Sunday, October 21, 2012

fall begins

Like I wrote in my last post, I loved this summer and how easy our days went, no rush to get to work, just hanging out with the kids, figuring out what were going to do on a whim.

Those summer days have ended.

Luckily I am a sucker for a season change and just when I am getting burnt out of one season another one rounds the corner. And so although the cooler weather and signs of all things fall at Target mean that summer is gone (and it will be missed), I am welcoming fall with open arms.

Fall means warm fuzzy socks and jackets with hoods, football on Sundays, big pots of homemade soup, pumpkins and apples, fall crafts, figuring out costumes, fall leaves, settling into a routine, and spending more time at home.

And if seasons were meals, fall would be the appetizer that leads up to the most excellent main course, Christmas, and you know I love Christmas.

But, we won't rush it...right now we are soaking up all things fall-ish.

Like rides on daddy's lawn mower down the block to visit Mason.

And wearing knee socks to school.

And Harvest Fest with friends.

And coming home with hay in every crevice of your body.

And pumpkins.

And Halloween decorations.


And Chris bundling up just to cut the grass.

Playing outside in warmer clothes.


Our Anniversary and a date night with my husband {7 years this year}

Roses delivered to work
Fall leaves.

Making things with canned Pumpkin.


And eating them.

Trips to the pumpkin farm in freezing weather with mittens.

And Kettle Corn.

dying over this corn stuck in Miles snots

he couldn't get up

Hay Mazes.

And hand-picking pumpkins.

we decided Chris needs this vest

It also means Halloween and there will be a post coming on that tomorrow.

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