Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lydia: One

Did I really just type that...One.

Well I've been going on and on about how fast time goes by, just like every other mother will tell you. But the bigger truth, the more children you have, the faster it goes.

This seems like yesterday...


And this beautiful girl today...

from her party

Her birthday party was lots of fun and she was super happy the whole day (birthday party post coming soon!).

The morning of her birthday we all sang to her during breakfast, she loved it!

Height: 30.5 in (90th%)
Weight: 22 lb 2 oz (81st%)
Head: 18.5 in (93rd%)
Clothes: 12-18 months

She's been busy growing, she is at at the top of the charts! And she hated her shots!

Her last month of her first year...this is what she has been up to....

She has been sleeping really good for the last couple of months. I feel like she went through the "normal" not-sleeping-through-the-night phase that most babies go through and then she moved out of it and has been a great sleeper....definitely is the best sleeper I have had and that is saying a lot, because Lily was an awesome sleeper, but Lydia hardly wakes and when she does she nurses and goes right back down. She typically goes down about 6pm and sleeps until we wake her up (usually around 6:15am, so we can be out the door by 6:30am), on the weekends she sleeps until about 7:00am and she ALWAYS wakes up with a smile and something to say. She usually takes a 2-3 hour nap in the morning and then about a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon. She is an excellent sleeper.

About 2 weeks before her first birthday she started taking about 4-5 unassisted steps, but she gets nervous and then squats back down and crawls at lightning speed (at the time I am finally publishing this post, she is now walking around a lot). She is also climbing all the way up the stairs super fast and she thinks it's really funny, it scares us, so we have come up with a makeshift baby gate. We have baby gates from when Liam and Lily were little, but they are not big enough for this house and our wide doorways, so we need to figure out what we are going to do.

Her upper right tooth broke through on October 13th, so she now has 4 teeth.

She says: mama, dada, hi, bye, eye and baba (for her bottle or sippy).

She loves sitting in her chair and talking to herself in the mirror. She loves music and "dancing", She loves eating anything and everything (except eggs) and she can point to her head, tummy and eyes. She also is starting to really like playing with her baby dolls.

She's a super happy little girl. If you would have told me in the hospital that she would be as happy and easy going as she is today, I wouldn't have believed it, she cried so much during her first days of life, I was actually really nervous she might be a super cranky baby, but she's super happy.

When I take her somewhere (like Target), she waves to everyone and says "hi" (it's her favorite word) and she dances and laughs and smiles all the time.

This last month we were busy getting things done around the house for her party, but we still managed to sneak in some fall and Halloween events, for her first Halloween.

Pumpkin Farm

Boo at the Zoo

Trick or Treat with my cousins

 My grandma with all her great-grandchildren...12 so far.

Lydia's part of the 2013/2014 Baby Boom

Her first official neighborhood Trick or Treat

I am super sentimental and sappy (you must know this by now about me), and so of course on the night of her first birthday after I nursed and rocked her to sleep, I sat down and re-read her birth story. It is so sweet. And you know what? As much as she cried and I was so sick after her birth, it brings back such sweet beautiful memories, the memories of her first moments and becoming part of our family. I think for the rest of my life the holidays are always going to remind me of her newborn stage and being home with her and the kids, such sweet memories during a season I already love so much.

And since I was already crying, I read the post about us getting pregnant, we didn't even know yet if we would have a boy or a girl and it took us longer this last time. And then I looked back on the kids opening the box, to find out if they would have a little brother or little sister. It all seems like it went so fast. I am so glad that I can look back on all of these posts and read them.

I am so happy that this little lady has completed our family, she is so perfect.

Happy 12 months Liddy Lu!

Her 12th month in weeks:

Her first year in months:

Her first year in weeks:

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