Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our House

I'm not sure if I've mentioned, or maybe hinted at the fact that our house is for's no secret, our house is on the market, we put it up in October.

I love this house.


But we need something bigger and we found something bigger.

We have called it home for the past 10 years and have basically redone every room.

We brought two babies home to this house...

We have been busy with lots of showings since we rang in the New Year, and it has been hard keeping it "show ready" (or getting it show ready), every weekend with two kids who want to play and make big messes. But, were doing it, and we're hanging in there. Another reason my blog has been on the back burner...

If you know of anyone looking for a great starter home to raise a family, this is the house.

Tomorrow we have another showing....we will sell this house!

Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!

 Happy Birthday to Chris! A man who not only loves brats...

He loves his kids and is a great dad....

He can wrangle a baby like no one's business...

 He can laugh at himself...

He will dress-up and make a fool of himself for me and the kids...

He will face a fear (of heights), if his daughter begs him to do something...

He shops on Black Friday with us...

He's smart, super funny, optimistic (sometimes too much), he cleans, does laundry, is supportive, a great dad and an amazing husband. Happy Birthday!

He would want me to mention that he grows a mean mustache in March too...

Today, on his birthday, we have a showing, I should be cleaning something, but he is too important to go unnoticed. Selling our house, has been putting the blog on the back burner a bit, but I promise the rest of our Christmas is coming soon! Best Blogger Tips

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{some of} Our Christmas

We've taken down all our decorations and have celebrated the New Year. We all had the flu Christmas week (except Liam), it was awful, but I was glad I had off to sleep and tend to a sick Lily. And this past weekend I spent cleaning like crazy for two showings. The bigger truth about why I haven't posted our Christmas is...time (or lack there of). I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old and work 40 hours a mama's out there understand, right?

I am excited about 2012 and what it will bring for our family (maybe a new house?). The beginning of a new year and the possibilities that it can bring are always exciting. And January, well lots of fantastic people I know were born this month (my best friend, Billie, my uncle, Billie, Chris, my great aunt and my grandma - yes, it is another expensive month!).

But we just can't start celebrating the new year, without talking about our Merry Little Christmas that we closed 2011 with.

So many things happened in December, it was hard to keep up!

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa was started when we realized there is no good place around anymore for Breakfast with was such a part of our childhood Christmas memories (we all used to get dressed up and go to the Boston Store restaurant when we were kids), it was a tradition that must be maintained. Here is 2010 and 2009.

I had a pretty large smile on my face when I realized that, no, I hadn't just walked into a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, just my aunt's house for breakfast with Santa. The kids table was sooooo cute.

During breakfast, there was a sighting...

And they're off...Mason...
...then Lily...
...then Ashlyn...
They couldn't contain their excitement by the door, which lead to running in circles.

Finally, he was here.

They all took turns talking to Santa and telling him what they wanted

The horror on Liam's face is priceless

He sang some songs with them

Handed out presents

Gave out hugs

And played some tricks, telling Mason he had no more presents, until Mason found his on the bottom of his bag...that silly Santa!

They were sad to see him go (me too)

Liam got a police car puzzle...

And the classic shot of the kids (check out frowny sister on the right)

Ashlyn, Aubrey, Mason, Miles, Gabriella, Liam, Lily
They liked the "silly shot" much better

Miles' First Christmas

Peek-a-boo Gabriella...I see you!

Santa's Lap

We made our annual trip to the mall to visit Santa. I feel like it's a "must do" for Christmas. Lily had her gloves and her handbag.

In the car I asked her what she was going to ask Santa for, her reply "It doesn't matter what I ask for, he just brings me a puzzle", I was speechless, I hate when I am stumped (which seems to be always lately with her questions and quick wit), I knew she was referring to Breakfast with Santa. I almost said "that Santa wasn't the real Santa", but that didn't seem appropriate...I told her this Santa wouldn't be giving her a present right away, this Santa would be bringing it on Christmas for under the tree.

Liam wore his vest and argyle socks.

She was so excited


She told Santa softly that she would like a table. Over the last month she has asked for batteries for her Leapster Explorer (she apparently isn't aware that we have a drawer full of batteries in our kitchen), a microwave and the latest has been a table.

Why do I not own one of these vests?
Country Christmas
This year, we were all able to fit in our new crossover while we drove thru. 

I love it

Every year it gets more fun, as Lily and Mason are now able to spot things and are super excited, next year we will have 4 excited little people!

We headed in the "warming house" for cookies, cocoa and to find things on the amazing train display

Don't worry, we did leave some hot cocoa for the other guests

Miles used his "Santa Butt" to pick up some older works every time

That's it for now...more to come!

By the way, our house is already a mess again Best Blogger Tips
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