Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have a confession to make.

When I found out we were having a boy...

I was a little nervous.

I grew up in a house with my mom and my sister, and although I obviously had a father, he wasn't around. I can count on one hand the memories I have of him. So I was never really around boys. I knew girls - tights, bows, outfits, coloring, crafts, baby dolls, Barbies and all things girl. I didn't know bugs, sports, dinosaurs, video games, rough-housing or playing in dirt.

My whole life I thought I would have little girls and they would be besties like me and Billie, maybe because that's what I knew.

I guess I was nervous that maybe we wouldn't have the same bond that Lily and I shared or somehow I wouldn't know how to entertain a boy.

I was a little intimidated, but I knew that Chris would have it covered.

The day that Liam was born, which seems like only yesterday - everything changed. I would say our bond immediately was even stronger than the bond Lily and I had to build because of the circumstances of her birth.

I was nervous because I didn't know...

I didn't know how much he would love her, idolize her, try to be just like her and let her do anything to him. The truth is, no matter if you have girls or boys or both. Siblings love each other.

He's always looking at her in pictures

I didn't know how much he would struggle with sleep and how his little ears would need tubes to make it better or how much he would end up sleeping with me and to get back to sleep his cheek would have to touch my cheek.

up most of the night

I didn't know how fearless he would be.

I didn't know how much he would love food.

yes, that's blue marker on his face
I didn't know how he would love to be rocked to sleep and how he would have to have his nuk and his blankie and hold and rub the "sweet spot" to help him fall asleep {we are in big trouble when that tag comes off}.

I didn't know that he would be the child that would be easy at Disney World and make the whole trip worth it when big sister was having meltdowns.

one of the top moments of our trip - his first haircut

I didn't know how funny he would be or how he would say "yeah" to every question we asked him
"Liam, do you have to work today?"
Or how he would say "kay" (okay), to everything we told him.
"Liam, it's time to put on your shoes"

I didn't know that he would want to be read "Each Peach Pear Plumb" almost every night and look for things in the book and when we finish he says "more!" and makes me read it again.

I didn't know how sweet and kind and nurturing he would be and how gentle he would be with Lily's babies, putting them to bed, burping them and holding them.

I didn't know that every time I would brush and do Lily's hair that he would back his little behind into us with a comb and say "me!" wanting his hair combed too.

I didn't know he would be such a great helper.

I didn't know that one day he would decide to paint our white living room carpet with red exterior paint that mommy was using to paint our front door, how proud he would be that he did it, and how much I would curse in my head the entire 5 hours it took me to get the paint out. {I could have done without this}

I didn't know that he would have the most beautiful bluish-green eyes with spots of brown in both of them.

I didn't know that every time he would have a bath he would need to be lifted to a mirror to look at the hooded monkey or dog towel that is on his head so that he could laugh hysterically about it.

I had an idea, but I didn't know how much he would love his daddy.


I sure didn't know how much he would love me and how much he would change me. He is a mama's boy, and I'm totally okay with that.


I did know how fast time would go and how I need to cherish his littleness because some day he is going to be big. And that's why watching videos like this one sort of break my heart a little to see how much he has grown in two years.

It is true that I will blame all my grey hairs on Liam's childhood (and probably Lily's teenage years). And I have never said anything in my life more times than I have said this: "Oh Liam, what are we gonna do with you?"

I may not have known much about boy things, but I know how to be his mama and snuggle him when he is hurt or crying, clap for him when he accomplishes something and most importantly love him.

And now he is two and I can't imagine our family without him.

His birthday party this year:

In between Stone Fire pizza and his birthday cake there was at minimum at 30-minute meltdown from not getting a nap.

Still melting down...

At least Lily enjoyed the cake...

He bounced back when he finally noticed the balloons.

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Kristi Jo said...

Oh Shana. So beautiful. What a lucky little boy to have you for a mommy :)

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