Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas...All Wrapped Up

Decorating our house for Christmas....they get so excited about opening all the bins and putting everything out.

Their Christmas Trees

Christmas Parade

December 1st...Opening the Advent Calendar and calling the North Pole with the North Pole Communicator

St. Nick's

Breakfast with Santa

They spotted Santa!!!

Lylah and Mackenzie's First Breakfast with Santa


Getting Our Christmas Tree

Every.single.year. I run out of lights - ugh!

Ornament pileup

Christmas Village

I started a small Christmas Village this year. The kids are in love with it (so am I!).

All Decorated for the Holidays!


Christmas goodies for school parties.


Cookie Day!


 Visiting Santa

Christmas Eve!

 Putting out the reindeer food before heading to my sister's.





Christmas Morning

Christmas Day is also Grandpa's Birthday

Our last event of the holiday season is Christmas with Cousins. Me and my cousins all get together with our kids. This year instead of presents for all the kids, the kids exchanged names and bought books for each other.

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