Sunday, June 24, 2012


We are going to make some "magic" happen, in the form of a vacation!

We just woke them up from naps, gave them a bath and told them this...

We're going to Disney World - right now!

Don't worry, I recorded it. Unfortunately I don't have 62 minutes to wait for it to upload to youtube right now, cause we gotta leave! Hopefully Monday night I can post it.

After watching the commercials for Disney, you know, the ones where the parents surprise their children, I knew I needed to have one of those videos of our kids...It's been incredibly hard to keep it a surprise, and we did end up telling her there was a surprise coming soon (Liam was easier to keep things from), her guess when I asked her what she thought it might be "are you going to get me a princess doll?" I think she may fall over when she sees a real-life princess, she is currently loving Belle from Beauty & The Beast and we have a breakfast planned with the princesses at Epcot.

I have been excited for months, since we booked it and I am looking so forward to spending a week with Chris and the kids. Hurricane Debby may put a little "rain on our parade" so to speak. I saw it on the news and told Chris yesterday and he replied "no problem, we already rode out a hurricane for our wedding" (hurricane Wilma side-swiped Jamaica the week we were there). I don't really want to make vacationing with hurricanes something we do. And I am not making light of hurricanes by any means, hopefully Debby doesn't gain any more power.

There has been a count down going on here for awhile. Admittedly I have been more excited than Chris. When I came home to this cryptic message one day...he pretty much stole my heart!

And because nothing says family vacation like packing up a car and doing a road trip, that's what we are going to do! I am so excited. We are driving straight through, 20 hours. I've gotten a lot of "good luck with that" from people, but I am confident that my kids will be fine, of course there will be the occasional meltdown, but nothing lulls my kids to sleep better than the humming of the car and being strapped in their car seats. (of course, I also have 10 dvd's packed, a Leapster Explorer and if all else fails, I am bringing balloons to blow up, they always occupy our kids forever).

We haven't been back to Disney since 2009 when Lily was 17 months old. I know she is going to love it. I am big on things that are magical, like Christmas and Disney. I know that when I walk into the Magic Kingdom I feel what I felt as a child - excited, surprised, curious, wonder, imagination, but mostly...magic...and I hope when our kids grow up and take their families back there someday they will still feel the magic that they felt the first time.

We'll see you in a week!

Until then, we'll be making memories...magical ones! Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Days

Thursday was my last "official" day of work. Now I am off for most of the summer - woohoo!

I love it.

The decision to change jobs last year, is really one of the best decisions I think I have made. Being home with the kids is totally worth it. I am grateful to have a job that allows me this time with them. And I hope they will always remember the fun we had...

We are still loving walking over to our "neighbors" for some pool time.

we are quite a scene

Lily sometimes just walks in her suit

swimming = tired

We celebrated Father's Day at one of our favorite Sunday places.

Chris and I don't see each other much because of the opposite shifts we work and sometimes I am in such a routine with the kids being alone, when he is off, things don't go as smoothly, and then other times when I am alone with the kids and wish he was around to help me more. But, we try to figure it out and make family time where we can. Nothing changes the fact that I love when he is with us and I think he is the very best dad. I am happy that he is ours and we can share this life together. I couldn't do it without him!

Lily & Liam were obsessed with the crab claws.

this is my FAVORITE picture

and here are some pictures from Mother's Day

Liam started his first swim classes this week (Lily will be in Sea Squirts in July), and he is loving it.

Karate choppin' Mason

Today, Lily had her first pedicure. It is for a surprise we have coming up for the kids tomorrow, and we thought she would love it...she did. Her latest thing is "are we going to do something just the girls?". Today she was excited to do something just the two of us.

she was proud


sneaky smile
decisions, decisions

she decided on a pink Minnie Mouse color

getting a pedi is very relaxing

Things that I am currently loving about the house...

I got some pictures on the wall!

a drawer in our spare bathroom on the way out, to pick up some shades

sadly, this isn't even all our sunglasses
I'm slowly getting things done....

And because I can't end this post without was the 4th Anniversary of Lily's release from the NICU...

discharged at 4 pounds 9 ounces

What a cutie!!

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