Friday, June 19, 2015

Update: Lydia's Room

So...I've been kind of absent from the blog....

I know, I know, I never even blogged about Christmas! Lydia's First Birthday really consumed a lot of energy and then it was Thanksgiving (that was canceled and rescheduled due to the stomach flu) and then it was a month of Christmas holidays...and, then well...I got busy planning our Disney trip.

And now I sort of feel like there is too much that I have skipped and part of me feels like I need to get the last months up on the blog and part of me feels like the break has been nice and needed. So, right now, I'm not going backwards...or at least not as far back as Christmas (that was a half a year ago already!?!)

But today, I will start small and finally post Lydia's COMPLETE know, since I just finally finished it before her first birthday (#thirdchildproblems). Oh, and because I should be pricing things for a rummage next weekend and I am avoiding it and doing a blog post instead.

You can check out the before pics in this post.

Here are the afters:

Finally purchased her wall letters

And finished making these Fabric Poms

And got some pictures up, I plan to make this a group of four with some great shots LaDeeDaa got at her first birthday photo shoot (hopefully I will do that before she's 2)

I love how a baby nursery looks at night

So, another room in the house is done :) Best Blogger Tips

1 comment:

Jess and Brad said...

I LOVE the fabric poms and bunting!!! Cute!

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