Friday, September 12, 2014

Lydia 10 Months

10 Months

Height: 28.75 in (65th%)
Weight: 20 lb 1 oz (53rd%) - she lost weight since last month, I think from just moving so much
Head: She's a it's big

I have to say that looking back over the last month, I hardly took any pictures. I went back to work the beginning of August and it has been very busy. And Lydia has been busy growing and moving!

She is go, go, going. She is on the move. Not walking yet, but crawling fast and cruising around on furniture. She can stand for a little while, but then gets nervous and bends back down to sitting (she's afraid to fall).

She's number 1!

Her sleep has been really good, I won't go into details because I am scared to jinx it.

We are still nursing and I am pumping. My plan is that I will wean from pumping after her first birthday and then I will let her self-wean from nursing when she is ready. For Liam that seemed to be around 18-19 months and at the end I was only nursing him to bed.

She is trying to work a sippy and has figured out how to get her puffs out of her snack trap.

She is teething like crazy, but no new teeth to report.

She is still trying to "talk" A LOT, like all day long. She is also clapping, waving bye-bye, pointing: she's #1, and we are working on blowing kisses. She giggles constantly and loves to stick out her tongue.

The "scrunch face" is her newest favorite face to make.

Other than that, she's just cute as pie!

We celebrated Maxton's First Birthday.

Some pictures from Aubrey's birthday party...

Lydia and her Great Grandma Rainbow

She has a lot of fun chasing Boots around...

She has enough hair for me to clip!!!! This is amazing, since I couldn't do it with Lily's hair until she was almost 2.

Her 10th month in weeks:

Happy 10 Months Liddy Lu!

Out takes:

The progression of a meltdown...

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