Wednesday, September 11, 2013

28-31 Weeks

I have lots to update on, it's been 3 weeks since I've done a pregnancy update - geesh!

We've been busy, my nephew Maxton was born at the end of August and Lily started Kindergarten, and in between all that, the school I work at started back up, so I have been working...A LOT.

My last appointment at 29 weeks went really well. First of all, I passed my Glucose test, which means I don't have Gestational Diabetes - woohoo!

In other news they did a growth ultrasound on Lydia at that same appointment to make sure she is still measuring on track and isn't having Inuterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) like Lily...and guess what? She is in the 95th percentile!! Yikes, so she is totally NOT having IUGR. I am slightly concerned she might be 10 pounds or something? Also, they needed better pictures of her heart and they were able to see that everything is looking perfect. Now, back to the 95th percentile....her head was measuring 2 weeks ahead, not a big surprise because Lily and Liam both had huge heads, that's just how the Karczewski's roll. Her legs were in the 95th percentile and her stomach in the 89th. All those measurements are what they use to determine what percentile she is in.

Of course, since Chris and I are such great parents, I started calling her Monster Baby and Chris started calling her Gigantor (we are terrible people). I have since dropped the nickname (I don't want her to have a complex). Chris hasn't called her Lydia since the appointment.

Other great news: I passed 31 weeks last week Thursday, that is the day that Lily was born. Also, tomorrow is 32 weeks and that is the day I was put on bedrest with Liam, I don't anticipate that happening at all, based on how good I am feeling. I haven't had one high blood pressure yet.

We did a maternity photo shoot last weekend. It was crazy humid and my hair just kept growing, I couldn't conceal my frecklestache and I am huge, so we will see how they turn out. Since I never did them with Lily & Liam and this is going to be our last baby, I thought we should do it this time around.

Oh, and this officially is scheduled:

So, Lydia will be born on November 1st. That's in like 7 weeks. I really need to get moving on things.

Since I am carrying such a large baby, I am feeling very large these days.

Pregnancy: 31w6d

Weight Gain: 12 pounds

Sleep: Still sleeping really good, I have been working a lot of overtime with the start of school and am pretty tired by the time I get home

Gender: Girl

Name: Lydia Jane

Feeling: Pretty good

Cravings: Cinnamon Teddy Grahams

Health: My last appointment at 29 weeks my blood pressure was 110/62, still doing really well. I have reached the stage in the third trimester where I could randomly sleep anywhere and am out of breath again, but overall I am really happy with how I am feeling

Movement: She is not moving as much, possible because she has no room, because apparently she is big {see paragraph four above}

Belly:  It's out of control {see paragraph four above}

Frecklestache: Still happening.

Current Medications: Arixtra shots once/day in stomach for Factor II, taking prenatal and slow release iron (they upped the dosage of my iron at my last appointment because my Hemoglobin was still low) and Prevacid my new favorite thing in the whole wide world!!!

Next Appointment: Tomorrow, routine visit Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Somehow 5 years have gone by.

I don't know how it happened....or at least, how it happened so fast?

But Lily started Kindergarten this year.

The thought of Kindergarten didn't seem to scare Lily or even phase her. Mostly because I think she had no idea what the word "Kindergarten" meant. But I did. And it scared me.

I work in an elementary school, in the office. I know pretty much everything that happens in an elementary school. What I know most is that every adult that works in an elementary school cares about the kids that go to the school, so much that each day they put the kids needs before their own and it's not only the teachers, it's the counselors and the custodians and the Principal and even the office staff. That wasn't why I was scared. I knew she would be well taken care of.

At the end of last year I was puked on in the Nurse's room by a little boy that was very sick, he threw up all over my feet, I had sandals on and I was pregnant, I wanted to puke too....but I didn't, as I felt it squishing between my toes and inhaled the smell, I took care of him as best I could and then told my co-worker that she was going to have to take over and washed vomit out of my toes, while trying not to puke myself. The little boy had no idea I wanted to throw-up too or that the smell was making my stomach turn. I comforted him and told him it was going to be okay, because that is what you do when you work in a school.

So, I know that schools are good and people that work in schools are good people. What scared me? Knowing that everyday Lily would go and I would have no idea how her day was going or if she was feeling happy or sad, or worse, if she was feeling sad, I wasn't going to be able to fix it. I am scared of the first time some other kid is going to make her feel bad. I am scared of her feeling scared and insecure.

And then there was the bus...the bus scared me as a child and I was terrified of sending Lily on it. But, we have no choice. Thank goodness that her school obviously knew there were a lot of crazy parents like me that were terrified of the bus and they tried to hold our hands through it.

About a two weeks before school started we attended Bus Night for Kindergartners. We took Lily and met all the other terrified parents {I think I was the only parent that was actually terrified} and their kids in the gym. A bus driver was there with someone from the bus company and they talked to us about bus safety and how we didn't need to be worried, then they showed a short video for the kids about bus safety.

Afterwards the kids got to ride the bus around the block.

Lily was super excited.

After they got off the bus the Principal gave them popsicles (they sure know how to score points with kids). 

She asked me to take this picture

After that night I was feeling a little better. The school I work at doesn't even do that, so that scored lots of points with me. 

The week before school started we attended Meet Your Teacher night. This year Lily and Mason are in different classes and have different teachers. I was nervous for Lily that she wouldn't know anyone and might feel shy. 

Her teacher had a cute little scavenger hunt for around the classroom where Lily had to put some of her supplies away and find different things. 

Lily could have cared less about the Scavenger Hunt, she just wanted to play. 

Her teacher was super nice. So I was feeling even better after that night. 

The bubblers were the highlight of the evening. 

The weekend before school started we got everything ready for her big day.

She wanted to bring cold lunch. I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, but ended up just making a list of things that I know Lily loves and will eat and we are just going to rotate them in her lunches.

Our Lunch List:
Chocolate Milk
String Cheese/Yogurt
Sweet Treat

Pretzels/Popcorn/Goldfish/Teddy Grahams

The night before school, after she took a bath, she painted her toenails.

It seemed like for at least a month leading up until the first day, like most parents, Chris and I had been talking up school. And we had been trying to remind her of things like "tell your teacher if you have to go potty" or "remember to say excuse me if you burp or toot", say "please and thank you". 

One night before I put her to bed I was telling her about how much I thought she was going to love school. I told her about all the things she was going to learn like reading, and how that would change her life. I told her about gym and music and art. I told her how much I loved school. She told me that she knew art was going to be her favorite thing and then she asked me if I liked art in school. I almost started to cry, it was so sweet. She has no idea how much I loved it and that I went to college and was an Art Major. It touched me so deep that I wanted to cry. After I kissed her goodnight and left the room, I did cry. 

Sending her to Kindergarten was something that I knew was going to be hard. I kept a brave face always in front of Lily and always talked about how exciting it was going to be and what an adventure she was going to have. But, I knew deep inside that it was going to be hard, for me. But Lily going to Kindergarten isn't about me, it's about her, and I definitely didn't want her to feel my sadness or fears. 

The night before Kindergarten, I felt like Chris and I had done everything we could to prepare her and prep her and there was nothing more we could do. From here on out a lot was going to be out of our control. 

she ate that entire bowl of apples after school the first week

The next morning came and she woke up excited. I am so happy she was so excited about school. I don't even know what kind of a basket case I would have been if she was scared. And I hadn't let on to any of my anxieties or fears, I acted excited and happy that she was going, and I was, but I was scared too. 

But then I had to leave and kiss her goodbye. And the moment I got in my car and drove away from our house, the tears came...they came so hard. I hated that I wasn't going to see her get on the bus and wasn't going to be there when she got home. I hated that I wouldn't be able to call during the day and see how her day was going. I hated that I couldn't protect her. And, I don't know why but anytime I have to think about letting go of her, I always think about her time in the NICU, and how much it hurt and I had no control of what was happening to her, and those feelings all come rushing back. So, I cried and cried and cried and cried. Until I got to my school, where I put makeup on and then tried to be present for the first day of school at my school.

{After Lily was born and my maternity leave was over and the first day I came back to work and was crying, I remember a co-worker (who was a mother of twenty-somethings) telling me that being a mom is so hard, it is a series of letting go, letting go to go back to work, letting go to have someone else care for your baby, and the first day of Kindergarten I had to let her go again. Letting go is hard.}

Chris took her to the bus stop and with his shift changing this month (yes, you read that right, and I am so excited), he should be able to take her almost everyday.

They met Billie, Steve, Mason, Miles and Maxton there.

What!!?? I still have 3 more years before I have to let him go...

Chris said she was excited and wasn't scared. She is so brave!

And she was off.

Chris and Billie met them at the school for the Tears & Cheers party (a party for parents, because let's face it, we need it more than they do). They met them at the bus and were allowed to walk them into the classrooms.

She put her things in her cubby...

Made her lunch choice...

And said goodbye to her daddy.

Chris and Billie went to the library where the Principal and Associate Principal tried to make everyone feel better, I think that was nice.

That whole day went by. I did okay, I was sad, but I didn't die. Chris was fine, he even had a Zoo day with Liam. 

And Lily got off the bus with a smile. 

I am so proud of her!

She loves school.

We are slowly hearing bits and pieces of her day. It sounded like her and Mason didn't sit together at lunch and they tried to play together at recess but he was doing the monkey bars and Lily said she could only do two and then she played by herself. That sort of hurt my heart, but the thing is, Lily is okay with playing by herself. She is finding her way and I know that she will make friends. I am so glad that she is so confident and doesn't care what other people think. On Wednesday when I asked her how school went, she told me she tooted and said excuse me. She cracks me up! Thursday when she came home she told Liam he needed to sit on a "rainbow" carpet and keep his hands and feet to himself and use an inside voice. So, I know that she is listening and learning and can't wait to "teach" her brother things when she gets home (or at least boss him around for a little bit). She checked out two library books already and wanted us to read them to her. She has ideas about what she wants to bring for snack. This week I am taking her to a Girl Scout meeting to see if she feels like she wants to join.

She is growing up.

It is going too fast.

She is ready and excited.

I am still sad to let her go.

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