Monday, August 18, 2014

Lydia 9 Months

Where is the time going!!!???? She's really going to be almost 10 months soon, I'm so late!

Yeah, the blocks, we're pretty much done with those, they were cute while they lasted. 

Height: 28.75 in (88th%)
Weight: 20 lb 6 oz (82nd%)
Head: 17.72 in (80th%)
Clothes: 6-12 months

The last month it feels like so much has happened. Lydia is completely crawling everywhere now and pulls up to stand and cruises along furniture and stands by herself when she gets steadied. She tries to take steps, but usually falls down. She is waving, clapping and pointing her finger because she is "number 1"! 

She's pretty proud of standing in her crib too!

We celebrated her First 4th of July!

She didn't last too long at the parade...

....and she participated in the annual kids-eating-popsicles-on-towels-for-4th-of-July (I know she's too little for popsicles, but all the other kids were doing it)

She thought it was awesome until she was freezing. I know that's surprising that she was cold with the swim cap and all.

We took our annual trip down to Six Flags and she was a total trooper. Loved the water!

This season the swim cap is her signature look...


We always do the water park during the day and rides at night...

She is still nursing and I am pumping. I plan to keep nursing until she self-weans, but I am going to stop pumping around a year. She is still eating really good. After our egg scare we did see and allergist and she was tested for an egg allergy and she IS allergic to eggs. We have an epi-pen now. We did do a food challenge and she was able to tolerate cupcakes two days in a row, so it may be possible for her to eat things with egg baked in. We are just sort of taking it one food at a time right now. She is my first kiddo with any kind of food allergy, so I am fumbling through this. And then the other day she had a reaction to Macaroni and Cheese and that has no eggs in it, so I'm at a loss.

I wish I could tell you she is still sleeping really good. But that would be a lie. She is usually getting up to feed 1-2 times a night lately. I don't know what's going on. All I know is now that work is back in full swing, I am SUPER tired.

I love her face in this picture, I am sure she is wondering what Liam is up to!

Big sister and big brother are ALWAYS willing to help Lydia with her toys.

On her 9 month birthday after her appointment we enjoyed some good ole State Fair time.

Random other cuteness:

Love her sleeping face!

Her 9th month in weeks:


 Happy 9 Months Liddy Lu!

We've done so much this summer and I hope to be able to get some more posts up!

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