Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lydia's Room

Fortunately our new house has four bedrooms, so there was an extra bedroom to turn into a nursery for Lydia.

I really wanted to get new nursery bedding for Lydia, because we already have her big girl bedding (remember Lily had two beds in her room in our old house) and I wanted to do the room in a way that it could transition easily to "big girl", but opted to use the bedding I had from Lily's old room. Mostly because my mom bought it for us, I loved it and it was very expensive (like $400), so why would I spend more money (it is the Isabella line by Glenna Jean).

I painted the room in July while I was off of work and also painted the wood trim white. Then we had to buy Lily new furniture for her room, so we could use her furniture in the nursery.

We have been doing a little bit here and there since then. And it's not completely finished (I still need to order her wall letters for above her crib), but it is pretty much done. And I know better than anyone that you don't have to have a nursery done before your baby comes (remember Lily's nursery wasn't even cleaned out, painted, no furniture ordered....nothing, when she was born, and everything turned out just fine.)



We moved the glider that I have rocked all our babies in, into her room...

imagine wall letters above the crib
I took some pictures that Lily had in her old nursery and used the frames...

to make this...

Please note: she also has an entire drawer full of Christmas outfits!!

I love sitting in the nursery in the night with the soft lights on, rocking in the glider and dreaming about Lydia.

I love walking into this room, knowing she will fill it with her little life and memories soon.

Her nursery is all set for her to come home to....
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