Wednesday, September 5, 2012

first day

Today was her first day back at Greendale Playschool. She is going to go three times a week this year, she's four, ya know. 

It was a big day for her. 

We tried to make it special.

It started early in the morning when I painted her toenails red and put pigtails in her hair.

She got her new teacher an apple cake pop. When her teacher asked her if she made it, she replied
"no, we bought it from the Gingerbread House", she was very proud.

She shook her teachers hand and introduced herself and us.

She confidently walked in and hung her bag up where her teacher showed her to and started playing right away. She could have cared less that we were still there, so we said our good-byes and let her have her day.

Last year on her first day of Preschool I shed a couple tears on the drive from her school back to my work, not because I was sad about her going to school (how could I be when she was so very happy and excited?), but because Preschool always seemed so far off in the distance, and it was here, she was a big girl.

This year I already knew she was big, so, I just felt so happy for her that she is confident, feels safe and is happy to go to school.

She wants to learn, and make friends and play. She's four. She's big.

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