time outside.

First time in shorts!

We've hung our Eggs so the Easter Bunny can find our house....she even carried these eggs to the bathroom with her (I took pictures, but they're not appropriate).

And  we've been knee-deep in jelly beans, and plastic colored eggs and little stories about the Easter Bunny hiding baskets. And Lily's made Easter crafts and her latest canvas has been eggs.

notice her sticker trail :)

And we made our annual trip to the mall, so Lily could see her bunny...Liam seems to love him just as much

Today we had our Second Annual Easter Egg hunt

Happy First Easter Liam!


Someone may have received a giant chocolate egg with jelly beans inside, which quickly became a chocolate puddle on her pants.

And all our little bunnies even cooperated for a picture!


Baby Miles

We're all ready to find Easter baskets tomorrow - Have a Happy Easter! Best Blogger Tips

Friday, April 15, 2011

Liam 6 Months - A Little Late

Mr. Adorable - 6 Months
Liam actually was 6 months on March 21st...another baby supermodel in the making :)

Weight: 14 pounds 13 ounces {10%}
Height: 26.25 inches {45%}
Head: normal size :)
Size Clothes: 3-6 mos

How could a half a year already have passed already?


Liam, you are still smiley as ever and laughing up a storm, especially at Lily.  And you make a lot of silly faces that make us laugh...

You are sitting like a champ (since about 5.5 months) and are standing while holding onto something.


About to tip...
 You are still teething like crazy and mama hopes that something pops through soon, so you are more comfortable. You get the worst rash everyday on your face from drooling so much, luckily I put the Lansinosh lotion on before you go to sleep and it's all gone in the morning. You got really sick right around your 6 month birthday and had a horrible cough that lasted about 2 you were waking up a lot in the night.

You are still an awesome napper and let us know if you need one, by becoming really fussy, but we put you down (with a blankie for you to rub on your face), and you put yourself to sleep in minutes.

You are crazy about food and in addition to still nursing and eating fruits and veggies, you are also eating puffs and baby mum-mums - you love them! Because your weight was so low and you are still vomiting a lot, the GI Specialist recommended putting rice cereal in your bottles during the day so that you can get more calories and "bulk up" and hopefully keep some food down - it's working.
You were the littlest up until now....

...but on February 23rd your newest little cousin Miles was born, and you instantly looked huge to all of us

...and since you are finally bigger than someone are making sure he knows it

You are able to sit in your "big boy" seat in the stroller and you love it and this month we went to the movies and saw Yogi the Bear, you peacefully watched while strapped in the Baby Bjorn on my lap, we couldn't believe how good you were and you lasted through the entire movie. We also took our first trip to the zoo this season!
You love it - I swear
at the zoo - you love watching the fishies
You had your first haircut already!
crazy hair!


 Here you are with the ladies...

everyone look at the camera!

Take 2

...and give up

Liam and his Great-Great Aunt Angie

Your Lily's biggest one makes you laugh harder and you want to be doing everything that she is's so cute. kids watch tv ::gasp::

Couldn't let this post go without mentioning that you survived your first Mustache March with your daddy...mama hates it.

You totally rocked your 6 month photo shoot and smiled in almost every picture, so mama spent way more money than she had planned - you take after Lily in so many ways!

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