Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liam 18 Months

How can it be? A year and a half it ain't so!

His appointment is next week, so I will update with his stats then.

Clothes: some 6-12 (shorts), 12-18 shirts and pants
Shoes: Size 5

Liam is a ball of energy. When he was in my tummy I told everyone that I couldn't believe how active he was and he kicked so much. Nothing has changed since he entered the world. Perhaps time is going by even faster because we are constantly running after him. And those legs take him running all over. He jumps. He kicks balls. He climbs everything. And uses them to dance.

Too quick for pics

Balls...his favorite word and toy. Football, basketball, play ball, small, big, heavy, light...they are his favorite thing. I try to encourage rolling them in the house, but he prefers throwing...and he's good (nothing like our wildflower t-ball player), when he takes t-ball, he's going to be an all-star.

All boy...he is physical (prefers propelling his body from high places and trying to break body parts, rather than sitting to do anything), loud (yelling, singing and crying as loud as possible), and loves to figure out how everything works (he will take a cap on and off a marker and be mesmerized with figuring out how to put it back on), also loves banging random objects into anything (including his head into the stove - not sure why?)

climbed up there all by himself

...and then was going to jump down...geesh!

boxes of stuff - proof I am packing!

Smart...I know I just said he likes to bang his head into the stove, but seriously he is smart, like I said he loves figuring things out and he is always smart enough, when he is in trouble to either A.) get rid of the evidence or B.) use a distraction like his cute dancing or a funny face to take us back to smiling. He says Dada, Mama, Ball, Duck, Car, Uh-oh and Hi (favorites are ball and car). His curiosity can sometimes get him into trouble.He can also hold a crayon relatively well and draw scribble.

can be found in the pantry looking at things

Music...he LOVES it. Loves listening to it and dancing to it.

Eating...he is the best eater. Anything and everything in sight, including and not limited to, whatever his sister doesn't finish. Even uses his fork and spoon and loves drinking things from a straw. At about 17 months he started to self-wean from his right-before-bed nursing just stopping, then sometimes he does again, but it has become few and far between, so I am considering this, him self-weaning. Don't worry he is still doing food facials, to keep up that baby skin appearance.


Sleep...he's not the best sleeper, but in his defense, he had a double ear infection about a month and half ago which resulted in his ear drum rupturing and then two weeks ago he had another double ear infection and his other ear drum ruptured and he had Bronchiolitis and got all four of his molars in from December-March, during all these illnesses, so obviously no one was sleeping around here. To self-soothe he uses his blankie and rubs the tag, and he still uses a nuk (which I have no idea how we are going to get rid of, by the way).

His sister...he loves her. He waits for her to wake from her nap. Cries at the gate when she goes up to her room. Tries to constantly sit on her lap. He really looks up to her. I am glad they have each other forever.

From Snowstorm... shorts - this March

Apparently we raise kids that like to point at farm animals.

Liam gives a duck a piece of his mind
Honestly can't imagine our life without this little man!

Liam is 18 months, Lily is 3 years
We move in 20 days!!
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Race Car Birthday Party

Between all of the house moving commotion, by the way, did I even mention that we received an offer on our house, in fact, a fantastic offer. More on the house later and when we actually will be moving.

Anyways, between all the house moving commotion, there was also a big birthday celebration that needed my attention. Miles turned ONE on February 23rd...can you believe it? Me neither.

I often imagine my life as a runaway train that I am running after, I never catch-up, it moves too fast. You may remember this post about his birth (in May of last year, 2 months late -- like I said, still trying to catch that train called my life). Remember how my sister got all Kardashian on us and pulled him out herself.

Well, it was time to celebrate his first year. And first birthdays, they come up really fast and we try to give a grand party and before you know, the party comes and goes and you are left feeling bittersweet. Of course your baby turning one is such a huge milestone, but also a little sad that time has gone by so quickly and a reminder that time will continue to move even faster.

The theme would be a race car party (we're big on in, as soon as we have one, we sort of go NUTS with it). The race car birthday theme originated because my sister didn't feel like she would have the space for a large birthday party in her house, and would need to rent a place. We had just been to my cousin's high school graduation party over the summer at a nice little park pavilion that was entirely decorated in race car paraphernalia, complete with tires hanging from the ceiling. She thought that would be the perfect place. She rented it and started her shopping on etsy :) I was enlisted to do the invitations, birthday banners, signs, etc...basically anything paper (I am so glad even though I don't use my Bachelor of Fine Arts professionally, I can use my skills at children's birthday parties ::smile::).
invitation by me
Recipe at end of post

My sister ordered these on etsy, will have to get seller info

Miles smash cake done by the Gingerbread House, inspired from the invite.

Cake done by Gingerbread House, using the invitation I made as inspiration. It turned out fantastic and tasted even better. Some-kind-of-oreo-wonderfulness inbetween the layers, it was all the talk at the party.

Tablecloths were made into "streets" with white duct tape. Red buckets on the tables had red and yellow chocolate cars on sticks (made by etsy seller). My sister decided she wanted to use the chocolate car pops as the centerpieces, but needed some red buckets to put them in...I had these guys in my garage from my Bon Voyage party before we were married in Jamaica...I knew we would use them again sometime.

I told you there were tires hanging from the ceiling.

Miles first birthday banner, stole this idea from Martha at the Compton Corner.

"Happy Birthday Miles" sign, made by me.

Car sugar cookies made by Billie with a 1

Mommy & Miles

The whole family

Daddy & Miles

Gabriella & her new little sister Adalyn (with Justin & Auntie Chris)

Mommy & Miles again

Miles was rocking one of the Lopez twins (either Jacob or Julian...I can't tell them apart).

Miles & Grandpa

Lily & Liam in their car shirts and Chuck T's

Sleeping Lopez twin (not sure which one)

My sister explains the Polish tradition for Miles first birthday.

A shot glass, a coin and a rosary (and some do a piece of bread) are put in front of Miles. They symbolize health (bread), wealth (coin), wisdom (rosary) or fun (shot glass). It's supposed to predict their future.

He briefly picked up the coin, but settled with the shot glass.

Time for Miles Smash Cake

He needed some assistance from mom.

There was a whole lot of big kids playing with the balloons to the left of Miles, and that was much more exciting than his cake.

Does anyone else have complete chaos when it's time to open the presents? Or is it just us?

This box was a present from my cousin Corrie...she "pimped this ride" so that it had a 1 on it and Miles name was on the front. I wish I had a better picture, it went so well with the theme of the party.

Miles in his first birthday shirt

My first time holding Adalyn, only 3 weeks old, our family keeps growing.

Aubrey, Jonathan and Gabriella

And that my friends, is what you call a first birthday!

You may remember me posting about this Champagne Punch at Christmas - we make it for every party/celebration now, everyone loves it, my sister found the recipe a couple of years ago, I have no idea from where

1-1/3 c. Lemon Juice
1 c. Sugar
1/2 c. Orange Liquor (Grand Mariner)
1/2 c. Triple Sec
1/2 c. Cognac

2 Bottles of Champagne

Strawberries, Lemons and Oranges sliced.

Combine all ingredients (except Champagne) the night before and chill.
Add chilled Champagne right before serving.

We usually make triple the batch...and it's always gone Best Blogger Tips
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