Wednesday, July 31, 2013

24-25 Weeks

The past couple of weeks I have been trying to get things ready for baby before I go back to work and feel so tired by the end of the day I can't do anything.

That included dragging out the Newborn Girls clothes bin and sorting to see what will work for November for Lydia versus what Lily had for May. I washed everything and it's hanging in her closet.

so, yeah, we have some kids clothes

It also included painting the wood trim in her room and painting the walls.

Before: more beige, dark
Then Chris brought up Lily's old crib and put it together.

After: light, bright and airy
We obviously need a crib mattress. Liam is currently using the only one we own. Even having a third baby, I am still finding stuff we need.
I feel like this is the most we have had done for any of our babies this early (maybe third times a charm?)
We will eventually (before November) need to get new furniture for Lily and then move her dressers into Lydia's room. So for now this is as much progress as we have made. I think it's a good start.
This past weekend I had a "Pregnant Lady" Date with my sister who is due early September and with my best friend, who is due late September. We had pedicures (which were heavenly).
Then there was this FAIL of a picture I took...can you see my toes? Yep, neither can I.

This worked out better.

Afterwards my friend had somewhere to be, so my sister and I went out for lunch and then shopping for babies the rest of the afternoon. It was a lovely relaxing day, I need more of those.

Pregnancy: 25w6d

Weight Gain: 13 pounds

Sleep: Boo. It stinks. I started taking Tylenol PM

Gender: Girl

Name: Lydia Jane

Feeling: My indigestion is awful this pregnancy. Like, I want to vomit it hurts so bad (and sometimes do). I take Zantac twice/day since about 8 weeks, and have had horrible indigestion with both other pregnancies, but Zantac isn't even touching it anymore. So I have moved on to Prevacid, started it today, I'll keep you posted.

Cravings: Because my indigestion is so bad, nothing really sounds appealing to me

Health: At my appt last week my Blood Pressure was 116/62 (still good), but she thought my feet were a little swollen. Other than indigestion and just being overall tired, I feel good.

Movement: Constantly.

Belly:  Big. Round. Itchy.

Frecklestache: It's getting thick.

Current Medications: Arixtra shots once/day in stomach for Factor II, taking prenatal and slow release iron.

Next Appointment: August 22nd Ultrasound, Glucose Test, Routine Visit Best Blogger Tips

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Improvement Project: Kids Bathroom

So, I think I've addressed the fact that since we moved last April I had really done nothing with the new house...until we became pregnant and then I was all "we have to get xyz done before the baby comes!" (I was slightly panicking). So at the beginning of May I started painting rooms. Most of what really needed to get done in the house, was just plain ole painting. I didn't really like the color of any of the rooms, they didn't feel us. The previous owners used a lot of beiges and browns and I understand the monochromatic tone they were going for, but, it's just not us. We are more light and airy people and wanted to basically brighten the whole house up.

So the first room I decided to tackle was the kids bathroom. I mostly had all the accessories in since we moved in, but it needed a new color.

I don't really have a "before" picture for this room, but here are some pictures I found:

this was a picture the previous owners had of the bathroom
I took these two pictures the night we got the keys for the house:

As you can see from the picture the previous owner had, the walls were grey and the counter was terra cotta colored.

This is one of 3 full bathrooms in the house (we also have a half bath as well), and it's on the second floor with all the kids rooms. It was also the only full bathroom that had a bathtub for baths. So it was only fitting that it was going to mainly be the kids bathroom.

Here's a fun fact : The previous owner was an electrician and put in a motion censored light in this bathroom because his daughter always forgot to turn the lights off, so when you walk in it automatically turns on and if you forget to turn it off, it shuts off. That sort of works out perfect for a kids bathroom.

I don't love the terra cotta countertop, but thought I found a shower curtain that would tie the terra cotta in and also provide lots of other colors to work with.

The first order of business was removing the glass shower doors. It was impossible to give the kids a bath with those. So Chris removed them and we put a shower curtain up.

I pretty much just used accessories to bring in color and then painted the walls Watery by Sherwin Williams part of the HGTV home collection.


3 Hooks for their bath towels, Lydia's is already hanging up

the shower curtain ties in the terra cotta counter top and the blue walls


I made that print on the computer and got a cheap frame from IKEA

the Lost Things jar has small items we find like: Tinkerbell's shoes, Petshopper hats, etc., I think the tiny pieces come with girl toys
It's definitely brighter and more colorful and I love that we have one bathroom that is completely devoted to them. Best Blogger Tips

Friday, July 19, 2013

22-23 Weeks

Kids bathroom

I guess you could say I have been "nesting". Since May I have painted the kids bathroom, the mudroom, our study, 2 hallways and Liam's room. And I have finally started painting Lydia's wood trim white and hope to have the walls painted by this weekend. It would have been much easier to paint these rooms last year when we first moved and I wasn't pregnant, but, oh well, I never did, and now I feel like I need to get as much done as possible before Lydia arrives.

I had an appointment with my Hematologist in the beginning of July and my Hemoglobin was starting to drop, so I have started to take slow release iron (I had to do this with Liam as well). Other than that my platelets were still really good and so was my blood pressure, so I just continue with the Arixtra shots every night and then don't see her again until October, at which time we will pick a date before my scheduled C-section to stop the Arixtra shots.

Pregnancy: I'm actually 24w1d, but I will include my 24 week post with 25 weeks

Weight Gain: 11 pounds

Sleep: Well, once I wrote about my horrible pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, I got a suggestion to try some wrist braces at night. I did, I didn't like them at all, but think that if it gets horrible, I will try them again. I made some changes to my desk and keyboard at work, so it has stop happening so much while I am working. And since I have been off in July, it hasn't been happening much at all, but I anticipate once I go back to work it will start up again. My hands also fall asleep while driving my car and holding onto the steering wheel and while holding onto the phone?

Gender: Girl

Name: Lydia Jane

Feeling: Pretty good, but it's been really hot. I have been tired lately, but hopefully once I start taking the iron, my hemoglobin will go up and I will feel like I have more energy. Still having lots of Braxton Hicks.

Cravings: I'm on a kick right now with chocolate custard from Culver's

Health: So far, so good! My Blood pressure has been really good.

Movement: Feeling movement pretty consistently now. Lily even got to feel, what she calls a "bump" from Lydia

Belly:  Big. Round. Itchy.

Frecklestache: We went to the waterpark last week Sunday and I was in the sun all day, and well, you guessed it, I have a full-blown frecklestache.

Current Medications: Arixtra shots once/day in stomach for Factor II, taking prenatal and slow release iron.

Next Appointment: July 25th Routine Visit
                                  August 22nd Ultrasound, Glucose Test, Routine Visit Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saying Good-bye to Preschool

First day of 4K

Last day of 4K

I'm going to miss her taking this little book bag with her to school...

The first week in June Lily finished up her 4K program at Greendale Playschool. She has been there the last 2 years. All the moms were invited the last day to a Mother's Garden Party.

I was totally prepared to cry.

Mason and her are in the same class

They served us fruit punch and cookies they made.  She was very proud.

Then they sat in a group and sang some songs to us. One song was a "I love you mom" song. That was the only time I felt like crying. But the thing that I've learned about myself and Lily in these situations where I feel like I am going to cry because she is growing up and moving on...she is so proud and happy and I feel like if I cried she would be confused and wonder why I was upset, so I held back the tears and tried to swallow the lump in my throat. She always has a way of unknowingly making these situations easier for me.

Mrs. Dankle, her teacher, and her.

I'm not sure she completely grasped the reality that she will not see Mrs. Dankle again or the friends she has made. When I tried to talk to her on the last day about giving hugs and not seeing her friends anymore, she was all "yeah, I know mama!". It made me a little sad that she was leaving her friends and her school, but she seemed totally okay with it.

I'm not sure what expectations I had of Preschool. I knew they would help her learn things like her colors and counting really high and starting to recognize words and encourage reading, but I never thought about how her personality would blossom and she would become who she is going to be.

At her conference in January Mrs. Dankle shared a story with us about her: a little girl in class was having a difficult day and was feeling pretty sad. Lily and the little girl weren't necessarily "good friends", but Mrs. Dankle said that Lily sensed that she was sad and just went up to her and put her arm around her, didn't say anything, but just wanted her to know that she noticed and cared enough to comfort her. When she told us the story that day I almost started crying because I felt so proud of her. Mrs. Dankle ended by saying that Lily is just a really nice and kind girl. Of all the things I ever hoped or dreamed about Lily's personality, I knew in that moment that my dreams had come true. Being nice, it's a completely under rated personality trait, but it's SO important. Above everything else Lily is; funny, empathetic, caring (the list goes on), I want her to be nice to friends and she is.

I remember when she first started Playschool, thinking, "wow, she's already going to preschool". Preschool was a new chapter of learning and new friends, and it felt safe. Kindergarten just seems so big. Kindergarten means a real back pack and a lunch bag or hot lunch and an extensive school supply list and taking the bus and being in a school that goes up to 6th grade and having gym class.

I don't feel ready, but I'm glad she does.

As we close this chapter of preschool I feel a little sad, but I am glad that Lily feels excited for Kindergarten.

She's all registered and ready, I have the school supply list and am actually looking forward to taking her "school supply shopping" (it shouldn't surprise anyone that I loved that as a child).

In 7 short weeks she will start Kindergarten. Best Blogger Tips

Monday, July 1, 2013

20-21 Weeks

The day of our ultrasound we went out to lunch afterwards and then did a little shopping for some new things for the baby, of course I found a thing or two. Afterwards we picked up the kids from my mom's and brought them home to have them open the box to see if they were going to have a little brother or a little sister. They were both really excited.

If you missed that post you can check it out here.

Or get the cliff notes here:

By the way...this is where all the balloons went...

So we are having a girl!!

We are both really excited, I think I am still a little in shock. I plan on doing a post in the future about why I really wanted Lily to have a sister.

Lily wanted a little sister and Liam wanted a little brother. Only one of them got what they wanted, but I am not sure Liam completes grasps the concept yet of the baby in mommy's tummy is going to come out and be a part of our family. I personally think that it will be perfect for Liam to be sandwiched between his sisters. I don't know a lot about the research regarding the "middle child", but I think it's a good thing that he will still be mommy's only little boy and get all the attention he loves and deserves {and requires, ahem}. I am hoping this will also make the transition easier for him, being the only boy, but am still counting on a complete meltdown from him at some point.

And it always amazes me that every baby we have had, the majority of people have been right about guessing the sex of the baby whether it's close family, to friends, to people that follow this blog . Everyone thought we were having a girl, and we are having a girl.

If you missed it, we are naming our girl Lydia.

More about the ultrasound....this baby almost did not show the "goods" and I was seriously thinking, how can I not know until November? The tech kept trying and did all her other measurements and finally was ready to confirm and tell us that she saw the "three line sign" and it was a girl. Everything on Lydia was looking very good and measuring really well. She is approximately 15 ounces (Liam was 1 lb 2 oz at 21 weeks), and her head is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead...what can I say we make babies with huge heads (both L&L always had ginormous heads on the ultrasounds too), sort of a good thing that I don't have to push it out ::yikes:: We have to go back in 8 weeks to get some better pictures of her heart and profile. The tech saw what she needed to see, but couldn't get a picture for my OB.

I mentioned in my last post that I have been having terrible cramps for about 3 weeks, mostly when I get home from work from about 5:00-7:30 p.m. Well, during my ultrasound the tech was like "hey, do you know you are having contractions?" I was all "no, not right now, but at night I have been having really bad cramps". Apparently a contraction shows up in an ultrasound, I told her to show me and it basically looked like a huge white part curving into my uterus. Since I have never been in labor, I really wouldn't even now what a contraction feels like. The next day at my appointment I asked my OB about it (this of course after I was googling preterm labor the entire night before - don't ever do that), he said unless they are taking my breath away and/or I am having spotting/bleeding/pink/tan, then he thinks it's just my uterus growing (isn't my uterus big enough at this point, it has housed 2 babies already? apparently not). If the cramping happens again I am just going to call and get it checked out. In the meantime I am trying to drink more water and plan (since today was my last day of work for summer), to relax.

I need to get more tank tops

Pregnancy: 21w4d

Weight Gain: 11 pounds (I blame the need for 3 Outshine Popsicles per night)

Sleep: Well, once I wrote about my horrible pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, I got a suggestion to try some wrist braces at night. I did, I didn't like them at all, but think that if it gets horrible, I will try them again. I made some changes to my desk and keyboard at work, so it has stop happening so much while I am working. My hands also fall asleep while driving my car and holding onto the steering wheel and while holding onto the phone?

Gender: Girl

Name: Lydia Jane

Feeling: I have a cold, so I feel like crap

Cravings: Still eating a lot of Popsicles and ice cream and pizza

Health: So far, so good! My Blood pressure has been really good.

Movement: It was confirmed at my ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta again (also had one with Liam), so that is why it was taking so long to feel kicks, but I am feeling them constantly now am starting to feel outside kicks, but Chris hasn't felt any yet. It was also confirmed (I had suspicions), that Lydia is feet down and is jumping on my bladder like a trampoline.

Belly:  HUGE

Frecklestache: I'm sure being outside all day on Fourth of July is going to "grow" it like crazy, but  I am combating it with Neutrogena SPF 110

Current Medications: Arixtra shots once/day in stomach for Factor II, taking prenatal and extra Folic Acid for MTHFR

Next Appointment: July 8th Hematologist
                                  July 25th Routine Visit
                                  August 22nd Ultrasound, Glucose Test, Routine Visit

Shortly after they opened the box it became a boat, and then a house and was bedazzled with stickers and markers.

Best Blogger Tips
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