Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Holidays, well you know they're kind of a big deal around here, and although house showings, house cleanings, house selling and a home inspection (and soon packing), are somewhat completely consuming my time (though I still manage to find enough time to get to Target and wander aimlessly for a million things I don't totally need), we still had a little Valentine's Day breakfast on Sunday, pink heart shaped pancakes with sprinkles.

Lily wanted to put her own sprinkles on...apparently a lump of sugar for Valentine's Day means you've been extra sweet!

I literally turned to snap this picture

And turned back, maybe 2 Liam's tummy

Lily wrote her name all by herself on 24 Valentine's cards for her preschool, I was proud - she's only 3 ya know!

Hiding from mom taking pictures is so much more fun...

So, from my sweeties to yours....

Happy Valentine's Day
Look at how much they've grown since last year
Lily is 3 years, Liam is 17 months Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, February 5, 2012

{the rest of} Our Christmas

I know it's February already and I'm still updating on December....story of my life I guess.

Christmas Eve

Growing up Christmas Eve was always my favorite of all the Christmas happenings...I think since having children of my own, Christmas Day has become more of my favorite, but I still love getting together with my family and exchanging gifts on the Eve of Santa's big journey.

Before we could head over to my sister's, there was some business to take care of. Grinch Dust.

Sand + Green Food Coloring + Glitter

And ohhhh she was excited

Liam was pretty excited too...about running down the driveway

It sort of ended up in one big pile, but daddy helped her spread it out so the Grinch couldn't steal her presents.

Liam took off down the block

Next up was making the appetizers. I make all the appetizers and my sister and brother-in-law make dinner, it's my way to pitch-in.

Deviled Eggs.

Next it was on to the Christmas Day Egg Bake and cookies for Santa...she's my little baker :)

Finally it was time to get ready...are you ready to see two cuties?


Yeah, I wanted to see them too, but they wouldn't stand still for a picture...

 The appetizers
Seven Layer Greek Dip with Pita Chips - found the recipe on...where else? Pinterest

White cheddar and Raspberry Canapes - everyone loves these

What is that in the background you ask? Champagne punch, and everyone will tell you it's excellent. I had a couple of glasses...
My sister labeled mine :)


Seriously, someone just tell there a hat on my head?

Can we just reminisce for a second on Billie being 7 months pregnant with little Miles last Christmas

Here he is 1 year later...
Baby's First Christmas for Miles

He loves that blankie!
And then Parker arrived!

Finally it was time for 4 o'clock gifts

He was up to this all of December, it didn't matter if it was our tree or someone elses's...uh-oh

A prayer before snack (they learned it at Preschool), at the end they say thanks for the snack that was provided by so-and-so from school. After this prayer, Lily said thank you for this snack that was provided by mama - cute!

We had some dinner (and I was busy eating, so I guess I didn't take any pictures). And then it was time to open presents.

Lily really liked a lot of Liam's toys

After presents it was time for dessert...Hello Red Velvet!

He plays a mean air guitar...

Christmas Day
I don't even know how to describe the anticipation, love, magic, excitement, happiness and gratitude that I feel about this day. Christmas day when I was younger, didn't seem like much, because my parents got divorced when I was really little and my mom was trying to raise us by herself, and money was really tight. We didn't really get anything from Santa and we knew about the secret much before any of our peers because we didn't really get any presents that day. It was hard to see other kids get so much and have to keep a secret about Santa, but we did.

But the fact that my life has come so full-circle and I am able to give my children things, it means so much to me. And the imagination, creativity and hope that come with Santa and the fairytale of what he does on Christmas, I never stopped believing in the magic. When the time comes, and I have to tell them, I think this mom said it best. (Yes, I found that on Pinterest).

She was up bright and early....6:00 a.m., her brother had been up since 5:30 a.m. waiting for this little ray of sunshine to rise.

Notice Liam peeking around the corner

She was soooo excited when she came down the stairs and saw a tree that had magically been transformed overnight by Santa.

There was ohhs and ahhs...but they had to wait 2 hours for their daddy to get home from work before opening anything...and they did

She didn't see it until much later, but that sneaky Santa hid a table (that she has been asking for), behind the easel, so at first she thought he didn't bring it. But it had Liam's name on it too, so she'll have to share.

Finally it was time to open presents!!!!

Liam loves his Thomas Train...

Liam thought the Berry Cafe was a stage...

"My Stache" candy jar for his desk at work
And I had this little gem on the tree, idea from....Pinterest of course! (If you need an invite, please let me know).

Auntie Lisa sent the most ginormous box of presents...which included the Paddywhak Lane Treehouse and I think every single costumed character to go with it (seriously like 8 of them), I had never seen these cuties before, but have since seen them at B&N (if your looking), an awesome latches board for Liam, a Rody toy and all kinds of great stuff! I didn't know what was in the box, I just wrapped it when it came, so I was just as excited when they opened it.

The rest of the day, we ate our Monkey Bread and breakfast bake, I sipped coffee and the kids played all day in their pajamas...couldn't have asked for a more MAGICAL day!

The next day Lily woke up in the middle of the night with the flu, a couple hours later I started with it, and then shortly after that Chris. I will spare you the very disgusting details of the Christmas Colonic (my sister called it this, oh, did I not mention her entire family had it right before Christmas, and then on Christmas Nana D was sick with it), but it was horrible and came with the most gut-wrenching pains ever, and...ahem "emptied" your whole body by "both ends". Mine lasted about 2 days, then I thought I was better and it started again. I was really worried about Liam getting it, because I knew with how little he is, he would end up in the hospital, so I nursed him constantly, and he was the only one who didn't get it - amen!

Christmas with the Cousins
We were still recovering, but made it over to my cousin Corrie's, for our annual "Christmas with the Cousins" (that's what I'm calling it from now on).

These three were up to their usual shenanigans

Aunt Angie loves this little singing snowman!
I hardly took any pictures, because I was just still not feeling too great, but we got them all-together for this pic.(Notice how Liam is gazing at the older brunette to his right). I hate to say it, but we passed on our germs to the hosts of the party (and my cousin Corrie is pregnant, and I just feel grateful that the flu didn't send her into pre-term labor - it was seriously that bad).

What can I say...oh, I've already said it a million times...Christmas is Magic!

Until next year...

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