Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lydia 7 Months

I forgot to do her 7 month chair picture (I will do it this week - promise).

Height: 26.75 in
Weight: 18.4 pounds
Clothes: 6-9 months

Well, she is still cute as can be. How can this sweet baby girl already be 7 months old!!!

We have been spending more time outside and she has just been going with the flow. I have to say that she was a little fussy when she was first born and she seems to be totally grown out of it as of late.

She is easy. Super easy. She just chills.

Her new crinkled nose smile, it cracks me up.

I know I say this about all my kids as babies, but she is the most smiley baby.

Just chillin' in our new Joovy Ultralight Sit and Stand. I fought Chris hard to get this stroller. He fought back that we didn't need it as we already have 4 strollers. I was super mad about it.

Well, now we have 5 strollers.

She is still eating baby food, but really prefers finger food and loves to eat. She has started on yogurts now and is eating soft apple pieces, steamed carrot pieces, green bean pieces, puffs, mum mums, pretty much anything she can get her hands on. When you bring out the puffs she goes crazy for them! She is still nursing and I am still pumping, I can't believe it's been 7 months of pumping already, that is going fast.

She is saying dada and mama and that's pretty much it. She has a new laugh that isn't really a laugh, just heavy breathing, it's funny and she crinkles her nose when she does it.

She is trying to grab everything from a sitting position and is coming out of sitting to get things, but no movement in the crawling department yet, as soon as she is up on all fours she always lifts her right hand up and around and rolls out of it onto her back.

Still sucking her thumb and LOVES her taggies blankets (I bought 2 now....in case, heaven forbid one gets lost or left at Nana's). She is napping in her crib and it was no problem to move her in there. She is still sleeping in the Rock N Play at night. She has no problem putting herself to bed at all, I think she actually prefers it when I lay her down awake and she sucks her thumb and rubs her blanket on her face and falls right asleep.

Okay, I have to whisper this next statement, lean in really close so you can hear me: I don't want to say this out loud, but someone, you might know who I am talking about...well, she's been ####### through the night.

I can't say the word and I can't say it out loud because I am afraid....afraid it will end...it's been 6 nights (I am keeping track on the calendar), I know it could end any night now, but for now...mama feels good and it makes such a difference.

Her 7th month in weeks:

We are so lucky she is ours! And that we have three beautiful kids, they are all great and amazing and impress me everyday :)

I'm having to move the blocks away because as soon as she seems them, all bets are off...her eyes are always on the blocks!

I love seeing her in all of Lily's old clothes. Everything she is wearing in this entire post was Lily's. I love bringing out the bins and seeing it all again. It brings back memories of when Lily was a baby (now she's so grown up!) It is sweet to see another one of my babies wearing all this. I still remember when I bought outfits  for Lily and how I picked them out. And I remember things we received as gifts. Katie ~ I love that brown outfit and the Aunt Jamima hat (that's what Chris calls it) and you got it for Lily for her first birthday! Best Blogger Tips

Monday, June 2, 2014

Easter: 2014

Easter 2014, also known as Lydia's First

Spring Break this year for Lily and I was the week before Easter, so we filled the time with lots of egg decorating, egg hunts more egg decorating, some baking and being outside. It was so nice to have off with the kids, bonus...I was off for my birthday.

She was close to the action

Melting crayons on warm eggs...pinterest find, I don't come up with this stuff on my own people.

That's a mustache...inspired by her dad.

Walking to my sister's to feed her cat and fish while they were in Florida on the beach.

She was big enough for the big part of the stroller!

Greendale's Candy Hunt...this year Lily and Liam were at separate spots (based on ages), so I was with Lily and Chris went with Liam and my mom stayed in the car with Lydia.

She's getting smart, she ran all the way out to the back and worked her way forward.

Egg Day at the Zoo

Lydia's first time at the zoo

In this picture Lily is the horse

Liam had to have a turn at being the horse too

Easter Sunday

Looking for baskets...

Lydia's basket was hiding in plain sight, it took them a while to find it.

Everyone got sunglasses and swim suits.

Lydia and Maxton's First Easter

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

This year there were clues to find their baskets first, Mason and Lily loved figuring them out. And each of them were assigned a certain color egg to look for this year, to keep it fair.

The babies relaxed while the other kids ran hysterically to find their eggs.

 And because it was super warm finally, the kids shed their clothes, put on their new suits and ran through the sprinkler.

2014 Easter Bunny Picture

Look at this handsome Devil!

Waiting their turn for the Bunny...

 She smiled and laughed!


So, these masks are slightly creepy, right?

In case you were wondering why I can't get group shots...

OMG! Watch Mason's eyes in this one - hysterical!

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