Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lydia 5 Months

Lydia was 5 months old on April 1st...

Height: 25 inches (46th%)
Weight: 16 pounds (72nd%)
Head: all my kids heads are huge

I mean...this is the cutest face you've ever seen, right?

You might notice she has a lot of scabs from scratches on her face. She has horrible eczema and she scratches her face a lot. She also has it really bad on her wrists and ankles. We are doing oatmeal baths and using eczema wash and cream. Every morning she pretty much has a new little cut on her head from itching in the night...poor thing.

In the last month she has made leaps in bounds....

She started sitting....

She also has started "levitating"...she tries to get into a sitting position from laying, like a sit-up (it doesn't work), but she is sure working that core of hers. Our pediatrician saw her do it at her last appointment and was laughing.

She is still super curious and really loves playing with Lily and Liam. She loves to watch them. loves when they talk to her and just overall is all smiles when they are around.

this is the strangest baby toy we have

Her exersaucer blows her mind and she is starting to want to be in it longer and longer. She purposefully pushes the buttons on things now and tries to play with things.

She is talking up a storm. She screeches and yells a lot. Sometimes in the early morning she wakes up and talks to herself for a while.

Speaking of sleep (maybe we weren't), she is still not sleeping through the night. But it is getting much better since I started putting her down earlier. She is only waking 1-2 times per night now and is nursing and then going right back to sleep. For awhile she was waking up and staying up almost the entire night crying {this sucked by the way} and sometimes Chris would have to take her into the basement to hold her, just so I wouldn't hear the crying and could get 1-2 hours of sleep before work. So, so, so glad we are out of that phase, I was started to feel insane from sleep deprivation (it's a form of torture you know?).

We were finally able to get out of the house this last month and take Lydia on a walk - yeah!! Nothing like fresh air, it's been a long winter.

sucking on her thumb

We experimented with rice cereal, but she wasn't into it, so that was the end of that, for now.

She still loves nursing and her thumb more than anything.

Her 5th month in weeks:

Not sure how much longer the blocks are going to last...

Happy 5 Months Liddy Lu!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Home Improvement Project: Liam's Room

since this picture has been taken we have ditched the changing pad, Liam is almost 100% potty-trained

This is the after pic, but first let's take a look at the transformation...

This wasn't really a "project". Liam's room mostly just needed paint. Nonetheless, it is another room I can "check-off" the list. Except that Chris and I have decided to paint all of the woodwork in the entire house white, so Liam's room will need that done at some point, but we are taking it slow. 


These pictures were taken right after we moved in. So you will see that there is nothing up on his walls yet, the previous owner's valance is still up and the glider is still in his room.

Liam has one of the darkest rooms in the entire house, just because of where it is in the house, it doesn't get much light and the dark beige it was painted wasn't helping it.

Remember, we like bright and light?

So, last summer I started painting it while I was pregnant (remember I went crazy and painted 5 rooms + a hallway while I was pregnant..okay, you probably don't remember, but I do).

We didn't get anything new for his room, it's all his old furniture, bedding and stuff from his old room in our old house.

since this picture has been taken we have ditched the changing pad, Liam is almost 100% potty-trained

It's not going to be looking this way for too much longer...we plan to transition him to a full-size bed this summer, but for now his room is pretty much done.

Another room almost's only been almost 2 years since we moved :)

Source List, in case you are looking to do an airplane room:

Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids
Tin Airplane Signs: Amazon
Airplane Throw Pillow: Amazon
LIAM Wall Letters: Restoration Hardware
Hanging Airplane Mobile: Pottery Barn Kids
Metal Hanging Airplanes: Hobby Lobby
Anywhere Chair: Pottery Barn Kids
Lamp/Lamp Shade: Pottery Barn Kids
Curtains/Curtain Rods: Target
Airplane Print: Online print place??? Framed with Micheal's Frame Best Blogger Tips
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