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Lydia 8 Months

Height: 26.75 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Clothes: 6-9 or 6-12 months

Does it get any cuter than this???


When we found out we were having a girl, this was the first outfit I bought, just for her :)

Love, love, love her eyelashes...

She has become a really good sleeper! And is all smiles after a nap or in the morning. She has to have her taggie blanket though to rub her fingers on.

She has two teeth! On June 29th her lower right cut through and the next day her lower left was through. I had no indication that she was getting any teeth any time soon. The night before I realized she had a tooth, she woke up at 4:15 to nurse, which is unusual, because the last month she has been sleeping through the night from about 6pm-7am. So, since she woke up, I checked her mouth in the morning and was completely surprised to find a tooth!!

She loves food...but I have a major update on the food front...we think she might have an egg allergy. Last week we were getting ready to leave to take Lily to art class and I had made cinnamon raisin french toast...I took cinnamon raisin bread and dipped it in an egg wash to make it. I gave some to Liam and then cut some up in pieces and gave some to Lydia, she ate them all and then I picked her up to put her in her carrier.

I noticed that her mouth and hands were really red, but she has super sensitive skin, so I didn't really think much of it. I loaded all of them up in the car and we headed to Lily's art class. While I was driving Lydia started crying and I could see that she was swatting and itching her face. Lily said "um, mama, something is wrong with Lydia's face" The drive from our house to the class was 10 minutes.

When we pulled up, I checked on Lydia first thing. Her face was red and completely swollen, I could hardly see her eyes, her face was so big, and her ears were so swollen, she looked like Shrek. NOT GOOD! I called my pediatrician and left a message on the nurse line, that I was super concerned that my daughter was having a severe allergic reaction. Took Lily into class and basically left her at the door and ran back out to the car to get Lydia strapped back in, I figured I was going to need to be taking her somewhere quick.

My pediatrician's office called back and I was already driving and they asked about her breathing - WHAT!! Her breathing hadn't even occurred to me. I told her that I could still hear her crying, but that I was driving. They told me that I needed to come right in because they were worried about anaphylaxis and that the reaction happened so fast and she was so young they were very concerned. I told them I was at least 25 minutes from their office. They then advised me to go to Children's ER or home and call 911, whatever would be faster. So, my house was 5 minutes away. I honestly don't even remember the drive. I was really calm, but trying not to worry. But, as we entered our subdivision, Lydia became silent and I couldn't see her and I got really worried. 

I pulled in and got her out of the car and she opened her eyes and I called 911. It looked like the reaction was already better than it was 10 minutes before, so I felt okay. 

She was still really red and had small white bumps everywhere, but the swelling looked like it was going down already. 

The EMT's arrived and checked her all over. Her heart rate and everything was good and they told me that she would be getting worse, not better if it was anaphylaxis. 

We followed up later with our pediatrician and were told to avoid eggs at least until she is 2. We also made an appointment with an allergist for the beginning of August (they need to wait 6 weeks from the reaction to test her) and we have an epi-pen now, just in case. We gave her some Benadryl that day and she was fine. I just want to know exactly what she reacted to, my guess was eggs, but who really knows. And I want to know what we do the next time it happens. 

So that was super crazy and kind of scary. 

She isn't mobile yet. She is still just sitting and rolling. She can be on all fours and rock, but doesn't move yet.

You guys...the blocks were fun while they lasted....but Lydia basically just wants to eat them, so they aren't working for us anymore....also, it's hard to keep her sitting still....

31 weeks

32 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks


When I take the blocks away...

 Happy 8 Months Liddy Lu!

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