Wednesday, August 14, 2013

26-27 Weeks

I'm pretty sure I am twice the size I was at 27 weeks with Liam, or maybe she is just standing straight out?

First of all....yay for the 3rd trimester!!! If everything goes as planned and I get a c-section on November 1st (the day I am hoping for), I only have 79 days left of this pregnancy, like just over 11 weeks - yikes, that's coming up quick!

In the last two weeks I have gotten ZERO done for Lydia's arrival.

Like, nothing.

I went back to work on August 5th and once I get home I feel done. I feel like a loser for being so tired. Basically all I can do is rest once I get home. Thank goodness Chris has been doing whatever he can to help with the kids and me. He even went to the store and bought Epsom salt the other day because my feet were so swollen from walking around the fair for 6 hours (okay, the cream puff probably didn't help either...or the cheese curds).  He also has been trying to be encouraging....

Besides the normal fatigue, I am feeling pretty good. Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks. 28 weeks is when I went to ER with Lily and was subsequently admitted to the ICU for a blood clot, then transferred to Labor & Delivery with pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome and stayed there until she arrived at 31 weeks.

I am feeling grateful that I am doing as well as I am this time around and am very conscious that I am on "borrowed time". I don't know what it is, but I just have a really good feeling that this time around I am going to be able to work all the way up until my all the most of the other moms I know!

Last week Wednesday night after working a 12-hour day I got home and there were 2 beautiful pink Gymboree boxes waiting for me from my Aunt and my cousin - it made my night. Oh, and the hat, I just about died. How cute? You know I am obsessed with hats and Gymboree and butt ruffles.

Pregnancy: 27w6d

Weight Gain: 13 pounds

Sleep: Actually since I am back to work I am so exhausted that I am sleeping really good

Gender: Girl

Name: Lydia Jane

Feeling: Well, remember my last post when I was talking about my terrible indigestion and how it was making me feel awful. I started Prevacid that day and OH.MY.WORD. it's apparently a miracle drug that I knew nothing about. And I couldn't have started it at a better time. We went to the fair and I was worried about what I would be able to eat, but my cheese curds made my belly happy! So, basically I love Prevacid!

Cravings: Because I can eat anything...I have been...lately Qdoba veggie burritos are my favorite (even with Pico de Gallo and no indigestion!)

Health: Since I have been back to work my feet have been pretty swollen every night, so I have been elevating them almost every night. Other than that and being tired and randomly puking the other day, I feel good.

Movement: Constantly.

Belly:  It's out of control.

Frecklestache: I seriously need to do something about it because I have a maternity photo shoot coming up and I just don't think I look to wonderful with a mustache.

Current Medications: Arixtra shots once/day in stomach for Factor II, taking prenatal and slow release iron and Prevacid my new favorite thing in the whole wide world!!!

Next Appointment: August 22nd Ultrasound, Glucose Test, Routine Visit Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home Improvement Project: Mudroom/Laundry Room

Let me just say first how excited I was when we looked at this house and there was a place to dump everything when we walked in the door. From the garage you walk into this room. Which is basically the Laundry Room, but is big enough to double as a Mudroom. In our old house you literally just walked right into our kitchen. It always seemed like we all stopped on the little carpet and piled up on each other as we took of shoes/boots and coats. I hated it. So I was overjoyed with this room.

But the thing about our old house versus our new house...yeah, it's bigger, but I feel like it's way less organized than our little house was. In our small house, we slowly accumulated things and found an appropriate spot for things as we accumulated them. In this house we moved everything, unpacked and I don't feel like I had time to really figure out good spots for things, and that is my #1 rule for staying organized, everything must have a place, and that is how things stay clean and neat. Our mudroom...yeah, it wasn't so organized. Please don't judge.
After a year of moving in...are stuff still looked like we just dumped it in there.

It was time to get something in place to organize shoes and coats and everything else in there. The two walls that could be used for storing things, were very short (so basically not a lot of space). I knew I was going to have to be very smart about what we used in there. I also knew that I definitely wanted to paint the cabinets white and use an airy color on the walls to brighten it up, as the only window in the space is really small and it gets very dark in there, not good when I am searching for stains to treat on my kids clothes.

On the wall above I had toyed with the idea of getting a bench with three storage bins underneath (for each child) and then hooks above, but that just didn't seem like enough storage space, when you consider mittens and hats and boots everything else we needed to grab on the go. So that option was out.

Here is the list of how I knew I needed this room to function for us:
  • Place for mail
  • Place for my purse
  • Place for keys
  • Place for adult shoes
  • Place for kids shoes, that they could get to and put away themselves
  • Place for adult coats
  • Place for kids coats with hooks low enough that they could hang the coats/bags themselves
  • Place for mittens/hats in winter and swimsuits/swim diapers in summer
  • Place for diaper bags
  • Place for swim towels
  • Place for diapers/wipes to grab on the go
I did lots of research and came up with some ideas:

I thought this Expedit shelving unit from IKEA turned on it's side would work for one of the walls with baskets for the kids shoes. And then hooks above for our coats. The only problem was when we measured it, it wasn't going to fit on the wall - dang! It was about 2 inches too long and would have looked really dumb. So we kept searching for something similar.

I've known for a long time that if I had a chance to use this Hemnes shoe cabinet from IKEA, I was going to, basically because it is awesome. We had a short wall that needed something very thin on it for storage, this was perfect.

For the center of the room I wanted a really nice jute rug that would hide dirt and be durable for the winter months (and dirty kids shoes) and it was going to need to be a circle because of the small space of the room. This one is from World Market.

On Mother's Day Lily started to help me paint the walls. We used White Lagoon by Glidden. It actually has  blue shade to it, so it's not really white.

Already looking brighter.

Chris took off the cabinet doors and sanded them for me so I could paint them.

I had to paint them in the garage because May was a very rainy month. I think I did about five light coats with a foam roller, so that there was no streaking.

He took off all the hardware and I spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Metallic Old Rubbed Bronze so that it would match the hardware on the IKEA shoe rack.


White cabinets and brighter walls. The cabinets above the washer and dryer have beach towels in them and the cabinet above the utility sink holds all our laundry detergent and there is still room to put things. On top of the dryer one of the glass jars holds our dryer sheets and the other one holds laundry detergent.

A place for our coats, kids shoes, mail (in the basket on top of the shelf), somewhere to put my purse and room for boots and lunch boxes. There is also two baskets for swim stuff (which will be changed out for mittens and hats in winter). Lily and Liam each have a basket (Lily has two) of shoes that they both can get to and put them away (and do).

In the drawer under the dryer are all our diaper bags. I have several diaper bags for all our different needs and now they are all together, so I can just pull what I need and fill it up.

On this wall (which is the shortest and is between two doors, so I couldn't really put anything that stuck way out), we used the shoe rack for the adult shoes.  In the small top drawer we have our keys.

don't worry, there is a closet around the corner filled with more shoes

Also, in the small spot to the right we placed hooks for the kids stuff that they could reach, so they could hang up their own coats.

I still haven't gotten the rug, but plan to. But overall, I am really happy with this room, and it feels so much better walking into the house and having a place for everything. I know once the kids get bigger, we will need to redefine the space again (bigger shoes and coats), but for now this works for us.

*****Updated May 2014*******\
I will do a complete post on the update (eventually), but we did purchase a new rug and we ended up getting the expedit shelving system from IKEA (because we are in love with the one in the playroom).

Just to see how dramatic, let's look again:

Another room almost complete.

Just hustling our buns before Lydia arrives.

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