Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Coming...

We've been waiting.

Patiently waiting.

And this weekend it finally happened....

the snow, rain and wind stopped, the clouds parted and the sun was shining bright and warmed our faces!

Spring is finally here.

I think I speak for everyone in Wisconsin when I say that it is long overdue. We welcomed it with open arms, with....

A trip to the fruit market

Liam is in a phase where he likes to dress himself, he picked out this outfit, Chris asked me why his pants were hiked up like an old man and he was wearing crocs with socks....he's no Rachel Zoe.

We finally opened the sandbox

if you don't have a head full of sand, you aren't doing it right

Lawnmower rides have returned



Ice cream

Searching for Dinosaur Bones

When the seasons change around here, it's sort of a big deal, especially when one season {ahem, winter} has seemed to go on forever this year.

Change is good. Changing from winter to spring, is very good.

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Friday, April 5, 2013


Dying Easter Eggs

Visiting the Easter Bunny


Liam sat on his lap this year, but couldn't muster up a smile (baby steps), remember last year Lily had to sit by herself.

Greendale Egg Hunt (was moved indoors due to weather)

I need to apologize for this mustache, Chris was in the middle of Mustache March.

Egg Day at the Zoo


We had decided to get rid of Liam's "nookies" (as he calls them) and leave them out for the Easter Bunny (we left Lily's out for Santa and that seemed to be fairly easy). I should have known it wouldn't be as easy with Liam, partly becasue he is older than Lily was when we got rid of them.
We were talking it up to Liam for weeks and told him the Easter Bunny would leave him a big basket filled with goodies and his favorite thing: candy! The night before he helped me collect all his nookies and we put them in a little basket on the fireplace for the Easter Bunny.
The first night wasn't too bad, I rocked him and sang to him for 70 minutes until he fell asleep and then he woke up about 11:00 p.m. and I brought him in bed with me (this happens every night, even with his nookies).
The next morning the little basket of nookies was gone, and Liam had to look for his goodies.

Hunting for Easter Baskets


 Boots photobomb with this behind

Annual Easter Egg Hunt (first year in our new backyard) 

Ready, set...


Miles marched to the beat of his own drum...

This was definitely the first year that my kids "got it", they searched for eggs and were fast, normally Mason is the only one who gets the eggs.

Look at her go!

Miles didn't "get it" yet (maybe next year)

The rest of the day me and my mom made pierogis (and she rolled all the dough, which made it much easier). It was a great Easter.
Operation take the nookies away, has been, well...challenging....Liam has been having lots of temper tantrums, which isn't really common for him at all. I've wanted to give back the nuk several times, but have stayed strong. He is finally napping better again and has started sleeping almost all the way through the night in his own crib, so we will stay strong and keep at it.
I have been on Spring Break this week, which has been awesome to be home. I haven't really done anything, I had planned on painting the kids bathroom and the mudroom, and have just been relaxing instead, I did at least go and purchase the paint, so when I feel like doing it, I have everything ready :)
Hope you had a great Easter!!

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