Thursday, May 17, 2012


When you first give birth to your baby and your up all night rocking, singing, shushing, patting and slowly tip-toeing backwards out of rooms hoping your baby doesn't open their eyes, you hear lots of "it goes so fast" from other parents. At that time, you can't imagine it going "so fast" because you watch the clock praying for your baby to sleep, counting down with the clock how many hours of sleep you can "still get in, if she would fall asleep right now". It seems endless. They say that the nights are long, but the years are fast.

It's true.

She's 4.

She was a baby once.

And now she is 4.

Some days she doesn't need us. Some days she still does. Some days she says "no, I can do it!" and other days she still says "hold you". She is more independent every day. She has a sense of humor, she makes jokes. She says things like "why is this always happening to me" or "not again" in the most dramatic tone you can imagine...apparently, 4 going on 14. Some days the memory of her birth seems like yesterday and other days it seems long ago and in another life, so much healing has been done since then and she has grown so much.

She started preschool this year and she loves it.

Riding the bus to their zoo field trip...she was over the moon!

These are the cutest school pictures you have ever seen, right?

She loves her brother...she helps to get him to stop crying, and says "oh, it's okay Liam" or "it's okay buddy", she is (mostly) gentle with him (unless he tries to take her crayons)

She had her last follow-up for her eyes and any issues she might have with them because she was a preemie - she didn't have any - yay!

And apparently it was boring.

She loves adventure.
rollercoaster at Noah's Ark

State Fair

And trying new things.
dance class
drama class
She's got some personality...

and some poise...

But she's still not afraid to keep it real...

morning crazy hair
her crack still makes an occasional appearance

She's growing up....and it's going fast.


I have the same wish for her that every mother has for her girl, that she feels loved, that she always knows how much we love her, that she feels it deep in her soul, that she grows to be self-confident, independent, creative and believes she can do anything.

We celebrated a little smaller this year, but it was still big for her.

She got a bike.

Her requests:

Stone Fire Pizza


A pink cake.

And a pinata.

It was a great fourth birthday for our big girl.

She was a baby once. Now she is a young girl.

Updated on 6/1/12 after her 4 year well-check:
Height: 41.25 inches (80th%)
Weight: 33.4 lb (30th%)
BMI: 13.8 (5th%)

Apparently they don't do head size at this age...she always excelled in that!

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