Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Lovin'

This summer is flying by...hello, it's August, I go back to work next week {shedding tears here}

I will be back with the rest of our Disney Trip (in pieces), but didn't want to forget about all the fun things we are doing in the meantime.

When I don't keep the blog updated, well, that really only hurts me...this is my one place to go and write the story of us. And in trying to find a better balance between giving my whole heart and soul to my kids, and finding time to do some of the things that make me feel like me...for me that place is this blog. Writing and pictures (two things I love) all about my kids, and somehow combining them with our memories so that we will always have our stories, this makes me happy.

And speaking of that...this is my 300th blog post - woohoo!

In other news, there are some serious talks going on around this house...(oh, what does that mean?)

Without further delay, here our some things we've been doing this summer.

Six Flags

Just a week after we got back from Disney, we headed down to Six Flags, mostly for the water park and then hit some rides later in the day. I prefer Six Flags' water park over Noah's Ark actually.

all business in the glasses

sleeping babies

after conquering the water slides

Is he the cutest?

They're big fans. Apparently.

The chocolate milkshakes from Johnny Rockets - delish!

This boat? An adult may have sunk it. Adults aren't supposed to ride. Steve didn't know.

Zoo Night

Thank heaven's for water-misters this summer. Seriously, in this hot desert we call summer, a water-mister is like a mirage these days.



Brewer Game


More to come....

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