Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Improvement Project: The Tale of Our Red Door

In April we will have been in our new home a year - can you believe that?!

Me neither.

And I haven't updated at all about any of the home improvement projects we've done. So this will be a series of posts.

The first project we knew that we wanted to tackle: The Front Door.

The glass block windows weren't really for us.


So we decided to have them replaced with white windows.


Looking better already, right?

But we really wanted the door to "pop".

So we decided to paint it.


{This is the part where I tell you about how I like to paint everything and some people gasp when I tell them, you may have just gasped yourself. People have a hard time swallowing painting of wood for some reason. Everything I have ever decided to paint, always looks better (in my opinion), no one wanted us to paint our kitchen cabinets at our old house, but that was one of the best things that we did to updated our old kitchen. Don't be afraid to paint things, it is the easiest thing to do to give something an update. I want to paint our current fireplace white, people are gasping about it}

Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Latex Gloss: Pompeii Red

No going back now!

I used this tutorial, from one of my favorite home improvement blogs. I did three light coats with a foam roller.
Two coats done, but still not completely covered.

And now it's time to sidetrack from a red door project to a little story about Liam....

I had done coats one and two of the door during the kids naps. When they woke up, I wrapped my roller in saran wrap (to use later for coat three) and *thought* I placed it out of reach from them.

About an hour later we were all playing in the living room (which has off-white carpet, by the way).

It seriously happened in a split second. I got up and turned to walk into our study and Lily started yelling "Liam's painting the carpet red!"

Yes, you just heard that right.

I spun around half thinking Lily was joking and half thinking, holy sh!t what if she's right.

And that's when I saw him, using a roller to paint our off-white carpet red.

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.

Like, so red there was a "paint puddle".

Let me repeat: Our son Liam had painted our off-white living room carpet red.

I totally freaked the HELL out!

Liam misread my freaking out as being really happy about the paint, he started slapping his hands in the paint puddles.


This was one of those mommy moments, where I had to ask myself "Is this really happening?"

Yup, it totally was.

I picked him up, threw the roller in the sink, wiped off his hand and clothes and sat him down at the kitchen table. Did I mention I was yelling and am pretty sure I said Holy Crap, in front of my kids (maybe Damn too - I can't make any promises)...I had no control at that point people, I can't make excuses. I sat Lily down, got out the big tub of Play dough (the only thing sure to keep those two occupied for the 24 hours it was going to take me to get paint out of our carpet). I took a box of graham crackers and dumped them out all over the table.

I directed them to "PLAY and EAT!" and "Don't leave this table!"

I told you I was totally freaking out, right??!!!

My mind was racing a mile a minute. I knew that I had to act fast. I wish I would have taken a moment to think before I started throwing every single cleaning product we had on the spot.

But, I didn't.

These were the irrational thoughts spinning in my head, as I scrubbed the spot:

  • Chris is going to think I don't watch our kids
  • Is it even possible to get this much paint out of a carpet? I didn't think so.
  • How much would it cost to replace the carpet in our living room and study? Too much. Chris was going to kill me.
  • No one is going to believe this, should I take a picture? Absolutely not, no time and this is not coming out, we didn't need before and after pics.
  • Chris will never want to have another baby
  • Can I get this stain out before Chris wakes up in 6 hours? Probably not possible.
  • Is it possible he will never have to know about this situation? Only if he didn't live here.
  • Will Chris want to leave me? Probably depends on if I can get the stain out.
  • Could we move a throw carpet in this spot to cover this? Um, no.
  • Have I just scarred my kids for life? Definitely
I used dish soap, oxi-clean and clorox wipes and was scrubbing so hard my hands were raw for days. Once again I would just like to point out that I was not thinking clearly at this point. I kept looking at it and standing back and looking again and thinking, is it getting lighter, or am I just imagining things? I couldn't tell.

I had such tunnel-vision on the huge spot (it was about 1.5ft x 1.5 ft) that I didn't even notice he had also painted our area rug and there were other spots on the off-white carpet.

I would say about an hour into this fiasco, I knew what I was doing wasn't working, the spot was growing (not good), and I decided to take a minute to google, "how to get paint out of carpet?"


I love vinegar.

I started blotting with a vinegar/water mix and a paper towel and the paper towel got more and more red and the carpet started getting pink - PRAISE THE LORD!!!

I did this for hours. My kids kept busy at the table (I think they were probably even scared to speak). My hands were raw. I never let the spot dry completely, I just kept it wet and kept blotting and scrubbing.

I called Billie at some point to tell her that I had red paint on my carpet and she said "of course, Liam must have done that". Of course.

Finally after I put Lily and Liam down for bed, I used a Bissell Carpet Cleaner/Steamer that we had borrowed from Billie and Steve.

I couldn't even see the spot anymore (but wasn't sure if I was just delusional).

When Chris woke up I told him what happened and asked him to look for the spot, it was really hard for him to find. He couldn't even believe the story I was telling him.

I was totally exhausted.

I couldn't believe I had successfully gotten red paint out of the carpet - I totally wish I would have taken a before picture! Dang!

See, I don't always have good days with my kids. This one was definitely going down in the history books.

So, back to the red door...

I finished the third coat the next day and it was looking good!

We got some nice outdoor chairs, red pillows and a small red table for the porch to tie everything together.

Now, I just want to paint the railings white and the shutters black for some contrast and get some new address numbers. Oh, and maybe get some plants that are alive?? Not sure why I kept those dead plants out?


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