Monday, November 28, 2011

Deck the Halls

They may have only had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads for a short time...before mom in her kerchief and dad in his cap, woke them up for BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!

Suns not even up yet!

Good Morning Black Friday!
In my our defense, I leave the house with them by 6:25 a.m. each morning, so they get up very early so that I can get them ready each day, they are used to getting up really early.

Stretching at the mall


The great thing about having your own little family, you can decide when you want to your Christmas to start. Ours starts the eve of Thanksgiving, why not stretch it out, it already seems like it goes way to fast.

So, have we started decking our halls?

You betcha! (Can you say that without the Sarah Palin accent - me neither)...

We don't have boughs of holly, but we brought up the Christmas bin yesterday turned on the tv channel that plays Christmas music 24-7, cranked it and decorated.

Lily was so excited this year, which just made my heart melt....

As she anxiously pulled item after item out of the bin, she would proclaim "Ummm....Momma, look at this!" and ask "Where should I put this?" "What should I do with this?"

She asked about the beaded coasters and I told her to put them out where are other coasters are...she started strategically laying them out :)

Liam was more happy throwing the paper the Christmas things were wrapped in, around the kitchen and laughing about it to himself ~ that crazy little elf.

And then found a new use for the Christmas bin...

...of course big sister had to join him...

My favorite thing to unwrap and put up each year is our personalized ornaments. As I unwrap each one out of the newspaper I store them in, I can't wait to see which one it is and recall that year of our lives. I have been ordering them since 2002. These two little people named Shana & Chris, they trimmed a tree in 2002, in 2004 they got two cats, and Shana got some bling, then there was a wedding and a pregnancy and a baby and another pregnancy and another baby - these two are busy. I love watching this little life unfold. I can't wait to get this year's ornament, family of four and I will be getting an angel cat for Beans :( I don't put them on the tree, mostly because I love to look at them. I always hang them in our hallway on the wall. This year we are moving over the arch. Not gonna lie - dreamed that we would someday have enough to go around the arch (because I'm lame like that).

Do you know anyone else whose husband would buy them a Christmas Almanack as a gift? Me neither. Chris got this for me about 5 years ago...trying to steal my heart (from Santa). It offers all kinds of useful knowledge about Christmas, did you know that in England the prickly holly is called "he" and the non-prickly is called "she". Which type is first brought into the house at Christmas determines who will rule the household for the coming year ~ fun facts to know and tell!

We took a quick break for some hot cocoa with whip cream

Liam was drinking it so hard his left cheek dimpled

I love decorating our fireplace and wish it could stay like this all year

All the glass ornaments that usually go on the tree? I just dropped them into my existing vases for some *sparkle* I don't think we will be able to use them this year and am going to get some unbreakable ones...ahem...Liam

 Our reindeer stocking holders

Don't worry, I have a sleigh that they can pull, just in case we become a family of 5 someday

Another favorite...nesting dolls, the kids love them too.


Lily had so much fun, she was jumping around like a little elf

More to come...we don't even have our tree yet! We're headed to get a tree Friday night with the kids...and then Saturday is cookie day and the New Berlin Christmas parade...our calendar is filling up! And to anyone who has called me a super momma ~ I don't even have Liam's birthday thank you's there!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Holidays are Here!

He's back...

But before I talk about him. I want to tell you about what a great time we had at the Bayshore Town Center Tree Lighting, way back when in the beginning of November...I can't believe November is almost over? Where did it go? I know I don't have to tell you again, how this is my favorite tree lighting in town. I love the tall toy soldiers, and the way that Santa passes them the last light bulb for the tree and the last toy soldier places it and the tree lights up...and the snow fairies *floating* around and the hot cocoa, and the train rides (with snow), and the horse and carriage's all magic.

Me and my mom took the kids up (Chris had to work) and it was a little brisk, but much milder than it's been in years past.

on our way


 beautiful lights

Lily's annual picture next to a huge ornament

 Liam wouldn't stay still for one...just kept running

Nana with L&L

 me and my kids

while we waited, Lily made snow angels...who needs snow anyway?

finally the toy soldiers came out

Liam loved Lily's gloves, so much that he couldn't stop staring at them :)

 Lily was able to give Santa a hug and was thrilled

fist pound from a snow fairy

we had to try this hat on Liam at the GAP, isn't it cute? You know I'm a sucker for a hat :)

the tree


Thanksgiving was nice. We started the day with gingerbread pancakes and whip cream.

I love putting whip cream smiley faces on them

During the day I tried to make a green bean casserole and clean the house ::ha, ha, ha:: I finished the casserole, the house left something to be desired. I did some final quick *elf* touches and then we were off to Chris' Aunt Donna's for dinner. After dinner there was an Elvis sighting.

When we returned home, Elf was there!

And Lily proclaimed "Mom, put him there!" heart almost stopped...she's only 3, don't I have at least 3 more years of her believing and then an additional 4 years of her pretending she believes for her brother? We quickly convinced her that I had not put him there, he was here from the North Pole to watch over them for Santa.

Each year I have to look up the name that Lily gave him in's Elf...I don't know why that's so hard for me to remember...just like her Bitty Baby is named Lily, duh!

There was also Christmas pj's on their beds and their trees were up!

 Lily also got some new sheets and small decorations in her room

Lily started believing so much, that she told us that Elf put a ceiling fan in Liam's room (maybe in 2008?)...she couldn't believe it!

I had debated about a tree in Liam's room, but got all "soft" ornaments and so far it's still standing (it's been 4 days). I'm really scared about the real tree in the living room, I imagine he will take it down at least once this year.
we all knew this was going to happen!

Lily's new ornament this year - glitter dust inside!
she loves her new sheets


We tucked them into their beds where vision of sugarplums may have started dancing in their heads... Best Blogger Tips
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