Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Because holidays are so much more of a big deal when you have kids

And even though every year before we had Lily & Liam, I did put out flags for Memorial Day, I didn't celebrate it, like I do now

Last year we watched the parade, spent some hours in Labor & Delivery (because Liam wasn't moving) and then rounded out the day with a picnic with friends...and our naked babies running around with melted Popsicles dripping down their bodies

This year we will start our day with breakfast enhanced with red and blue (strawberries & blueberries), for the holiday, because that's just how you do it when you have kids...make everything special

hopefully catch a parade

and spend the day kicking off our the sprinkler, because we are finally getting some warm weather, and finishing it with steaks on the grill, corn on the cob and a rhubarb pie that Lily is helping to make (and girl is excited), with ice cream on top - because it's a holiday

And it will be the holidays are with little ones

and someday they will understand what it really means

but this year, they will swing flags (or try to eat them), wear red, white and blue and play outside

Happy Memorial Day! Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Liam 7 & 8 Months

7 Months
Weight: 16.2 pounds
Height: 27 inches
Clothes: 3-6 months

8 Months
Weight: 17 pounds
Height: 27 inches
Clothes: 6-9 months

Still sleeping through the night (not currently this week as we are fighting a fever and have been up pretty much hourly since Monday is Saturday - mommy & daddy are tired {insert Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte here please}, hoping it's not "just teething", or we are in for a long road) and is taking 2 naps/day. He always wakes up "talking" and smiling :)

He's pulling up on things and has started to "cruise", just usually only taking about one step before he falls down. He is still not crawling, but has some mad skills at circulating his whole body when he's on his tummy, and can scoot around on his butt to get something...only if he has to.

Grease on his face is for his teething rash

He's bending and reaching and going from sitting to his tummy and going from his tummy to sitting...which is amazing to me, because we did so much therapy with Lily to get her to do those things, and it just comes natural to Liam. Because I know how much work it is, I'm celebrating this little milestone!

He's still nursing (although is very distracted lately), and eats bananas, avocados, toast, pancakes, and he loves his Stonyfield Yo Baby Organic Yogurt. He can get a little crazy with his food...even if it's just baby food, he really wants to feed himself, so he will stick his fingers in his mouth and spread it...everywhere. I mean, I am seriously getting baby food out of his ears...possibly moving to naked eating soon.


 He says dada, baba and hi, although, I haven't heard him say hi in a while, but we wrote it down anyways :)




I'm not sure what was so scary!

Nana with her grandchildren
 He loves his bath, being outside, his sister being silly and looking at himself in the mirror.

giving himself kisses

I think he has the longest eyelashes ever...another attempt at getting a picture of them.

His BFF Mason



Mother's Day



He is the most happy baby and smiles and laughs all the time, seriously, how did we get this lucky twice?
We love him! Best Blogger Tips
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