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This post has gotten a ton of hits, mostly because of the Owl Halloween Costumes I made for the kids...

If you scroll down towards the bottom, that is where I talk about these costumes I made - thanks for stopping by!

Pumpkins, leaves turning colors, football, getting out the sweaters, putting socks back on, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks (hardly a fall tradition, but a sure sign of fall nonetheless), turning the heat back on and staying home a little more often. It comes as a welcome break from the fast-paced summer. It's time to relax and get cozy and spend more time at home. It's the bridge into the Christmas rush that I love, but is also fast-paced, so it's time to just soak-in Fall.

You guys know I love a holiday ~ So, we've been welcoming fall and doing all kinds of *fall* things.

Feeding the ducks at the park

brother looks on

Lily is obsessed with Spookaculars (what we would call Spooktaculars) this year, she wants to drive around and look at ghosts hanging in trees, orange lights on bushes and monsters that I would be scared of propped up in front lawns. And almost nightly she begs for a walk down the block to the scariest one. Daddy has taken her many nights this season. I hope she has this same passion for Christmas lights!

We took our annual trip the Pumpkin Farm, and instead of choosing the coldest day to take the kids to the pumpkin farm, it was the warmest, yes 80 degrees and hot! And while I hate being cold and freezing with the kids to get a pumpkin, something about sweating in the pumpkin patch didn't seem quite right either.

Neither of them will look at the same time :)

Miles' first Halloween!

All our little Pumpkins
We finally took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins, it is usually way too cold and windy, but since the weather was great we did it! I guess one of those things I always wanted to do...I loved it!

Lily decided she wanted to run to all the ends of the patch, so daddy followed her (in his flip flops)

That small orange person back there is Chris following running Lily
 Liam is in the stage right now where he thinks he should be in the World's Strongest Man competition and tries to pick up everything, so he tried his little arms at a too big pumpkin (I love that baby phase).

With 5 days until our first Halloween Event (Boo at the Zoo), I decided to make Lily & Liam's costumes, after finding this awesome adorable girl's owl costume online, I was inspired, figured I could save some money, knew it would be a great creative outlet for me (oh, and I'm insane too!). I was up until the wee hours of the morning several nights and our kitchen basically looked like Jo-Ann Fabrics vomited all over it (and did I mention were selling our house and trying to keep it "show ready" - yep, insane!). Considering I don't sew and never had embroidered anything before and didn't even know what interfacing was (insane again), I love how they turned out.

Lily's wings each had an elastic hoop sewed in so she could slip her arms in it and then they were velcroed to her jacket on her shoulders.
Lily's mask
For Lily's I just basically copied the one I found online. But the original blogger was right, that Martha Stewart's wings are waaay to big, so I also free-handed those and only decided to do 3 colors, instead of 5. For the shirt, originally I had sewn all the fabric scraps on (by hand - insane!), but after Boo at the Zoo some of them started coming off, so I hot-glued them all back on, should have done that to begin with. Both owl "shirts" were made from brown sweat jackets I got on clearance at Old Navy, because Halloween in Wisconsin is cold! I'm totally in love with Lily's mask by the way :)

For Liam I decided to do a hat, because I knew he would never keep a mask on. I took an existing hat that I bought from Wal-Mart for $.99 and cut a semi-circle from the top and then sewed it back together, so it would make peaks for the ears. I then just embroidered felt on the hat and sewed buttons on the eyes, and sewed an elastic strap for around his chin.
 I also decided to do Liam's wings as a cape that would tie around his neck, knowing he would not keep the type of wings on that Lily had. To make a cape I free-handed a set of wings that connected, and then just made the other colors a little smaller, I cut it at both shoulders and folded it over and glued it, so it would curve around his body.

2:00 a.m. Liam's wings

During the making of these costumes, I may have tried masks and hats on my sleeping children's faces and sat them up while sleeping to mark fabric for the wings, just sayin'.

My Little Owls

Boo at the Zoo was a little disappointing this year...no Hay Maze and the train ride wasn't much, but Lily loved the Spookacular at the Wolf Preserve.

Spider Man Mason

Spider Miles

Happy Halloween!


I love the crazy eyes she draws

Because I was off on a Thursday we ventured out to Halloween Storytime at Barnes & Noble and I was able to spend some time with a friend (always nice), and Lily hung out with Nolan, uh, I mean Optimus Prime (I think).

Ashlyn the Octopus and Aubrey the Bumble Bee

Owl on the loose!
We checked out Bayshore Town Center's Great Pumpkin Event and have to say, I think it was busier than their tree lighting, but the weather was great and we saw some very tall people and Lily did some trick-or-treating, of course after 5 stops she proclaimed "I'm done!"

This chalk artist was awesome

Finally time for some Trick-or-Treatin'

I can never get that little brown owl to stand still



Day 2 at Billie's House with chili, taco dip, chips n queso, cookies and cupcakes - umm!
Cupcakes I made - I thought I was pretty awesome putting a bat ring in the center

Jack-o-Lantern Taco Dip

Mason, Lily & Michael

Taking Flight

So rainy and windy, we busted some umbrellas and I almost peed my pants, we laughed so hard.
 Headed back to warm up.

So, we've had our share of pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, way too much trick or treat candy and wore out our costumes ~ hope you did too!

Happy Halloween!!
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