Thursday, October 31, 2013

39 Weeks: The Night Before Lydia Arrives

I finished up my last day of work on Wednesday and let me tell you, it felt really good to walk out of work knowing I left things in a good place. The past two pregnancies, I left work one day and never returned, that always left me feeling guilty about how things were going at work. This time felt much better.

I am not having as many worrisome feelings about how another baby will affect our family as I did before Liam's arrival. After you have your first baby and are waiting for your second to arrive, I think every mother goes through feelings of "how can I possibly love another baby as much?", but you can, and I know that this time around. Some how, some way your heart just grows bigger and bigger with each baby.

I am having some worrisome feelings about how Liam is going to handle things. Lily, she's sort of a pro...

Lily & baby Maxton

Liam, well, he is very dependent on me and I am worried about how he is going to feel about another baby taking my time away from him. I have presents ready and we have been talking up the "Big Brother" role, but I am prepared for a lot of growing pains and I am scared he is going to have some hurt feelings.

I have also had irritational worries about birth marks, fingers and toes and just something going wrong in general. Tomorrow I know I am going to have some worries when we walk into the operating room (it always brings back memories of Lily's birth).

I can't believe that this pregnancy is coming to and end. There was talk about a fourth baby for a while, but I am almost 100% positive that Lydia is going to be our last baby. That is bittersweet. But, this pregnancy has made me feel better about the decision. There have been things this time around that have happened to my body, that are just I haven't been able to put my own socks on for weeks and I can't bend to pick up toys. I think I am just getting too old to carry anymore babies.

Of course I am going to miss my belly, not the fact that I can't reach anything because of it, but the feeling that only I can feel, her on the inside, knowing she's always with me, that I am keeping her safe, that is something I will miss feeling again.


I wish I could tell you I had a completely relaxing day off of work...but it went down more like this:

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and started cleaning my house like a mad woman. Because apparently I am crazy, or pregnant.

Got ready, tried to shave my legs.

Took Lily to the bus stop.

Went to Target to get a new monitor for Liam and groceries.

Met my sister for a pedicure. Had a lot of explaining to do about the condition of my toes and how I haven't been able to touch them. Also had to explain why they looked like Hobbit feet. Luckily the manicurist didn't bring out a chisel or blow torch. But she did recommend that I upgrade to get a paraffin wax - whatever it takes, I agreed.

Ran additional errands, that resulted in more swelling of my hands, feet and face and just an overall feeling of discomfort.

Came home and the monitor doesn't work - awesome!

Call my sister to vent my frustrations and to tell her that my feet have only gotten bigger since I've seen her. She can't believe it.

Clean house, do laundry, pick Lily up from bus stop.

Go to dinner with Chris, Lily and Liam to PF Chang's. Can't finish my food because I am huge and uncomfortable and can feel that my feet might be ripping my shoes off.

Fall asleep on the car ride home.

Put Big Sister and the Little Brother to sleep.

Realize I still have a million things to do and my feet are even BIGGER!

One of those things is finally packing my bag. I wonder why I didn't tackle this weeks ago?

Take my blood pressure just to be sure nothing like pre-eclampsia is going on - and it's through the roof. Not good.

Weigh myself to see if I am retaining water and realize that I have gained 9 pounds since Tuesday morning. Yikes!

At least I have less than 10 hours to go at this point.

I also realized that I somehow never pre-registered with the hospital, I hope my nurse doesn't hate me.

So, things went well today :)


I am happy and grateful that I made it this far and pray that everything goes great tomorrow. We are really excited to meet her and see who she looks like, what her personality will be like and how Lily and Liam will love her.

Lily is super excited and keeps counting down the days, when she came off the bus today the first thing she said to me was "Lydia comes tomorrow!". And Liam knows she is coming and is excited, and I hope he still is when he realizes she is staying with us forever.

Tomorrow our family will grow bigger and so will our hearts!!!


Pregnancy: 39 weeks

Weight Gain: 24 pounds - yes I have gained 9 pounds since Tuesday!

Sleep: Still not very good, it's uncomfortable and the pressure doesn't let up while I'm sleeping.

Gender: Girl

Name: Lydia Jane

Feeling: Right now, I feel pretty miserable.

Cravings: I am still craving a margarita!

Health: I have had really bad swelling since Tuesday. Nothing was really alarming to me because my blood pressure has been fine, until tonight, but I have less than 10 hours until my section.

Movement: Movements are now big and I feel like my whole body moves when she does.

Belly:  It is stretched as far as it can go.

Frecklestache: Dare I say, it might actually be gone!

Current Medications: I stopped Arixtra on Tuesday night to prepare for my C-section.

Next Appointment: Tomorrow! Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lydia's Room

Fortunately our new house has four bedrooms, so there was an extra bedroom to turn into a nursery for Lydia.

I really wanted to get new nursery bedding for Lydia, because we already have her big girl bedding (remember Lily had two beds in her room in our old house) and I wanted to do the room in a way that it could transition easily to "big girl", but opted to use the bedding I had from Lily's old room. Mostly because my mom bought it for us, I loved it and it was very expensive (like $400), so why would I spend more money (it is the Isabella line by Glenna Jean).

I painted the room in July while I was off of work and also painted the wood trim white. Then we had to buy Lily new furniture for her room, so we could use her furniture in the nursery.

We have been doing a little bit here and there since then. And it's not completely finished (I still need to order her wall letters for above her crib), but it is pretty much done. And I know better than anyone that you don't have to have a nursery done before your baby comes (remember Lily's nursery wasn't even cleaned out, painted, no furniture ordered....nothing, when she was born, and everything turned out just fine.)



We moved the glider that I have rocked all our babies in, into her room...

imagine wall letters above the crib
I took some pictures that Lily had in her old nursery and used the frames...

to make this...

Please note: she also has an entire drawer full of Christmas outfits!!

I love sitting in the nursery in the night with the soft lights on, rocking in the glider and dreaming about Lydia.

I love walking into this room, knowing she will fill it with her little life and memories soon.

Her nursery is all set for her to come home to....
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Monday, October 28, 2013


The colors change, the weather finally breaks and we experience the sights, tastes and sounds of fall in Wisconsin. Pumpkins, all things orange, crispy leaves falling and crunching beneath our feet, the smell of campfires in the air, getting to wear sweaters and baking with canned pumpkin, many of the reasons why I love fall.

Annual trip to the Pumpkin Farm


Maxton's head


Littlest Pumpkin in the Patch

Boo at the Zoo


Fall Fest at Mason & Lily's School

Trick or Treat

Day 1

Day 2

Lily was the last one going when everyone else turned back and she conquered the biggest Spooktacular house that she had been eyeing up all month, she went up to the door all by herself and then talked about how brave she was for about an hour :)

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