Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lydia 3 Months

Lydia was 3 months on February 1st (I know February is almost half over)

Weight: 13.8 pounds (71st%)
Height: 23.5 inches (38th%)
Clothes: 3-6 Months

Being held
Her thumb (possibly a close second to nursing)
Talking to you face-to-face
Warm baths
Sleeping at night (shhh...don't tell anyone or it will stop happening)

Not a big fan of:
Anyone putting her down

She is growing fast (too fast for me) and is hitting all her milestones. She started sleeping through the night again right about a week before I went back to work (and oh do I love her for that!) and she is sleeping about 10-11 hours each night swaddled in a Miracle Blanket in her Rock 'n Play. I have no intentions of transitioning her to the crib as long as she is sleeping so well in the Rock 'n Play.

I just love her cheeks!!!

You want to pinch them, come on...

How can you not love this little face?

And her smile!!!!!

She loves her sister and brother and they love her so much...

If you are able to have more than one it. Yes there will be fighting and chaos and you will be busier than you ever imagined you could be and will never be able to use the bathroom privately again.

But then there are these moments...and they make it all worth it.

She loves talking to herself and looking at herself in the mirror

We found one kind of nuk that she doesn't completely hate...but she doesn't love it either.

But, her favorite thing to suck on is her thumb....this is our first thumb sucker. For now it is a good thing, but I am worried about how you ever wean your child off their own thumb.

She is getting better and better with tummy time (it still ends in tears, but she tries a lot longer than she used to) and is starting to raise her head very high...

Even smiling during tummy time instead of screaming...

She is definitely trying to grasp at things and bring them to her mouth and has started holding on to her bottle (but can't control it yet). Growing up too fast!!!

She has the prettiest eyelashes, they curl up perfectly...

She had her first snow adventure...

Lily & Liam loved pushing her all around

Liam was having a meltdown because he wanted to pull her

Her third month in weeks:

Growing too fast, but just perfectly, Happy 3 Months Liddy Lu!!!

Photo shoot, photo bombs by Big Sister and Big Brother (they love helping with photo shoots)...

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Little Sweethearts

Lydia's First Valentine's Day!

Her Valentine's box for school was super serious business....


I love holidays...

Have a sweet Valentine's Day!!!

Lydia's 3 month post will be up this weekend... Best Blogger Tips
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